Migrating to Canada is the order of the day as the country has the world prestigious universities and colleges and bed of roses lifestyle. The country has many worth seeking places that are alluring the masses to go and settle there with their families. To fulfill the dream of millions to immigrate to Canada, CWC is the leading immigration consultants who are consulting the candidates to get the Canadian visa. We are a veteran and over the board Canada consultancy in India. We have team of experts who have 5 to 10 years of experience in immigration consulting.

How can we migrate to Canada from India?

There are number of programs by which you can get the immigration to Canada:

1. Study visa

2. Work visa

3. Business visa

4. Spouse visa

5. Visitor visa

6. Tourist visa

7. Travel visa

8. Dependent visa

9. Family Sponsorship visa

Study visa: Canada is the most demanding country in students by dint of having world’s ranked universities and colleges. Along with studies, you can to get round and explore the country’s richness in art, literature and history.  Study in Canada will make you able to get the international degree and job security as international degree holders are in great demand these days. Many north Indian students want to go there and make their future better. To pursue study in Canada, you need to fulfill some requirements such as language proficiency and educational qualifications according to the course you want to choose. CWC is the best in consulting study visa to Canada. We have highest success rate especially in study visa.

Business or Work visa Canadian Government welcomes the people from all walks of life to come and serve in the economic and social life in country. Setting up business and working there will not only enhanced their business and career even it will provide the opportunities to the workers at their country. Foreign workers who are skilled in some special trades are invited. There are number of programs under which you can apply for business or work visa. To get the business and work visa you need to fulfill some requirements. CWC provides the best and experienced staff to you to get your business and work visa to Canada and will assist you with proper guidance.

Permanent residency: the allowance by Canadian government to live, work and settle permanently in Canada is permanent residency. If you are well educated and have experience in a particular field then you can apply for the Permanent Residency to Canada. Canadian government allows the foreign workers to come there and make the contribution in the growth of their country. CWC assists you with proper guidance in how to be emigrant to Canada. We have experts in permanent residency.

Spouse, Dependent and Family sponsorship visa:

If your spouse, common in law partner, conjugal partner or family member is a permanent resident or a citizen of Canada then you will go for the spouse, dependent or family sponsorship visa. Spouse, Dependent and Family Sponsorship visa is the easiest method to get the immigration to Canada as it does not require any higher qualification and experience. Spouse visa is only for the conjugal or common in law partner whereas dependent visa is for spouse, dependent children, parents and grandparents and Family sponsorship visa is for the whole family. CWC assists with the best guidance to get your spouse, dependent and family sponsorship visa.

Tourist, Visitor and Travel visa:

Canada is the most beautiful countries in the world. If you want to go to Canada for the leisure purposes, then tourist, visitor and travel visa is best option for you. The magnificent beauty and the eye catching monuments of Canada are alluring the travelers to travel and visit. Travelers are making the biggest contribution in the economy of Canada. So, if have a wish to get round Canada and explore the marvelous beauty of Canada then these options are best suited for you. CWC helps you to fulfill your dream to visit and travel to Canada.


Getting migration to Canada is not like a piece of cake. You need to look into and contemplate about various things such as visa processes and documentation. For this you need a visa consultant who is conversant with all the points. CWC is the leading immigration consultant in which you can bank upon. We are providing our services in an ethical way from more than a decade in various countries such as India, Canada and Dubai. If you have the desire to go to Canada, CWC is the best Canada consultancy in India. We are the legend and an honest visa consultant. Our professional team will guide with you the best and provides all the necessary knowledge that you need to know before migrating to Canada. To get the detailed information about the visa processes and requirements contact us.