Today, most people go abroad. Some go abroad for their further studies, some go for a career, and some go abroad only for visiting other countries. Most people go abroad for travelling, for having experience in the environment of other countries. For traveling to other countries, you have to go through a tourist visa. For applying for a tourist visa first of all you have to contact a certified and reliable visa consultant. CWC is the leading one tourist visa consultant in Chnadigarh. We have the highest success rate on a tourist visa.

What is a tourist visa?

Now a question is arises “ what is a tourist visa?” what is the eligibility for applying for a tourist visa? Etc. here we discuss everything about tourist visa clear all your doubts. A tourist visa is a visa that allows the carrier to enter a foreign country for traveling and leisure purposes. It allows you to stay for a predetermined period of time. These visas do not permit the holder to work over there or occupy any business activities in the host country. it just allows you to travel to another country and come back to your home country after a specified time.

Essential Requirements for a Tourist Visa:

•        Completely filled visa application form

•        Digitally uploaded photographs

•        A passport which has a minimum 6-month validity from the date of considered departure to India

•        Photocopy of passport’s bio page

•        Copy of the two-way tickets that have submitted at the time of application

•        Confirmation of monetary resources-latest bank statement

•        Invitation letter from sponsor / family / friend

•        Financial statement of the sponsor/family/friend

•        Copy of sponsor’s passport

•        Marriage certificate if you are married

•        In case of minors birth certificate and marriage certificate

How to get a tourist visa:

The process to get a tourist visa is as:

•        Fill the computerized tourist visa application form

•        Pay the fee for visa application

•        Schedule appointment for the visa interview

•        Attend the visa interview

Time take to get a Tourist Visa:

The processing time for a tourist visa is manifold. It is based on the nation that is offering it to you. It also depends on the nationality of the candidate.

For example, it takes around 3 to 5 days to 1 or 2 weeks or longer.

How much does a tourist visa cost?

The cost of a tourist visa varies according to the nation which is offering it to you. For every nation the cost of a tourist visa is different. For example, the cost of a US Tourist Visa is 160 USD.

Why you should apply for a visa before traveling?

•        Getting your visa from the border maybe not be possible

•        Isa applications can be denied

•        Sometimes you have to make changes to your visa application

•        Reduces pre-travel stress

•        If you obtain your visa in advance it can affect the price

Age limit for applying for a tourist visa:

The age limit for applying tourist visa is different in each country. different country has different guidelines regarding the age limit factor. For example, in UAE the females below the age of 18 are illegible for applying for this type of visa. They can only apply if they are traveling with their parents.

Reasons why application gets reject:

Sometimes your visa application gets rejected. There are some major reasons for rejection of your application. You should have to take care of these factors. These factors are as follows:

1.       Present or past criminal actions

2.       False travel document

3.       The explanation for the purpose is not sufficient

4.       Passport damaged

5.       Invalidity of passport

6.       Letter of reference is invalid

7.       Lack of proof of the travel circuit.

8.       Means of subsistence is insufficient

9.       Travel insurance is invalid

10.    Lacking to present proof of housing

11.    Birth certificate or marriage certificate is not acceptable


People these days very fond of traveling. They just mot want to travel in their home country they also want to travel to other countries also. For traveling in other countries they have to apply for a tourist visa. An only tourist visa allows them to travel outside the country. But you should have to take care that you are applying for your visa through a trusted one. . CWC is the leading one tourist visa consultant in Chandigarh. We are a trusted and certified one on a tourist visa. We have a high success rate. we are experts in applying for a tourist visa. We are responsible for approving your visa. We take care that your visa will not be refused. We provide you proper guidance so that you can apply for your visa without any difficulty. Come to us, give us a chance and create good memories with your family while traveling abroad.