It is known as a multi-entry visa which can help to provide multiple entries for up to 10 years. The main difference is that the super visa allows an individual up to 2 years to stay in Canada. If you are looking super visa process for both your parents, in that case, it is a better opportunity for them to going and enjoying the environment of this one of the favourite nations. These days, most visitors may visit for up to six months in Canada when they enter the first time in Canada. If the visitor wants to stay for many years, they must apply for the extension and pay the new fee. Eligible parents and grandparents can visit the family in Canada without renewing the status for up to two years. You can still apply for the visitor visa or a super visa for Canada or any other country. If you want to go to Canada with the help of a visitor visa, you can get a super visa to stay in Canada for at least two years or up to two years then you can APPLY FOR THE SUPER VISA. The visa processing time is from eight days up to 45 to 50 days, and you can get your super visa. Lack of travel history can make a reason for your refusal. If a person has not travelled anywhere from their household country, the embassy can refuse the visa of that person if they apply for the super visa on their own. 


Super visa is one type of Canadian visitor visa which is available only for the grandparents or parents of Canada permanent resident or Canadian citizens. One of the main and big differences between a super visa or a visitor visa is the length of the time because it depends on the person to stay in Canada. , the visitor visa is only for valid up to six months to stay in Canada, but you can extend your visa according to your need or your choice to stay in Canada. On the super visa, you can stay in Canada for up to two years at a time without applying for an extension.  


It depends on the citizenship of their nation, and many foreign countries do not require a visitor visa to visit Canada. However, you are a super visa online and also applying paper-based. And you have to prove that you are the parent and grandparent of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. In the paper-based application, you need to include the invitation letter from your grandchild, or your child, which can help to include the plans of your care and also the information about all people are living in the household in Canada. You also need to require illustrating that you have private health insurance from the company of Canada, which should be valid for at least one year. And also, your child or grandchildren need to require illustrating that they have many of the funds for your support when you visit there.


Super visas allow their holders to remain for up to two years in Canada. If you want to live in Canada permanently or for a long time, you can apply to extend your visa. You have to need to submit your extended application no before 30 days of the expiration of your current status. If your application visa still being processed and your current visa is expiring in Canada, then you have to wait for a decision. So, you have to extend your visa before the expire your visa.


If you are interested in or looking super visa process for both your parents and grandparents, in that case, then it is a better opportunity for them to going and enjoying the environment of the other country or other nation. They can live for six months, but they can increase their visa date before the expiration date; it depends on their choice. If your parents are interested, then you can APPLY FOR THE SUPER VISA. You can also apply for the visa for your partner and your child. The costs of the super visa are very reasonable, and you can apply easily because its application process time is very low, but in some cases, it can be refused. So check the eligibilities and requirements deeply, and then apply for the visa process. The processing time of a visa is from eight days up to 45 to 50 days. In the super visa, you can stay in Canada up to two years at a time without applying for an extension, but in a visitor visa, you can stay only for six months, and after that, you have to need to apply for extending your visa.