Today most of the people go abroad lives there. Some are living there for months or some are living there for years. The people who are living in Canada for many years can get permanent residence (PR) over there. But for getting Permanent Residence (PR) you have to contact to Express Entry. Now a question is arise In your mind that – “what is express Entry?” Express Entry is an online system. We use Express Entry for managing applications for our permanent residents from skilled workers. It helps you in the whole process of getting PR. CWC Canada Immigration Express Entry is the best one. We will help you in getting PR in Canada in a legal way. we are certified and faithful.

How does Express Entry work?

Step1: Find out if you are eligible

It is a part of Express entry. We have to find out that you are eligible for a program or not. There are two ways to find out that you are eligible :

•        For finding that you meet the minimum requirements answer a few questions

•        For each program read the detailed requirements

Step2: Get your documents ready

In this step, you need your documents. It includes such as language test results, which show that you are eligible for Express Entry. Sometimes some documents take a long time to get, so you should go and get them.

Step3: Submit your Profile

Express Entry profile is the profile in which you give information about yourself. We will accept you in a poll of candidates if you are eligible. Then on a Point-based system, you will rank in the express entry pool. The scores you get are based on the information you provided in your profile.

•        Check your score

•        Submit your profile

Step 4: Get an invitation and apply for the permanent residence

The candidates who have scored the highest score in the poll will invite to apply. Now, you will have 90 days to submit your application for permanent residence if we are inviting you to apply.

The documents which have all the supporting documents in 6 months or less will process.

Eligibility for Express Entry Program:

For evaluating applications the Canada Express Entry Program works on a point-based system. The main aim of this system is to identify applications that have the highest chances of succeeding after migrating to Canada. The point scale evaluates you and your spouse on your following things:

•        Age

•        The highest level of education

•        Language skills

•        Work experience

•        Skill transferability

•        Canadian work experience

•        Online registration CAD:300 non-refundable(4weeks)

•        Other factors

How long does express entry take?

Express Entry is a system that is designed to provide you fast immigration in Canada. For the eligible candidates, who enter in the pool and receive an invitation to apply (ITA), and who then submit their complete application quickly, the whole process may take 6 months os less.

Points need for Express Entry:

You may qualify if you score 67 points or higher. You can submit your profile to the Express Entry Pool if you meet the other essential requirements. When you are entering the Express Pool, we use a different kind of system for ranking your profile.

Cost to apply for Express Entry:

Now come to the main 0point, which is that –“how much does it cost to apply for Express Entry?” In order to complete an express entry profile you do not have to pay anything. You will require paying a $500 application fee if you are issued an ITA and submit your full application. You will have to pay $490 Right of Permanent Residence Fee only if you granted PR.

Why choose CWC Canada Immigration Express Entry?

Now, a query arises in your mind that –“why you choose CWC Immigration express Entry?” here, we clear you about us.

•        Our Immigration Express Entry is the best express entry which helps you get Permanent Residence (PR) in Canada.

•        We are certified.

•        Well qualified and experienced staff.

•        We are active about the latest changes.

•        We have the highest success rate.

•        We are reliable in each and every aspect.

•        We are responsible for providing you PR without inconvenience.


As you all know that today who is living in Canada in other means that who migrate to Canada from their home country wants to be a Permanent Resident there so they can live there and raise their living standard. But for getting PR in Canada you have to contact to the certified and reliable Express Entry which helps you in the entire process. CWC Canada Immigration Express Entry is the best one. We understand your worries but we are honest and reliable. We will help you with each step of your PR process. Tour dreams are our dreams and we will help you make your dream comes true.