Visitors from other countries are not covered by Canada’s famous free healthcare system, so having the correct emergency health insurance is essential to ensuring a visitor’s time in Canada is safe and worry-free. Visitors can take advantage of Canada’s healthcare system without having to pay for most medical appointments and treatments out of pocket with super visa health insurance.

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Super Visa Insurance

In reality, all super visa candidates are required by law to have adequate travel insurance. This regulation is in place to protect travelers from potentially debilitating medical expenditures if they seek treatment in Canada. The famous free healthcare system in Canada does not apply to visitors. A parent or grandparent of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident can visit their child or grandchild for up to two years.

One of the prerequisites for receiving a super visa is that you have medical insurance from a Canadian insurer that covers you for at least one year from the date of admission into Canada. Super visa insurance – This is what super visa health insurance or super visa insurance is all about. Basically, Canada wants to make sure that when you visit, you won’t be a costly drain on the country’s publicly funded healthcare system. As a result, you must demonstrate that you have insurance that will cover any medical needs you may have while in Canada. Super visa insurance is required if you are applying for a super visa. A super visa insurance policy will ensure that you have the legal minimum insurance coverage required to execute your application.

A visitor visa is more appropriate than a super visa if you are visiting family in Canada for less than six months. If this is the case, visitors to Canada insurance is a better option. Visitors from other countries are not covered by Canada’s famous free healthcare system, so having the correct emergency health insurance is essential to ensuring a visitor’s time in Canada is safe and worry-free. Visitors can take advantage of Canada’s healthcare system without having to pay for most medical appointments and treatments out of pocket with super visa health insurance. We recognize that not all parents and grandparents are comfortable using the internet or are fluent in English.

You can apply for a super insurance policy on behalf of a relative as long as you supply their information. The applicant’s child(ren) or grandchild(ren) must present a letter of invitation and meet minimum income standards to be eligible for the Super Visa – more on that below. Applicants must then submit this letter together with proof that they have obtained the required levels of medical insurance. Insurance for Super Visas must meet certain criteria and must cover at least one year from the date of admission into Canada.

Benefits of super visa insurance :

In the event of an adverse medical condition, Super Visa insurance assures that the medical needs of Super Visa applicants are met during their stay in the nation. With non-resident healthcare being so expensive, having a Super Visa is a lifesaver.

Advice on receiving a Super Visa Insurance :

Proof that you can support your family financially:

If your parents or grandparents are coming to stay with you, you should have a steady salary. Keep your files handy because you’ll be asked to show documents proving your financial soundness?

Immigrant medical exam:

Your family member must pass the immigrant medical exam in order to be covered under the policy. This certificate is required during the application process.

Relationship with the home nation:

You will be required to present documents stating that your parents or grandparents are in good standing with their home country and are not coming to Canada to flee.

Remember that it is the purchaser’s obligation to have the preliminary effective date modified in order for the policy to go into effect on the preferred date. The first day of insurance protection should be the day your parents or grandparents arrive in Canada. That is when the one-year coverage begins. The cost of Super Visa insurance and the types of coverage available may differ based on your destination province or region. Super Visa insurance is available for one parent, grandparent, or spouse.

Depending on the visitor’s age, coverage for pre-existing medical issues is available. If parents decide to stay for longer than a year, renewal is simple. If the visa is denied, we will refund the entire payment once proof of refusal is received. We will repay the unused portion of the insurance if your parents stay in Canada for at least one year and make no claims. As a result, choosing the correct insurance policy is crucial, as making the wrong decision could result in your Canadian super visa application being denied or delayed.


The Super Visa insurance program is meant to protect the parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens or permanent residents who are visiting Canada for up to two years. If you or a family member do not meet the requirements for a Super Visa, you may have other options for visiting visas and travel insurance. For periods shorter than six months, many people travel to Canada on visitor visas or just with their passports if they are from a visa-exempt nation.


 Many students nowadays wish to visit overseas. Everyone consults one of the top immigration consultants in Chandigarh. Visa experts have also played an important part in settling or studying abroad. An immigration consultant is a specialist who helps people relocate from one country to another. Furthermore, the procedure includes several legal gates relevant to various visa kinds and legal papers. Furthermore, different countries imply various programs for various visa types and classes.

As a result, difficult work becomes even more difficult for international students. Work visa consultants or immigration consultants in Chandigarh, or whatever you want to call them, are the ideal solution. Additionally, consulting with an immigration lawyer increases your chances of traveling, learning, working, starting a business, or permanently transferring to another country. Consultants are well-versed in immigration and country regulations and the various types of visas available to increase the likelihood of Immigration.

We have provided a list of immigration consultants in Chandigarh for study visa consultants, work visa consultants, and Permanent Residence. Overall, we will lead you through the list of the best Chandigarh immigration experts. Due to the strict and ever-changing visa restrictions, it is becoming a difficult prospect for all individuals who wish to travel, study, or even seek the advice of immigration consultants. Some of these Chandigarh international consultants may be able to address all of your questions. There are a lot of them in town, and deciding which ones are trustworthy might be difficult. One must ensure that the consultant picked is educated about current legislation, the application procedure, the time it takes for each stage, and the papers required, among other things. If you live in Chandigarh and want to travel overseas for any reason, make sure you choose the top VISA specialists in the city.

However, finding the most genuine and dependable ones that best fit your needs is a difficult undertaking. This city attracts a large number of north Indian students seeking international education. You may have imagined a dream campus or saved up enough money to apply for admissions and complete the student visa application process. However, studying abroad is not as simple as it may appear at first. Your student visa experts’ responsibility is to assist you throughout the process.

You undoubtedly want to put in less effort and time for the entire method, and this is where Western Overseas Study Abroad Pvt. Ltd can help. We are a vital link between universities/colleges and prospective students who wish to study in another country. We also have an excellent infrastructure and a lot of expertise in the study visa market, which helps us achieve our goal of student satisfaction. Because we understand our clients’ needs and requirements, we are the best immigration consultants in Chandigarh. It demonstrates our desire to assist anyone seeking a better life.

We offer IELTS, PTE, and Spoken English classes in addition to immigration assistance. We have highly qualified tutors who will assist you in mastering English. Studying at SEIC guarantees you high IELTS bands and good PTE scores. SEIC provides you with a multi-service education and immigration platform to easily reach your objectives. No one wants to take a chance with their career, so we will teach our readers how to find the greatest immigration consultant for their immigration ambitions in this post.

There are a few key considerations to keep in mind in order to arrive in good hands. Many Indians who want to immigrate to Canada are unsure how to get the best immigration counsel for their ideal life in Canada. No one wants to take a chance with their career, so we will teach our readers how to find the greatest immigration consultant for their immigration ambitions in this post.

We recognize the importance of students’ time, stress, and financial resources when applying for a study visa. Our professionals are knowledgeable about all types of visas and believe in providing one-stop visa services, such as passing IELTS with a good band and obtaining a study visa. We have established our Head Office in Chandigarh, staffed by highly qualified study visa advisers, to aid clients with our compassionate services.


An immigration consultant assists persons who want to migrate from one nation to another for school, work, travel, or business. An immigration consultant’s legal services and support include a variety of possibilities but are not limited to. Beyond Immigration is one of India’s most reputable and trustworthy immigration firms. Client profile approval, second language proficiency test preparations, student visa test clearance, assistance on client’s immigration application and proofread papers, and other domains are provided by their skilled team of immigrant consultants.


As a result, there are numerous advantages to engaging an immigration consultant to help you apply for a migration visa suitable to your interests, requirements, or profile. Beyond Immigration has teams of skilled immigration consultants who can assist, guide, and provide you (the customer) with different alternatives to help you navigate any intricacy in the application process. Top immigration consultants in Chandigarh They are well-qualified and have excellent communication and bargaining abilities, resulting in a cost-effective approach for you. Consultants are extremely familiar with the legislation and regulations of the countries in which you are interested.


Certain conditions apply depending on the student’s place of employment and the type of program they are enrolled in. The only way to work in Canada permanently or indefinitely is to get permanent resident status. The length of Canadian work permits and the total amount of time non-Canadians can work in Canada are limited by the Canadian government. Individuals can work in Canada for 48 months or four years, whether they work continuously or with pauses between permits. Foreign workers must leave Canada after accumulating four years of work and be outside the nation for at least 48 months (4 years) before being eligible to work in Canada again. Students participating in full-time programs can work on or off-campus without obtaining a work permit.

Certain conditions apply depending on the student’s place of employment and the type of program they are enrolled in. Because the business was unable to acquire a local Canadian worker for the identical role, a positive assessment suggests that hiring a foreign temporary worker will not negatively impact the Canadian labor market. If you wish to work in Canada, your company may need a labor market opinion (LMIA) before they can recruit you. The LMIA is a document issued by the Canadian government that allows an employer to hire a foreign worker.

We assist our clients who are international workers in obtaining a work permit. We can also help your firm secure the LMIA, and the worker will receive a visa and work permit. Canada work permit consultants in Toronto Working with us will give you an advantage over other applicants because we will ensure that your application is professionally prepared. The Canadian immigration procedure might be scary. Forms and procedures abound in the process. It isn’t a problem for some people. Others, on the other hand, are puzzled and indecisive. So much so that it either paralyzes or discourages immigration.


In Canada, every work permit has an expiration date. Before being allowed to work in Canada, all temporary workers must meet the same conditions. Several laws govern the working class in Canada. It might be challenging to match your professional experience, talents, and language ability to an employer’s needs and Canadian immigration laws. The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act of Canada exempts certain temporary workers from needing a work permit. Applicants must demonstrate that they are qualified for the position. The documents must be presented in one of two languages: English or Spanish.

A positive assessment indicates that hiring a foreign temporary worker will not negatively impact the Canadian labor market, from the fact that the employer was not otherwise able to hire local Canadian workers for the same position. Fortunately, many immigrants have succeeded in settling in Canada. If you ask them how they did it, they’ll tell you it’s because of one thing. The majority of them would tell you that they hired immigration lawyers. Immigration consultants are not just licensed and certified. They are also professionals in assisting customers in making informed immigration decisions.

They may be able to tell you whether or not you are eligible for specific immigration programs. An immigration expert can take away a lot of the guesswork from the process. From forms to required documents, we’ve got you covered. After assessing you, they can tell you where to start and what you need to accomplish. For numerous reasons, Canada is regarded as one of the best countries in the world. Canada receives many visa applications each year, owing to its gorgeous landscapes, architectural wonders, good colleges/universities, and employment opportunities, among other things.

For a specific stay term, Canada offers four types of visas (Temporary Resident Visa, Study Permits, Work Permits, and Permanent Resident Travel Document). The visa application might be approved or denied based on several eligibility grounds and the evaluation conducted by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is Canada’s government department in charge of immigration, citizenship, and many passports and visa-related activities. Before entering Canada, every Indian national must apply for and acquire a work permit. A separate entrance visa to Canada may be necessary, depending on the circumstances.

A work permit is issued to a select few individuals chosen by a Canadian employer and offered pre-arranged employment. In this case, the Canadian employer applies for a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).


Many international students dream of studying and settling in Canada, one of the world’s most peaceful, prosperous, and citizen-friendly countries. Under a new government policy, international students can apply for a new Post-Graduation Work Permit and then apply for permanent residence in Canada. Not only that, but you can also study with your spouse and children on a dependent visa. Overall, Canada wants you to stay in the country for the rest of your life!


The Immigration Points Calculator for Prince Edward Island (PEI) determines if applicants are eligible to settle permanently in Canada through the Prince Edward Island PEI PNP Express Entry programme. Age, qualification, job experience, language, adaptability, planned employment, and other aspects influence an applicant’s credibility and capability, determining whether they are competent enough to meet the eligibility standards and contribute to PEI’s economic growth. Candidates that meet all of the provincial government of PEI’s eligibility standards in the category of their choice.

If you meet the requirements of one of these federal programs, you should construct an Express Entry Profile. Candidates are given a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score based on the information and details they supply, and the highest-scoring profiles are given an Invitation to Apply (ITA) to apply for Permanent Residence. Prince Edward Island, or PEI points calculator as it is more commonly known, is a popular immigration destination in Canada. Despite its modest size, it is one of Canada’s most beautiful, historical, and culturally diverse provinces. Prince Edward Island offered outstanding schools and little pollution and was the site of the historic Charlottetown Conference in 1864, which led to the country’s foundation.

Aside from being the home of the confederation, the province has a very good standard of living and is particularly popular with tourists because of its excellent beaches, top-rated golf courses, and other cultural attractions. A prospective immigrant can get a nomination certification from the Provincial Nominee Program on Prince Edward Island in one of two methods. They can apply to the programme directly through the PEI Office of Immigration if they do not qualify for Express Entry. If the Prince Edward Island PNP approves the application, the applicant can apply for Express Entry and include their provincial nomination in their profile. Another way to get a PNP PEI nomination is to create an Express Entry profile and formally express an interest in coming to PEI through the system.


This Prince Edward Island immigration stream provides the foreign nationals with a work permit, allowing them to relocate to PEI and operate in the business they want to invest in. That is ideal for anyone who wants to feel how a firm operates daily before investing money. The work permit stream has the same conditions as the partial ownership stream. Candidates can apply for the Provincial Nominee Program on Prince Edward Island through the Express Entry connected system or through the PEI PNP Process.

Some of the features that make Prince Edward a desirable option include the fact that a job offer is not required for selection, and the province also follows the Expression of Interest process. An active profile in the EOI system must submit an Expression of Interest and will make the connection based on Prince Edward Island’s most recent draw. The Express Entry Category of the Prince Edward Island PNP is one of the strongest, which means it generally functions within the Canadian government’s Federal Express Entry System.

The Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, and Canadian Experience Class are the three economic-class immigration categories that express entry rules. The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) assigns a score to eligible applicants based on their age, work experience, education, and English and French language ability. Express Entry applicants who receive a provincial nomination will receive an extra 600 points on their CRS score, and they will be guaranteed an invitation to apply (ITA) In the next Express Entry lottery, you can apply for permanent residency.

Impact on the Workforce :

Foreign nationals with a valid employment offer in PEI points calculator who receives necessary help from their company fall into the Labor Impact Category. Skilled Worker, Critical Worker, and International Graduate are the three major categories. This group of applicants must additionally submit an EOI profile to be considered for a provincial nomination under the Labor Impact Category.

It is a fantastic option for those who want to live in Canada but avoid the rush and bustle of metropolitan life. This province is calmer and offers a more leisurely lifestyle than most others in Canada. As a tourist destination and mostly a farming region, there is plenty of fresh air and tranquil areas to relax and enjoy life! The Critical Worker Stream is the second sub-category of the Prince Edward Island PNP Program’s Labor Impact Category. Any PEI employer who hires a semi-trained or unskilled worker can use this category to help them immigrate to Canada.


 Applying for immigration to Canada through the PEI PNP programme is simple. The government has thoroughly stated all laws and eligibility requirements. The application process is also fairly quick, and you can complete most of it online from the convenience of your own home or workplace. I hope the preceding information has clarified the procedure and made the application process easier for you!


CELPIP, or the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program is a newer test than the IELTS. It is designed for international students and immigrants in Canada. CELPIP is recognized by Canada’s federal and provincial governments and universities, colleges, and companies. If you plan to immigrate to Canada, you know that language proficiency in French or English is one of the immigration requirements.

A high result on the language proficiency test can make a big difference in your express entry total Ranking score. You can get up to 12 points for each element of the CELPIP. In addition, The Canadian Language Benchmark is used to calculate CELPIP results (CLB). Unlike IELTS, Each CELPIP level corresponds to a CLB level. Using the Express Entry through the Federal Skilled Worker program as an example, this is how CELPIP scoring will provide you CRS points.

Our calculator can convert test scores from one to four abilities (listening, reading, writing, and speaking) into CLB(s) or any combination of the exams. You can select the test type in the top box, then input your four scores for each language ability for that test in the box to the right.

The argument between CELPIP and IELTS scores is likely to get greater. In recent years, the CELPIP test format has grown in popularity. Of course, there are exam centers conveniently located throughout Canada. However, their influence has spread to key Canadian immigration countries as well.

Start by administering example tests to compare CELPIP and IELTS. You’ll tell which test is more comfortable for you after learning how both are administered. Whatever option you choose, nothing beats thorough planning. ‘Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!’ as the saying goes. So study hard to achieve the highest possible score on whatever test you take. The IELTS exam is paper-based, but the CELPIP exam is entirely computerized.

Some folks may find it more soothing to conduct the writing section on paper and keep track of their own time.

On the other hand, others prefer typing and seeing their timing and word count since the computer less stresses them. In addition, the CELPIP test features spell check in the writing section, which some applicants may find useful. The CELPIP test employs Canadian speakers, whereas the IELTS Listening component comprises native speakers from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

General Test and General LS Test. The CELPIP General Test is what you take if you want to immigrate to Canada. The General LS Test will not be recognized because it only covers Listening and Speaking. The CELPIP exam follows the same format as the IELTS exam. The four sections are listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Unlike IELTS, however, all of these can be completed in around 3 hours on the same day.


 CELPIP IELTS CONVERSION – CELPIP does have certain advantages over IELTS. It was formed by the Canadian government, particularly for permanent immigration. It’s worth it if you’re planning on staying in Canada for a long time. If you’ve ever visited Canada, you’re familiar with how people speak with one another. In this scenario, the test is more important to you.

Given that it is a computer-based test, it is also quite current compared to IELTS. The time it takes to receive your results will be no more than a week, which is much shorter than the 13-day limit required by IELTS. Not to mention that the test is completed in a single day and that you will not be required to participate in any interviews or other procedures after completing the test. The acronym IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System, and CELPIP IELTS CONVERSION  is for the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program. Both examinations measure English language proficiency for study, work, and immigration purposes, while the CELPIP was established exclusively for Canadian English evaluation. CELPIP is valid for a period of time. This assesses the ability of the test taker to read, learn, write, and speak in English.

CELPIP is recognized by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for permanent residence applications, and it is also recognized for professional destinations such as doctors. The CELPIP is extremely beneficial to persons seeking permanent residency or citizenship in Canada. The quality of a Proficiency test score is mostly determined by the country for which the exam is being taken. However, an 8 on the CELPIP exam is generally regarded as a respectable result.


Finally, if you’re still undecided between the two options, I recommend taking the IELTS. However, if you’ve already made up your mind on CELPIP, you don’t have to change your mind; you can stick to your guns. So that’s all I have to say in this blog post. I hope you enjoyed it; stay in touch with the course mentor for more helpful information. There is no single answer to this question; both examinations have their challenges. However, most people believe that IELTS is better and easier than CELPIP, although this is largely a personal opinion.


In recent years, Canada has established itself as a haven for talented workers and professionals seeking a diverse range of job prospects and a promising career overseas. Canada needs a large number of qualified people. As a result, it offers the best working environment and facilities to job seekers in Canada. The people of India have a special link with Canada because many Indian-origin families live in various provinces across the country. Due to poor population growth, Canada will need to boost its skilled workforce in the coming years, as many of its trained workers will retire in the coming years. However, the country has not generated enough graduates and competent people to replace them.

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How to work in Canada from India

For this reason, Canada uses its skilled worker programs, such as the Express Entry system and provincial nominee programs, to hire professionals from other nations. In recent years, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada have also relaxed its immigration laws and procedural requirements to make it easier for talented foreign workers to get permanent residency in Canada. This is what you need if you are Indian seeking work in Canada. Every student has pressure on how to work in Canada from India – If working and living in a North American country is your desire, here are some simple procedures to assist you in securing a job in Canada from India.

For many years, Canada has been luring immigrants from all over the world. Jobs are one of Canada’s most appealing features, particularly for Indians who have been moving to the country in large numbers for decades.

If you want to learn more about your career prospects in Canada, you could visit numerous websites that provide information on obtaining a job in Canada from India. Finding a job in Canada from India, on the other hand, is not straightforward. You should know a few things if you are an Indian citizen who wants to work in Canada. The first thing to remember is that it is not as simple as obtaining a job in Canada and flying over the border. This blog post will go over the procedures to make your application process go smoothly! Because India is Canada’s most important source nation for new immigrants, there are numerous ways to apply for permanent residency in Canada from India. That is a mistaken assumption.

Please keep in mind that finding a job is one thing, and maintaining your financial security is another. The amount of time and effort you invest into creating a network and how well you promote yourself as an irreplaceable prospect all play a role in landing the ideal position.

Without question, Canada offers a plethora of work prospects for immigrants in various fields. Despite this, many newcomers struggle to find work due to a lack of knowledge about Canada. Canada has always been a popular choice for Indians who wish to settle in another nation. It is because Canada offers better living conditions and a higher standard of living. Aside from that, skilled employees are in high demand in Canada.

If you want to live and work in Canada, you’ll need to apply for a visa. As a result, if you meet the requirements, you may be eligible for a permanent visa in the skilled worker category. You will evaluate your profile to see if you qualify for one of the visas. Your professional experience (knowledge) and qualifications are crucial in this regard.


Everyone wants to know how to work in Canada from India -Starting a new career in a distant country might be daunting. However, after you learn about just a few advantages of working in Canada, you will not be sorry you decided. Every year, thousands of individuals from all over the world travel to Canada to work. Everyone is welcome to apply for a chance to transform their lives in Canada, regardless of their skill level or country of origin. Before the pandemic struck in early 2020, Canada’s job economy struggled.

Canada has been on the hunt for international talent to fill the labor market vacuum for over 20 years, thanks to a dropping birth rate and experienced workers retiring at an earlier age. People who have been told they may not be able to find work even after graduation can now apply for a work visa in the United States. Canada or even permanent residency in as little as six to eight months through programs like those operated by the Express Entry system.


In this modern era, everyone wants to settle in Canada. Most of the people living in Punjab are always interested in Canada. For many years, Canada has been luring immigrants from all over the world. Jobs are one of Canada’s most appealing features, particularly for Indians who have been moving to the country in large numbers for decades. If you want to learn more about your career prospects in Canada, you could visit numerous websites that provide information on obtaining a job in Canada from India. 


 Before recruiting a foreign worker, a company in Canada must obtain a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). It demonstrates a requirement for a foreign worker to fill the position and that the company was unable to find a Canadian or permanent resident to perform the job’s duties. The Canadian government enacted this law to assure jobs for Canadian citizens and permanent residents first.


On the other hand, these requirements safeguard the rights of a potential foreign worker. It guarantees that a foreign national receives the same payment criteria and benefits as a Canadian citizen. The LMIA is granted by ESDC, which enables a Canadian business to hire a foreign worker after examining several protective labor market conditions.

They evaluate job offers to ensure that hiring a foreign worker will not hurt the Canadian labor market but positively or negatively impact it. After submitting an application for the LMIA, the employer must wait for approval from Employment and Social Development Canada. A valid LMIA also referred to as a “confirmation letter,” confirms the requirement to engage a foreign worker with a visa Canada work permit.


If a company wants to hire a temporary foreign worker in Canada, it must first complete a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), formerly known as a Labour Market Opinion (LMO). Employers can hire temporary foreign workers through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) to fill labor and skill shortages. An LMIA is a document that an employer must obtain before hiring any foreign worker, and it serves as government approval for the individuals they recruit. If their application is approved, they will receive a letter from Employment and Social Development Canada stating that they are permitted to engage a temporary worker to fill the gap.

The LMIA program’s goal is to justify hiring foreign workers by establishing that there are no qualified Canadian workers available for the job and a need for the foreign worker to fill the position. Before recruiting a temporary foreign worker, LMIA applicants should be able to demonstrate their efforts in hiring Canadians and permanent citizens. To demonstrate this, the company must adhere to the recruitment requirements, which show that they have made an effort to hire Canadians and permanent residents before hiring a temporary foreign worker. LMIA applicants should also establish that they are actively involved in the business where they will hire a temporary worker.

They must also be able to demonstrate that working conditions comply with provincial labor market requirements and the benefits that hiring a foreign worker would bring to Canada. When an employer receives a positive LMIA, they can provide it to the foreign worker they want to hire and have them submit it with their work permit application.


Overseas employees and employers frequently have to undergo a two-step process to obtain a work visa in Canada. The candidate must first complete an ESDC Labour Market Impact Assessment before applying for a work visa. The LMIA is a document issued by ESDC that allows a Canadian company to hire a foreign worker after assessing a variety of safeguards in the labor market.

According to a June 2014 declaration, work permits for foreign employees who require an LMIA would only be granted for a year in all low-wage occupations. ESDC has committed to a 10-day service standard for some LMIA applications. LMIA applications are processed by ESDC offices, found in every Canadian province. If the LMIA is positive, it means that a foreign worker is needed to fill the position and that no Canadian workers are available.

Employers who want to apply must meet the following LMIA requirements:

English and French must be the only languages specified as work demands in LMIAs and job vacancy advertisements unless the business can verify that another language is necessary. Before applying for an LMIA, employers must advertise all job positions in the Canadian employment market for four weeks. In addition to putting an ad on the Canadian Job Bank website, they must demonstrate that they used at least two different recruitment tactics.

Employers must target under-represented groups of Canadians, like as Aboriginals and those with disabilities, in their advertising efforts. Employers must submit a transition plan to ESDC and their application for LMIA for high-wage positions.

The company’s transition strategy should include information on how it plans to reduce its reliance on temporary foreign labor. Employers can show their commitment to reducing their reliance on temporary foreign workers by investing in skills training or hiring Canadian apprentices.


 An LMIA is a type of verification aimed to protect Canada’s local employment market and foreign employees employed in the country for a limited time. An LMIA-exempt visa Canada work permit can only be issued in certain situations.



The PR calculator, also known as the 67 Points Calculator or the Canadian Immigration Points Calculator, is an Express Entry eligibility requirement. This tool is intended to assist applicants in determining whether they are eligible for the Express Entry Program. The 67 in the tool’s name is not a random number. To be eligible for immigration, applicants must score exactly 67 points or higher. A total of six primary criteria determine Canada’s immigration points under the Express Entry program. The six selection variables can help you figure out what you need to do to increase your score and, as a result, your chances of completing the immigration procedure.

Happy Canada Day red silk leaves in shape of Canadian Flag. - Photo, Image

Continue reading this article to learn more about how PR Points Calculator assesses your prospects of becoming a Canadian resident. Each candidate is given points based on various factors such as age, education, employment history, etc. Your points are essentially a score indicating how strong your application is. Knowing your score can also assist you in determining which of the several immigration programs you are eligible to apply for. During an Express Entry draw, the public is informed of the cut-off. The Canadian government invites those who score the highest to apply (ITA) for a PR Visa. If you acquire an ITA, you will be granted a PR visa after passing specific medical and character tests. 

In 1967, Canada was one of the first countries to use a points-based immigration system. The candidate must have a decent score on the Canada PR Points calculator to be eligible for permanent residency in Canada. The Comprehensive Ranking System is another name for the Comprehensive Ranking System. The Express Admission points rank your profile in the express entry pool by assessing and scoring it. Skills, educational qualifications, language competence, work experience, and other characteristics are all included in your CRS Scoring. The Canadian immigration points for IELTS are a determining factor in your CRS Score.

You can improve your score with practice, online IELTS instruction, or a practice exam. Your IELTS platform score raises your original score to a whole new level. You must obtain 67 points to be eligible for Canadian immigration. You will be able to see your profile for Canadian immigration via the express entry program. Your expressed entry points will determine your pool ranking.


You’ve probably heard about Canadian permanent resident status if you’re an Indian citizen considering relocating to Canada. Permanent residence status, or PR, is a highly desired immigration status in Canada, particularly among Indians. Because you have permanent resident status in Canada, you have a lot of legal rights and abilities. Permanent residence gives you the legal right to live and work anywhere in Canada for as long as possible. 

You will have to go through an application process to obtain a PR visa. The applications are thoroughly examined. The immigration process in Canada is based on a point system. Immigrants can pre-determine their eligibility for the process by using a point-based system. It also streamlines and simplifies applying for a PR visa from India. Skilled immigrants who want to apply for a Canada PR Visa through the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) must achieve a minimum of 67 points out of a possible 100 for Canada Immigration. These points are given out depending on the following criteria of Canada PR points:

– Knowledge of a foreign language (Maximum 28 points)

– Education is really important (Maximum 25 points)

– Experiential Learning (Maximum 15 points)

– Age is a factor (Maximum 12 points)

– Arrangements for Work (Maximum 10 points)

– Adaptability (Maximum 10 points)


Canada’s inhabitants and residents have access to world-class medical care. It is one of the most sought-after places for persons looking for a permanent overseas residence because of its world-class free schools and highly subsidized university education, not to mention the loans and bursaries available for deserving students. Another advantage of moving to Canada is its outstanding and well-developed social assistance system, which offers a variety of courses for individuals who have lost their jobs and wish to start over in a different sector. The same also assists candidates in fast selecting and obtaining a well-paying job.


Permanent residents are entitled to free education in the Canadian public school system until they reach the age of 18. When it comes to university tuition, permanent residents pay far less than international students.

Final Note

Canada was the world’s first country to enact a Multiculturalism Act. It accepts and promotes people of all races, cultures, religions, and sexual orientations, in other words. Workplaces in Canada have one of the best work-life balance programs globally. Yes, the social advantages, healthcare, education, and good quality of life with permanent residency in Canada are always enjoyable.



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Coimbatore is a vibrant city surrounded by beautiful hill stations. It is also recognized as the educational hub of Tamil Nadu, as it is one of the state’s main metropolises. We are one of Coimbatore’s best immigration advisors. Our primary focus is on advising our clients on the most significant opportunity based on their profile and processing their application to one of the top nations for family reunification with all perks.

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The possibility of pursuing a Canadian visa in the year 2022

Now, the pandemic has been stabilized and the Canadian authorities are on a go-to streamline the immigration process. There has been a lot in the previous two years. The whole system has been uprooted and now it is working to improve it. Though this year has been better than the previous one, it is still not the same. The Canadian government has been cautious about the entries due to the pandemic situation and also imposed a few temporary travel restrictions to secure their people.

Well, even then there was a continuous flow of Canada visa applications and corresponding to it there were Canada Visa services. As we are all aware that the immigration authorities have been very picky about it, if all went well then there may be a positive change in Canadian Visa in the coming year.

Canada PR

The year 2021

Even after the pandemic, the Canadian Immigration authorities have carried on with the operations. The authorities have granted visas and presented the report. The Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have recently shared a record number of Invitations to Apply for a Canadian Permanent Resident (PR) Visa this year through its popular points-based Express Entry System.

During the end of the year, it has been noticed that Canada has worked through the applications and has currently issued one of the highest figures, more than 110,000 invitations to the candidates. It is evident that immigration authorities are welcoming foreign professionals and want to strengthen their system. Hence, they have taken this step further.

Another explanation for this step. As in the years 2020 and 2021, due to pandemics, there was a continuous lockdown and a substantial number of applications were struck with the system. Hence, this is the time to clear the visas and sort them through the federal Express Entry system. 

The ongoing situation of the year 2022

Well, the year 2022 started to work normally and resumed most of its programs. Though the Express Entry draws and also invites the Federal Skilled Work category candidates they were currently not following through. Not only this, there is probably good news for those who are interested in applying for PR, it is expected that the government of Canada will likely ease the measures that were earlier planned during the Covid-19.

Easing out will make the Canada visa services hassle-free. Along with this the multi-year immigration plan details that were released in the year 2020, the Canadian government will also accept around one million new permanent residents in the coming three years. 

The Canadian government has also lifted the ban on direct flights from India and also made many other immigrant-friendly decisions. They had also taken positive steps and assured investment of $100 million to improve the conditions of newcomers’ access to settlement services. As the liberal party of Canada has come back to power post this has come as good news for Canadian immigration aspirants. This is because liberals are soft and support immigration. 

Plan your immigration in 2022

Keeping in touch with the new immigration changes, instructions, and guidelines, it is absolutely essential to stay updated and informed if you are interested in immigrating. Being informed about the news and procedure will help you to plan your immigration. In case you have recently thought of immigrating then it is best to hire an ICCRC Registered Immigration Consultant who can guide you step by step and help you to find an appropriate program and apply through it.

Though you can work it out and move the application, when you go through a professional channel there is a chance of going through easily, you may avoid errors or visa rejection caused by missed/incomplete documents, deadlines, etc. So, working with an expert will save your time and energy. 

Keep an alternate pathway ready

Your immigration point score matters a lot when it comes to getting an invitation to apply for a Canadian PR visa. In case you do not get an invitation due to your low Express Entry score or the IRCC delays conducting FSW category draws, always keep the other option ready.

Check your eligibility for an appropriate Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) of Canada and try acquiring the provincial nomination for Canada PR. A PNP nomination helps you obtain a PR visa despite a low point score. Your consultant or advisor can help you in choosing the right Provincial program for you. 

Important Points to remember while applying for Canada PR

  • First of all keep the required documents ready including  ECA, IELTS test result, etc. 
  • The next step is to calculate your points for Express Entry but also for relevant PNP
  • It is important to be informed about the latest immigration news, information, and guidelines
  • You may also look for various ways to improve your existing immigration point score.