Moving to Canada can be one of your best decisions you have made through your life. The country is a beautiful place to settle with loads of career opportunities and a higher standard of living. Moreover, the immigration rules have also sorted well. The people who want to immigrate can do it through different available programs. There is a special space for professionals and the country is always looking for experts. So, if you fall in the category you can easily immigrate to Canada and start a new life.

calculate CRS score Canada

Partnered immigration and Express Entry system.

AS you are applying for immigration through the Express Entry system along with your partner, then, both of you will be scored separately from the single applicants.

Canada is currently running three immgration plans including federal economic immigration programs. They are the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), and Canadian Experience Class (CEC). Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) takes such applications under the Express Entry programs.

When the applicants are covered under the Express Entry System then points-based ranking is made through Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The applicant gets to calculate CRS score Canada. Here the applicant is  evaluated on various factors, including the IRCC perspective about a candidate’s ability to successfully settle in Canada. The evaluation is based on factors including education of the candidate, language proficiency, age of the applicant and Canadian work experience etc.

A candidate is eligible to the CRS irrespective they are single or a couple. Well, but the score changes  in a big way from single to couple depending on their status. As per the system a couple person will get less base points than a single person, but then they can also gain points from their partner. So, though it is a bit complicated there is nothing to think about. You may apply as a couple.

Conditions when applicant is considered a couple-

A person is considered as a couple if they are either formally married, or in a common-law union with a partner, meaning they have lived in a relationship with the same person for at least a year. 

The Process to Apply under CRS

When applying as a couple through Express Entry, it involves a Principal Applicant (PA). This PA forms the basis for the immigration and application. Now, the PA is the person whose CRS evaluates and accordingly assigns a score. Still the PA can include a spouse and dependent children along with the application.

Also, only one partner can be considered as PA. The couple can themselves choose which partner is the PA. This is relevant when both the partners qualify for at least one Express Entry program. IT is one of the rules because it is extremely difficult that both partners will have the same exact CRS score. It is almost certain that one partner will  have a CRS score higher than the other, and that person should be considered PA.

Scoring system for single and couples-

The most important thing that one has to understand is that there is a major difference in the scoring system for single PAs and partnered PAs. When we account for the partner, the CRS deducts the number of points. Here  the PA can get various factors by a total of 40 points. Now against this deduction the CRS also allows the PA to earn up to 40 points through their partner’s profile. So, a single will surely get higher points as compared to a couple. But the best part is, if you get approval as a couple, then there is no trouble in getting PR for both. There will be less struggle and more comfort. 

The Components of the CRS

If you are about to calculate the CRS score Canada, then it is important to look into the four components to a CRS score. The important part is that only the first two vary based on whether one is a couple or not. 

1) Core/Human Capital Factor:

Under this the system looks for factors including age, language proficiency, and education. The maximum score for this category is 460 points for someone in a couple and 500 points for a single person.

2) Spouse/Partner Factors:

Assesses the spouse or partner’s language, educational, and work experience points will also be considered in the application. This only applies to a person who has a spouse. The maximum score for this category is 40 points.

3) Skill Transferability:

This is one of the most highly valued factor combinations. Say, both the applicants have Canadian work experience and a post-secondary credential. The maximum score for this category is 100 points.

4) Additional Points:

The applicant may have additional points as having a provincial nomination from an enhanced Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) or having post-secondary education in Canada. The maximum score for this category is 600 points.

The total maximum CRS score a person, single or couple can obtain is 1200 points.