It,s a scenario of going abroad for settlement and for making a bright future. Moving abroad is not that easy task. Nevertheless, today I want clear one point that for moving to any other country we need some identity or some documents for verification of our identity. Mostly Passport is that type of documents where your identity is defined from where you are or which country you born in Immigration consultant .

Passport defines your identity. Without any identity, you have no value in any other country or state. Passport is just about your detail like Your birth date, From which country you are, and your passport size photo. These things are in the Passport, which is very mandatory. Your Passport is the database of your details.

As per Indian act 1967, only Indians have allowed one passport for showing only Indian citizenship. That thing is only in India because only Indians do not need to show anther identification for the citizenship verification.

In other countries like the USA, Canada, or any other foreign country, they need two passports just because of verification. One of the Passport for permanent residency and one for the travelling basis.

Passport is the most energetic verification identity, which proves your citizenship identity in a very well manner. 


International IDs was a significant piece of the Chinese organization as right on time as the Western Han, if not in the Qin Dynasty. They required such subtleties as age, stature, and substantial features. These travel papers (Zhuan) decided an individual’s capacity to move all through majestic areas and purposes of control. Most of the people consider that PASSPORT AND VISA both are the same identities. However, that is wrong. Both have their value. The Passport has its identification, and Visa has its identification.

Mainly is needed for travelling And Visa is needed for shifting to another country. Means are taking permission from the Government to shift to our country to another country.

Regardless of the advancements in innovation and installed chip innovation on travel papers, there has been no change to the Traditional Stamping. Just by checking one’s Visa, you can find his/her extensive travel history. A great deal of worldwide wrongdoings are followed and settled by utilizing this riddle. There is no specific request wherein your Visa is stepped. The stamp can be anyplace among the first and last pages.

 The Immigration/Emigration authorities in their bustling calendar may not think much about this. Another outstanding job of Visa is that your nation needs to clear your solicitation for getting an identification. Hoodlums or recurrent guilty parties are frequently denied their solicitation to get a visa. At whatever point there is a criminal examination against a convict, the first move made is suspending/dropping their Visa.

 The essential explanation is that, in International wrongdoing, or a resident of nation An submits an offense in nation B, the essential obligation of preliminary and conviction is taken up by nation B, which may regularly be a weight. Over the long haul, it might likewise demonstrate unforgiving to residents of nation A, that they may even be banned from visiting nation B. Comparative travel was put on by the USA on residents of 6 significant Muslim countries.


Diplomats utilize strategic Passports for International Conferences, gatherings or their Official Visits, and it has more powers as well. An ambassador need not go through long lines or the security region. In India, they come in splendid red shading, as appeared in the picture. Officials who are not Diplomats can utilize Official Passports for their Official use. Prior notification must be given to the Government that you will utilize it, else without consent, and you are not qualified for utilizing the equivalent. Instead, you may need to utilize the ordinary one Immigration consultant.

 Heads of State, Government, and Ministers are permitted to go without Passport. The standards like Travel boycott or confinements, which are related to your citizenship/international IDs, do not assume a job here.


Visa is also a travel document that is issued by the Government of another country. Which allows you to move to another country. However, VISA is the type of document which has a process for applying for Visa. Visa is not directly issued for that you have to need to submit some fees for the VISA. VISA, you have to have a substantial Passport within any event 3–6 months of legitimacy for vacationer visas. For applying a similar you have to pay some cash for a similar known as VISA handling charges


This relies upon the kind of Visa you apply, and on the nation you are visiting. The traveler well-disposed nations do charge a lesser sum contrasted with others. This charge is additionally one of the significant income creating strategies for the nation. The department of particular nations gives VISA.