How to move to Canada in 2021?

Are you amazed by the beautiful country known as Canada? Have you heard a lot about the high class lifestyle, better living conditions, excellent job opportunities or exceptional education system? Canada has it all. There is no one such thing missing in the amazing country. Canada is a beautiful place to live your life peacefully. It is one of the best countries for those who believe in hard work and humanity. There is always a space for the experts and hardworking people in Canada. Not only this, the Canadian government takes good care of their citizens. The country possesses an excellent health care system. They take care of their elderly people as well as share special privileges and schemes for young children. The government here holds up to their responsibility and works for the betterment of the people.

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It is not just today or recently, Canada has also been an international educational hub. Students from all over the world accept the high educational levels of the Canadian Universities. The Universities here offer unique and professional courses to the students. Their education system is highly practical and applicable in current times. Not only this, the basic and elementary school facilities are also provided by the government through the government schools. So, the primary and the secondary level education is taken care of by the government. 

To boost the importance of education, the universities and colleges also offer scholarships to the foreign as well as the citizens of the country. So, if you are considering making a shift to Canada, then you can be rest assured by the education system of the country. It is surely the best in the world. You need not worry about education. 

How to make a move to Canada?

Once you have clearly made up your mind, then is the time to act. 

It is not an easy process, it is completed through the various steps. The very first step to appear and clear the IELTS examination. One has to clear the language proficiency test or French proficiency test. Both the languages are spoken in the country. The language test ensures that the applicant will not have any kind of problem while communicating in the country. As soon as one clears the test, then the next step is to prepare the file. Then you need to visit an immigration consultant for the next step. You may run a search like expert immigration Chd and get so many options to look from. 

Now, preparing the visa file is another cumbersome and complicated process. This will happen only when you have explored the options, how to enter the country. It can be as a student, you may register as a student and you may get a student visa through the acceptance level of the university or any college. The country also provides the option to learn and earn side by side. The students are allowed to work as work-time workers as well as they can work full-time during their semester break. 

Another option can be by making an investment or starting a business in the country. Through this process, you will straightaway get Permanent Residency. This is one of the easiest and safest modes of shifting to Canada, but it requires loads of investments. So, not everyone can participate and shift through the investments. Huge investments include opening a petrol pump,or starting a new restaurant can be few options to get a permanent residency.

Then another option through which experts and professionals can shift to Canada, is through Express Entry System. Through this one has to clear the IELTS examination and then file their immigration file with the authorities. It is a point based system. These points are awarded to the applicants on the basis of their profession, age, academics, marital status etc. Then you need to try your luck through a pool system. The higher the points are, the more chances of getting accepted. Now, those who get selected through a pool are invited by the government to apply for residency. This is one of the easiest and nominal methods that can help anyone to shift to Canada. Most of all it is a time consuming process. The draw system may take a lot of time. There are chances that you may not get selected in one draw then you have to wait for the next one. 

So, if you have decided to move you have to hold tight. It is not an easy or quick process. The people spend years waiting for their turns. 

How to prepare the immigration file?

After clearing the IELTS examination, you should look for a consultant to guide you. Say you are in Chandigarh then you should look for an expert immigration chd and you may get a good number of options to pick from. Always go to an expert.

Reasons to Hire a Consultant for Canada PR process

Once you have made up your mind to make a move to Canada, the next step is to streamline the process. The very first thing you need to work on is how you are planning to shift to this country. Are you going through the Express Entry System? Are you going through a family sponsorship? Are you going through by investing in the country? The next step is to define how to streamline the process. What is the first move? How to start and fast forward the process? What documents are required by the authority? All this needs to be cleared and answered. 

Who is going to guide you with all details? No doubt everything is available on the internet, but then still you may interpret so many things in a different way. Who is going to guide you better and assure whatever you are doing is correct? It is the Canada PR consultant in Chandigarh who is going to care for everything. 

Canada PR consultants are the professionals who have been dealing with similar clients. They are well aware about the process, they know all the rules and regulations of the country’s immigration policy. They can easily guide the client which route is best for them. So, rather than wasting your time, by trying to do everything on your own. Generally, we consult our friends or families who are settled in Canada and seek their guidance. No doubt they may guide, but not in a professional manner.

It is important to hire a Canada PR consultant in Chandigarh who is very well aware about the process, the rules and can guide you in a better way. 

With professional help you can be sure about everything. A consultant will make sure that the path you are opting for is the correct one, they will also guide you about the documentation, they will check so that you may not have left anything and then proceed the same to the immigration authorities.

Where to look for a Canada PR Consultant?

If you are looking for a PR consultant, always look for somebody who holds high experience. An experienced consultant may have been through a number of cases including very complicated ones. So, the consultant must be aware about how to tackle any situation and solve the problem. So, for a sure shot preparation of the immigration file you should opt for a highly experienced professional. For example, if you belong to the Punjab or Haryana area then you may look for an experienced Canada PR consultant in Chandigarh. This is because consultants there may have dealt with a number of unique cases as compared to the local consultants. 

Before confirming a consultant, always make a background check. Look at their past experience, number of successful cases then make a move with your case.

Why do we need a PR consultant? 

Here are some valid strong reasons that shares why we as layman is in need of Canada PR consultant- 

Guide you well in Visa Selection-

The different visa categories have different requirements. You may have the eligibility for more than 2 programs at once. Then it will be difficult for you to make the right choice. Now your  PR consultant becomes significant. They will help you to understand which visa program is suitable. They will also help you understand your accurate score. With a proper detailed study the consultant makes you file for the best category. So, a consultant is very important to make such decisions. 


 Resolving Complex Issues

When you are looking to apply for your visa application, the first stage of a Canada visa (after eligibility check) is the Educational Credential Assessment. This is a tricky stage where most of the candidates get confused because of the sealed transcripts requirements.
Here rather than being confused with your consultant will help you with the solution. There may be other issues including questions about your NOC and many more things. The consultant will deal with it.     

Need Well-Presented Applications

  1. While applying through immigration the application needs to be well-presented. This is a big consideration by both the Canadian immigration authorities and Canadian employers. The ones who are seeking candidates in the Express Entry pool need to take care of the  same.
    Here, the experienced Immigration consultants will prepare the visa applications in a professionally acceptable manner. A well-present application can be very helpful during your Canada immigration process.

So, it is okay to accept the help from a professional rather than getting drooled here and there. We would recommend always hiring a PR consultant from an experienced place. For example Chandigarh, you can look for them physically but  just make a search on internet Canada PR consultant in Chandigarh and you may get the list. Then check the background and visit. 

All the best!

How to immigrate to Canada in 2021?

Immigration to Canada has always been on a comparatively higher scale as compared to any other country in the world. Indian people are quite attracted to this country. There are a good number of Indians already settled in Canada and having a peaceful life. Generally, young students immigrate for study purposes and then ultimately get settled there.

Many professionals also enter through the express entry system and get settled with skilled professions and prove to be an asset to the country. Then some people opt for a family and settle there by making an investment. 

So, there many Indians settling in Canada making it a comfortable and favourable destination for coming times. 

Ways to move to Canada?

For those who are really eager to make a move to Canada Immigration 2021, we have various ways through which you can make an entry in the country. You need to understand the requirements of these entry systems and then look for a suitable system for yourself. Once you feel that you have discovered a proper entry system the next step is to start working for it diligently. 

Economic and Business Canada Immigration 2021

This is a bright option for professionals who have skills that support the Canadian economy. The country is always looking for professionals with the skills that enhance the economy of the country. There are a number of  programs that differ greatly in the qualifications. 

This includes various categories like-

  • Provincial Nominee Programs
  • Express- Entry
  • Investor Programs
  • Entrepreneur and Self-Employed Programs
  • Along with these options there are other federal classes of immigration including the Caregivers program, the Atlantic Immigration Pilot, the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot, and the Agri-food Pilot.

Family Sponsorship

Another important source of immigration is through family sponsorship. Under this category the immigration is available to the family members of Canadian citizens and permanent residents. They can sponsor their immediate family members to the country. The family members include- Spouse or common-law/conjugal partner, the dependent child (adopted or biological), parents and grandparents of the Canadian citizen.

These are the close relations a Canadian citizen and call for to live with them. In some special cases, you may be eligible to sponsor other family members other than these members. In case you have no other eligible relatives to sponsor you may sponsor the following family members: Orphaned brother or sister, Orphaned nephew or niece and Orphaned grandchild. These are very specific cases. 

Humanitarian and Refugee Immigration

Canada holds a reputation and has been proved as a leader in the world for accepting new refugees and other immigrants for humanitarian and compassionate reasons with open arms. A big portion of Canada’s annual immigration target is dedicated to admissions of the refugees. They are setting an example for the world by doing this good work. 

How Much Money do you Need to Immigrate to Canada?

Funds are another important question that needs to be sorted out before application. The required amount of funds you need to immigrate to Canada depends on how you have decided to immigrate.

There are few immigration programs that do not require anything extra, just the mentioned processing fees for your application. Then there are other options that require a substantial investment in Canada. 

Below are the deails-

Economic immigration: For most economic categories the immigration requires proof that you will be able to financially support yourself  as you are settling here.The categories under the economic immigration that are not requesting the proof of settlement funds requires the applicant to have Canadian work experience or a Canadian job offer. The reason behind this idea is that these candidates who already have a job offer, do not require funds for resettlement in Canada. This is only applicable when they have already integrated into the Canadian workforce. 

Business immigration: When it comes to business immigration then almost all the types require significant investment in Canada. This may require the applicant to make an investment in a Canadian company or even require the applicant to make an interest free loan to the federal or provincial government. 

Family sponsorship: Under this category, one does not stress over the financial information to sponsor a spouse or dependent child. If you are sponsoring other family members like a parent or grandparent, then the applicant should provide with a financial requirement that will be eligible to apply. 

Humanitarian and refugee sponsorship: All those who are applying under humanitarian and compassionate grounds applications, there are no financial requirements. Only if the refugee is privately sponsored then only financial information is required under this category of immigration. The Canadian group sponsoring the refugee also must assure that they have raised sufficient funds to sponsor the resettlement of the refugee candidate. 

We hope the above information will help you to pave a way to your Canada Immigration 2021.

Important Points to Remember when applying under Express Entry System


Moving to Canada is not really easy. It is one of the most developed and beautiful countries in the world. The country hosts world-class education, hygienic living conditions, high standards of living, professional opportunities and peaceful environment.

Faculties provide by Government-

Shifting and living here is a privilege with so many governmental facilities for kids as well as elders. Canada values all its resources and most of all human resources. The government helps their citizens in each and every possible way by providing them with well-developed government schools, proper medical care facilities and also providing employment. This country has one of the lowest unemployment rates. So, if somebody wants to work they can easily get a job with proper skills. 

So, if you are planning to move to Canada, this is one of the best decisions you are making. The country has it all, from job opportunities to tourist places to high-quality education facilities to proper medical care. What else would one want for a healthy and amazing life?

How to make a shift to Canada?

Well, there are different ways to shift to Canada. Firstly, the young aspirants can pursue their studies and enter through student visa. If you possess a student then the person is allowed to work part-time and in the semester breaks for full-time.

Later, after completing the course, if the student happens to secure a job and an offer letter then the visa might convert to a post-work visa and the student can continue to stay in Canada and work. This option is relevant for young students only. It is not applicable to already working professionals.

Another opportunity is to settle through making an investment in Canada. Through this method one can straightaway get Permanent Residency (PR). One does not have to wait much. All the aspirant needs to do is invest in through self-financed business in the country and they are good to go. Under this system, the aspirant should have sufficient funds so that they can make an eligible investment in the country. Canada welcomes such foreign investments. 

The third way is to enter through the express entry system. It is a point based system where in Canada immigration invites the aspirants from a pool through the draw. This system operates through an online application by the applicant system. Every applicant is allotted points based on various factors including their profession, age, language know-how, and their profession. Points are calculated through the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

Under this system all the applications are added into the pool  and the points are calculated. The higher points ensure higher chances of being chosen. So, the immigration authorities conducted a draw. The ones with the higher points when selected receive an invitation for permanent residency in the country. There is a stimulated time to respond to it. 

 After every draw the authorities issue a new express entry draw date gathering the candidates for the next pool. This is an amazing system wherein the government invites foreign citizens to come, work and stay in their country. This may take some time or may be months and years. 

One can also go through a job offer. If an employer offers to work with a froeign citizen then also, there is a chance to get a work permit. An authorised company may offer a job to the foreign citizen and thereby the aspirant may easily get a work permit on the basis of that job offer. 

So, here were some quick ways to move to Canada. 

Important points to Remember when applying under Express Entry System

  • The very first thing is to understand the express entry system. It is important to understand what it is. Are you eligible under the same? What type of profession you are in and what the country is looking for? What exactly is the draw system and how does it work? When is the next express entry draw date? You need to understand all the details first and then make a move.
  • Checkout the professions covered under this system and also if your profession is eligible. 
  • The next thing is to look for a professional immigrant consultant who can guide you about the policies, rules and regulations. The consultant should be well aware about the rules and perspectives. 
  • The next step is to complete your documentation, you should complete all the said documents to the best of your ability. Any problems in documents can lead to further issues, delay or cancelation in your application. So, read each and every requirement properly and then pursue it.
  • Once all the research work is done, now it is time to make a move. Make an online application and apply.

We hope we have helped you understand the process in a better way. We wish you all the best!

Precautions to be taken while choosing an immigration consultant


If you are planning to move from India, you firs choose Canada Immigration consultants in Chandigarh. It is important to do it through the right channel. There are no shortcuts for any immigration process. It is compulsory to a set of instructions and to deposit required original documents. This whole process may take time but then it is safe and secure. 

There are many people or so-called immigrant consultants who may guide you through unknown questionable ways of moving abroad. Do not fall prey for the same. They may offer you alluring packages and deals in terms of job offers or purchasing of business, but it is you who need to decide whether to opt for questionable immigration or go through a proper process. 

Generally, this happens with the people who are very eager to move out of the country and are looking for quick options. For example: Person A is looking to move to Canada, but the process is going to take some time. The immigration consultant guides the client through questionable means to speed up the process. Now, it is the responsibility of the aspirant which route this person is supposed to take. A responsible immigrant consultant will never share such advice, rather they will work to solve the problem if there is any complication in the case file. 

Look for an appropriate Consultant-

Thousands of people who have tried to move to other countries through unprecedented means have landed themselves in a lot of trouble. They have spoiled their whole lives due to improper immigration. So, be wise before choosing a consultant. It is the immigration consultant who guides the client well and makes proper arrangements for the immigration and on the other it is the immigration consultant only who misguides the aspirant and creates problems. So, it is your responsibility to look for an appropriate consultant and then make a move. 

How to choose an Immigration Consultant?

First of all, why do we need an immigration consultant? An immigration consultant is an expert or agency who guides the aspirants to move across the other country.

For example:

If someone wants to move to Canada, this person has a vague idea but is not sure how to proceed with the process. This is the time where one needs guidance and find out ways to pursue their dreams. Here the immigration consultant will guide the client, through which ways they can shift to Canada. How much time they require for the process and also the documentation required. They are experts in this field and know how to guide the clients well. 

Here are the few considerations that you should keep in mind before consulting an immigration expert-

Check their experience-

  • The most important thing is to check the experience of an immigration consultant. There are many places where immigration consultants have established themselves for a long time. If you want to be really sure and shoot about this, then consult an experienced agency to put up your process file.

For example:

  • There are many experienced Canada Immigration consultants in Chandigarh. They have been in businesses since many many years and now have all the high-end experience to solve complicated cases. So, it is better to opt for an experienced consultant for a smooth process. 

Check their reputation-

  • The next important thing is to check their reputation. Yes! It means that the immigration consultant has not been involved in some illegal activity and sends people abroad in uncertain ways. If you come across any such incident, it is better to change the immigration consultant. There is no need to linger on to the same agency. If you are in Chandigarh and you have come across any shady immigration consultancy then you may just move on to another Canada Immigration Consultant in Chandigarh, do not get struck with the same. Even a single case can destroy the reputation, so be careful whom you choose.

Check their registration papers-

  • Another very important aspect you should not miss. Before consulting with any immigration consultant check their registration papers regarding their business. This will ensure that they are dealing with the people through legal ways. Any agency not showing or sharing the details about the same is questionable. So, do not get trapped. Please have a clear head and then make a decision. 

Participate in the process-

  • The most significant thing is to participate in the filing and other immigration processes. Once you have finalized the immigration consultant it does not mean your work is done. It is important to actively participate in the whole process. Leaving everything to the agency leaves the space for fraud. Rather, be present and you should know what your consultant is moving through your name.

We really hope you have read the tips carefully and you will work accordingly. v

Points to Consider before Moving Abroad


If you wish to settle abroad then there are many ways of doing it. The most important part of the whole process is to find a suitable country where you want to shift. There are a good number of attractive countries that seem suitable for the settlement. It may look different from the overview and the realities might completely differ.

So, before you make a call to ultimately settle down, it is important to conduct a hard core search. There are few popular destinations alluring people with wonderful lifestyles, high standards of living, better environment to work and many other factors. 

Are you wondering what there is to search about? Well, there are loads of things you need to search. Some of them are-

Weather Conditions-

It is one of the most important concerns. You need to check the weather conditions at the place of concern. Knowing about the weather will help you to prepare yourself about the living conditions in the country.

For example-

Canada holds cold weather almost throughout the year. There are only a few months with pleasant weather. So, you need to understand that you will be able to deal with the cold weather. If yes then make a further move and if no then you may have to look for a country with better weather conditions. 

Career Opportunities-

When you think about moving to another country, it is important to look for career opportunities available. We all need to work wherever we live. We all need to earn our bread and butter. So, always look for a place where there is scope of your professional growth. If you do not consider it properly, you may have to face various problems including the monetary issue.

For example-

For example if you are an IT professional you need to check whether there is demand for the same or not. In case there is an exceptionally high demand then you may consider settling there, if not then you need to reconsider your decision and look for a place with better career opportunities related to your profession. 

Lifestyle and Culture-

Another important thing you need to consider before deciding the place is lifestyle and culture of the place. You need to understand how the people there live and grow. If yes then move further. As the world is full of varied cultures, we may understand some cultures and their practices. At times we do not accept ideas from different cultures. It is completely okay, but you cannot change it.

For example-

People eat all kinds of flies, animals in China. It is their culture we cannot question them but we need to reflect if we can also do the same or not. If not then reconsider your choice of country. 

Education Facilities-

Education is an important part of our lives. It lends us wings to fulfill our goals. You need to check about the education facilities available in the country. All these issues needed to be studied first and then made a final move.

For example-

Canada is a beautiful country with high-class education facilities. So, if you are willing to move there then you need not worry about the education. The preliminary education is provided by the government. So, check all such details before making a move. 

Process to move-

Every country has their own immigration policies. They have their own set of rules and regulations. Before making a move, we should look for an expert consultant and look for each and every detail. You need to check what all documents are required, what all you need to provide the authorities and other information related to the same.

For example-

You can shift to Canada with a student visa or express entry system or Saskatchewan Express Entry. You should have a look at what all you require. In this you need to check through the Sinp points grid whether you are eligible or not? So, it is better to go through the processes and checkout which is best for you. Say you wanted to move to Canada through Saskatchewan Express Entry and you checked your sinp points grid and you are getting the required points then you do not have to hitchhike, it is time to make the decision and move on further. Similarly, if you want to shift to Australia you may look for another option through immigration processes. 

We hope this will help to make you a decision. 

Reasons to Study in Canada


Whenever we think about Canada, a lot of many things come to our mind. Canada visa services is major and Canada one of the exclusive overall destinations. Firstly, it is an amazing place for tourists. People from all over the world come to visit Canada.

Study in Canada

About Canada-

It hosts scenic beauty along with many tourist attractions including spectacular Niagara Falls, Toronto CN Tower, Whistler and many more. This place has something for everyone. Secondly, it is one of the most popular educational hubs of the world. Thousands of international students take admissions in Canadian Universities. This place holds the best schools and skill based programs. Thirdly, Canada is one of the best places to immigrate and start a new life.  The country is well-equipped with all the modern medical facilities. The country takes special care of the young as well as their elderly population. There are special medical care professionals for those in need.  

The country invites skilled people to come and work here. They offer Permanent Residency and work permits to the foreigners. Though it is the second-largest country in the world, it suffers from population crunch. So, the country picks the best professionals who have applied to immigrate and offer them permanent residency through an express entry system. 

All in all, Canada has everything for a wonderful life. All you need to do is work honestly and diligently, and you will be rewarded well in this country. 

For those youngsters who want to explore different dimensions of their lives can find Canada a very interesting destination to complete their studies, learn new things, explore the cosmopolitan atmosphere. The country understands the real value of education and offers a number of courses through various universities. International students find these career oriented courses useful to fulfil their professional goals. 

So, you have plenty of reasons to explore and study in Canada. Here are few listed ones- 

High-Quality Education-

  • Canada is one of the favorite educational destinations due to the high-quality education system. The country has an exclusive education system for their young populations. There are hi-tech universities with modern infrastructure and professional courses. The faculty is highly read and believes in teaching students to the best of their capabilities. The course curriculum is also well-designed, keeping a balance between the theoretical and practical part. Hence, all in all the students enjoy high-quality education in Canada. Those students who are eager to know more can opt for consultants, those who can guide them further. They can also give them more information about Canada Visa Services etc. 

Better Research Opportunities-

  • The research opportunities is also one of the most important factors attracting foreign students to study in Canadian universities. The education system in the country  has a strong focus on research and development. It is a blessing for research scholars. Not only are the facilitators eager to teach the students, even the government of Canada extends a great support to the researchers who are working in medicine, telecommunication, agriculture, environmental science and technology. Such researchers are given advantage and grants over other students. So, if you are looking for research opportunities, then Canada is your answer to all the questions.


  • The fee structure of the Canadian universities is affordable as compared to other developed countries including UK and USA. Well, we may not term it as nominal or pocket-friendly, but as per the standard of education the universities are offering, it is quite affordable. Along with this, the universities also offer scholarships for meritorious students. So, those who are experts in their fields can even opt for scholarships with the universities. 

Safe and Peaceful-

  • Canada is home to people from all over the world. Many and diverse people live and grow together. This cosmopolitan atmosphere is best for the learning students. Through the exposure students learn about divergent cultures, different people and also learn how to deal with different life situations. The atmosphere in Canada is as good and growing as one can imagine. The people are very helpful and patient towards each other. The crime rate is also lower than the rest of the world. It is peaceful to reside in this country. For those who really want to explore realities of life this is the best place.  

Earn while you learn –

  • Canada provides a unique opportunity to their students. They can work up to 20 hours every week in  their semesters, and they can opt for a full-time job during the summer and winter breaks. They can even work on-campus or as an intern in any other company. This is the beauty of the country. There is no requirement for a separate work permit for the same. So, those of you who have already taken a step ahead and looking to apply can consult Canada Visa Services, and they can guide further.

Best Canadian Cities to Immigrate


We all want a better lifestyle, quality living conditions, healthy workplaces and a secure environment to live our lives. Most of us other countries are somehow more progressive and better than our current ones. Then what are you going to do about it? Well, the easy solution is to immigrate to another country. We understand it is not as easy as it sounds, you cannot just pick your bags and make a move. You can always plan for it. There are many countries in the world who welcome foreign citizens to come and settle down. These countries have a general population crunch and are looking for skilled professionals to make their country better and more equipped. 

Best Canadian Cities to Immigrate

Benefit of studying in Canada-

Canada is also one of the population foreign destinations, where meritorious professionals are welcomed and given a place to settle. The country is a beautiful place to live-in with quality facilities and a cosmopolitan population. It is the second largest country in the world, but hosts a limited population. 

It is also a popular educational destination and international students pour in looking for quality practical and academic educational courses. Canada has everything one is looking for, a great work environment, quality health facilities, hi-tech educational system and universities and higher standards of living. The country has varying weather conditions from winters to summers. It is a beautiful country with landscapes and scenic beauty and loads of tourist places to visit. It has nearly no air pollution. Also, it is very safe and secure with minimum crime and unemployment rates. It is one of the ideal countries where you can live peaceful, happy and satisfied life with your loved ones. 

This country demands the best of its citizens and also gives back the best possible services to them. 

So, if you are planning to shift Canada, then you must be wondering where exactly to make a move. Not all the places or states offer a similar kind of environment. What is the best space to share your expertise? 

Both the trends have their own pros and cons. Whether you are a better fix at the northern territory immigration Canada or to the other point. Your personal, professionals and family goals will help you to determine the final place or province suitable for immigration. 

We bring you some amazing Canadian cities that will give you an idea about living standards and conditions- 

Calgary, Alberta

Calgary, Alberta is one of the beautiful city in Canada and fondly called as the cultural capital of Canada. It is believed  to be one of the oldest human settlements in the world. Calgary is a big business based city and the second most corporate offices among Canada’s. As evident that Calgary has various economic activites ranging from the extraction of raw minerals and gas to quality transportation services to telecommunication. The place hosts a plenty of job opportunities. Calgary also offers best educational services with good number of schools and universities. With all the modern-day health care facilities, it is the best place to move with your family. 

Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa is the capital city of Canada. A beautiful city exceptionally designed with an extensive greenbelt to stay close to the nature. Ottawa is one of the Canada’s IT hubs. The city flourishes in sectors including, Health Care Industry, business, sales, administration and finance. Also, it is most educated city of country and a best place for froeign students. This place experience warm to very cold in extreme conditions. Ottawa is filled with cultural love. It hosts big Canadian famous festivals including Bluefest, Canada Day, The Folk Music Festivals and many more. When we talk about sports the city enjoys their own ice hockey team. The city also hosts other sports. If you are looking for the taste of Canada’s real cutlture then this is the best city to settle and enjoy the real essence of the country.

Delta, British Columbia

Delta, British Columbia is a beautiful city located to the south of Richmond. This is the rich city of the country. It is no debt and as the city is powered by the businesses and expansion in the industrial and agricultural sectors. This place experience extreme cold and pleasant weather. 

For those who are looking to establish themselves through a business this place is ideal for them. The city holds safe neighbourhood with amazing outdoor activities. It also hold quality elemantry schools and universities for better educaton. For those who love sports, there number of outdoor and indoor options to explore. All in all the place supports a warm and engaging place to live with your family.

So, these are basic cities, well this is not an exhaustive list, you can explore so much from northern territory immigration Canada to southern part. 

Considerations for Canada PR Score


If you have already made up your mind to settle in Canada, then Canada PR Score Calculator is the best process. it is time to line down the way how you are going to do that?

Are you going through family sponsorship. It means do you have someone from your immediate family owning a PR, who can sponsor you.

What to do-

Do you want to move on a study permit? According to it the applicant can get an admission with an educational institution and then get a study permit. You can also move through by starting up a business there and investing in Canada. 

You can also move under the skilled workers system. Here you need to share your profession and check whether you are eligible for the same. If you qualify under this category you will straight away be offered Permanent Residency. Are you wondering how is it possible? Well there are certain criterias, if you clear those, you will be offered a PR. 

Point based system-

As Canada welcomes professionals who want to work in their country and improve the quality of life. To attract more professionals the country has formulated an Express Entry System. This system helps the government to pick the best professionals from all over the world who want to settle in Canada.

This Express Entry System is a point based system, where the immigration authorities calculate the points based on several decided criteria, they pick up those who get high scores.

Why do the immigration authorities invite people with high scores?

These scores are basically predictions on how the individual will contribute to the betterment of the country. A promising candidate will get better scores. It means this individual is ideal for the country. With the skilled services, they will be able to contribute to the country’s economy. Hence, Canada is constantly searching for the people who are ready to work there and help the country to grow in a progressive manner. 

What are the factors that help to decide Canada Immigration Points? 

The immigration points are largely influenced by the score awarded based on given 6 factor-

  • Language skills
  • Education
  • Experience
  • Age
  • Employment arranged in Canada
  • Adaptability

Helpful in adjusting One Country-

Each of these above points help the authorities to determine how well a person can adjust in the country. It also helps to assess that they are bringing in an asset to the country. The better you score, the higher are your chances. The immigration authorities have allotted a set number of points for various skills. There is a maximum limit for each criteria.

Apply for Canada PR-

Once the points have been allotted and added a list is prepared of high scorers and they receive a letter from the authorities to apply for PR in Canada. This whole process may take a lot of time, so before applying it is important to have an idea about the same. One can assess the score through Canada PR Score Calculator, that will give the applicant an idea, where they actually stand. 

Points awarded for each factor-

Every criteria has its own importance in immigration process. Higher points are allotted to significant consideration and little less to the others. Let us find the maximum scores allotted to different factors. 

For Language skills – Maximum 28 points

The immigration authorities conduct a language proficiency test -IELTS to judge the language ability of the applicant. English and or French are the preferred languages in Canada. Hence, your IELTS score will determine how many points out of 28 you obtain in this category.  High proficiency will help you to get a Canadian job. The language skills are assessed in four categories namely, writing, reading, listening, and speaking.

For Education – Maximum 25 points

The immigration rules offer a maximum of 25 Canada immigration points for your education. It counts your graduation and post graduation courses.For those who have completed their studies abroad must present an  Educational Credential Assessment report 

For Experience – Maximum 15 points

Canada immigration also accounts for your work experience. One can get a maximum 15 points for this factor through Canada PR Score Calculator. The work experience at Canadian grounds will be taken into account.

For Age – Maximum 12 points

Certain points are awarded as per the applicants age. The maximum can be 12 points. The age is considered from the day your application is received.

Employment in Canada – Maximum 10 points

You can get extra points in Canada immigration if you hold a job offer of minimum 1-year form an employer in Canada. The condition is that you should  get this offer prior to submitting an application.

Adaptability – Maximum 10 points

Another important point is adaptability. The points offered points on the basis of your past study, work, or arranged job offer, and relatives in Canada. Another aspect your common-law-partner or spouse if also immigrating to Canada with you can have additional points for adaptability. 

Sure Tips to Crack IELTS Exams

IELTS Exams are basic criteria for applying for an overseas visa. The clearance of Language proficiency is the primary requirement for any kind of visa. Check CWC websites for spouse visa, or for PR or a student aiming for study abroad. 

Understand the language-

It is important to know and understand the language of foreign land. It helps in effective communication and also helps the applicant to sustain in the other country. You cannot imagine your life in a foreign country without knowing the language. You will not be able to communicate your requirements, your thoughts and ideas. 

Keeping this particular issue in mind, every country has a primary condition that visa applicants should clear the IELTS examination, before even submitting for visa application. Once the applicant has learned the language then it is easy for them to move in the country. This test is for their own comfortable stay.

Well! The test is not as easy as it sounds. There are different levels of the examination. First is General IELTS, it is for those who are applying for family or spouse visa. They are those people who are dependent on their kids or spouses who are settled there in foreign country. For them, they require basic knowledge of the language so that they read, write and understand the language during their course of stay. They basically need as good as 4 to 6 bands. It ensures that they will be able to understand and speak the language as per their requirement.

The next category is Academic IELTS, this examination is specially crafted for the students who aspire for higher studies and professionals who are shifting to work there. These people require a better understanding of the language as compared to others. They also need to score good bands in order to ensure the understanding of the language. They require as good as 7 to 9 bands ensuring they are experts in the language and they will be able to understand the course content or employment terms, requirements and usage. 

Hence, different purposes have different requirements. 

Regardless of the purpose, it is important to clear the examination for everyone. The examination is not as easy as it may sound. It is divided into four parts. First part is dedicated to reading and understanding, the second evaluates the writing capabilities, the third part ensures that applicants can follow the language through listening and the fourth indicates how well they can express themselves through the language. It means how well the applicant speaks. 

Once you have made up your mind to attempt the paper, you should give your heart and soul into the preparations and then appear for the paper. 

Do not take this examination lightly, prepare and then attempt. There is detailed information available about it on CWC website. Going through the information will share a fair idea, what are the exact contents of the paper, how the examination is to be attended, the do’s and don’ts etc. You should first conduct research and then sign-up for the exam.

To ease out your query we bring you a few sure shot tips that will help you to clear IELTS examination in just one go. So, read on to find exciting tips-

Understand the structure of the examination-

  • The very first thing is to understand the different parts of the examination. You should know the importance of each part and also work out how to attempt it effectively. Once you have understood the structure, rest is all easy.

Reading Skills-

  • To attempt reading sections, practice as much as you can. Identify the reading skills. There are three comprehensions and you have limited time to solve them. So, you should practice skimming and not detailing. Skimming means reading through quickly and concentrating on important points only. This will help to quicken the process and you will be able to solve the question paper in appropriate time.

Practice speaking-

Start speaking the language-

  • You can continue your general conversations in English. The more you speak the better you get. You will improve your fluency as  well as pronunciation. You can also practice speaking in front of a mirror. This small exercise will help you to gain confidence.

Write, write and write-

  • The more you write, the better it is. Take-up different kinds of topics and start writing. Promise yourself at least to attempt two sets of writing tests everyday. It is better to get it checked by an expert. Do not give up, just write as much as you can. There are different topics available on CWC websites, you can check out there. 

Watch Hollywood-

  • To improve your listening skills, you may switch on to Hollywood movies. Watching it regularly will help you understand the language and conversations in a better manner.

With these smart tips, we wish you good luck for your IELTS examination.