Canada is a very famous nation for studying, living and also for working. It is an attractive nation which is very popular around the world. It is a well-known nation for its growth, progress and innovation of people, which provides a wide range of opportunities or chances to international students and professional students. Therefore, Canada is a favored country for studying abroad. Canada is multifaceted which is the richest in tradition, festivals, culture and other things, that’s why it is very famous worldwide. Canada is composed of advanced and new technological and modern society. Several of the consultants are available worldwide. But CWC is one of the favorites for BEST PR CONSULTANCY FOR CANADA IN DUBAI, which can help the thousands of people to one to another country. We are giving the best and Nemours great opportunities to our clients or students because our team have a vast knowledge about everything regarding the visa process. All staff members or consultants are well trained and experienced from various immigration centres or several places. Some things regarding culture are more attractive which can be attracted to the tourists. Canada has high technical or advanced knowledge and digital, excellent institution, which provides plenty of possibilities in many areas for studying abroad. 


If you dream of higher education in Canada or any other reason for migrating to Canada from Dubai. In the case, CWC consultants can find it helpful for more people to solve their problems and queries. We offer several smooth, comfortable or convenient visa application processes to our clients related to their migrating causes. We offer these a wide range of opportunities or services to our clients if they are relocating for their study purpose:

  • Different universities meet the representative’s options to the students.
  • Several government certificates.
  • Well experienced and trained staff members.
  • Various other facilities.
  • Assistance in choosing the top university.
  • Personal attention to our clients.
  • Service in the several selections of courses.
  • Direct interview in college or universities.


Well, various qualities are important for those consultants handling the process of your file. First and foremost is that it is a myth that the location of the consultants when the thing is coming to the immigration process of nations such as Canada, Australia, the UK, the USA and others. These nations have a point-based online immigration system for accepting applications from skilled, experienced and talented people from overseas, which allocate the permanent residency to chosen candidates.


Express entry offers the right pathway to permanent residence for experienced and skilled workers in Canada. In addition, express entry can be result processing timing is very fast, such as six months or less for potential skilled or experienced foreign workers.


Some eligibility is most important for the express entry program. The candidate must have to meet some eligibilities criteria under the express entry program.

  • The age is approximately 36 years or up to it.
  • The minimum experience skilled workers need two years.
  • The education level is bachelor’s degree.


Step 1:

# the candidate detailed with CV.

# the application involved with supporting documents.

Step 2:

# signs the contract, including with group of Vazir.

#the fees of the program are full.

#education credential assessment applying.

Step 3:

# the express entry profile is lodging.

# If you are required, then applying for the provincial nomination program.

Step 4:

# receives your invitation to apply.

Step 5:

#submits your all documents to CIC.

#receives permanent residence visa confirmation.

# stamps the permanent residence (PR).


Suppose you are living in Dubai and interested in migrating to an advanced nation for a better lifestyle and a bright future. Then Canada is the no.1 choice for living, working and studying because several great opportunities attract people to go there. We are giving the best and Nemours great opportunities to our clients or students because our team has a vast knowledge about the visa process. We can provide all the information about BEST PR CONSULTANCY FOR CANADA IN DUBAI. Various qualities are important for those consultants who are handling the operation of your file. We are giving the best and Nemours great opportunities to our clients or students because our team has a vast knowledge about everything. If you are interested in migrating to another country from Dubai, you can select Canada because the standard of living is great in Canada compared to other nations. If you are still confused, you can check all the information on the internet or Google because it can be helpful to increase your knowledge about the best visa consultancy for Canada in Dubai.

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