The PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) of Canada is a very crucial pathway for immigration to Canada. Canadian who aspire to immigrate and settle in a specific Canadian province can apply for Canada provincial nominee programs. Canada’s federal government or IRCC (immigration citizenship Refugee Canada) allows the individual provinces to select PR (permanent residents) for their province. The provincial nominee program allows the various Canadian provinces to choose the immigrant or appropriate for its economy and labor market and nominate them for Canadian permanent residency (PR). Every province chooses those skilled in foreign, based on their basic needs, criteria and parameters, and each province has a numerous set of requirements.                                                                                        

 The key benefits of applying for the Provincial Nominee Program in Canada:  

                                                                                                The provincial nominee program are different from the federal immigration programs of Canada. If you apply for PNP, you can get many benefits as an applicant, but these depend on the specific provincial programs, i.e… You get the liberty to choose a province to settle as a client: you have full freedom to choose a province to settle and apply according to its provincial nominee program.                                                           

 No job offer requirement: many of the provinces do not require any job offer from any applicant. . Helps to raise your CRS score: Through Express Entry obtained the nomination steam of a provincial nominee program makes you eligible to get near about 600 CRS points, which can increase your CRS score in Express Entry and making you eligible to get an invitation to apply for Canadian PR (permanent residency) visa. . Points allocated for the area of training: some of the provinces nominee program, i.e. Saskatchewan PNP, and you can get points for the area of training. . Low English proficiency, i.e. IELTS score: In few of the provincial nominee program, such as occupation in demand (OID) stream of Saskatchewan Immigrant nominee program, the demand of language proficiency minimum CLB 4 level, however, Express entry demands of language proficiency at least CLB 7 level. If you want to apply in any of the PNP in Canada, then see the bottom of the page and choose;                                                                           

 you select the particular province for nomination that can make you eligible to apply for the PR (permanent residency) in Canada.   

              How can we apply for PNP?                                 

 There are main two pathways to apply for a provincial nominee program in Canada for a particular province:     

           Ø Apply to a PNP directly Canada: 

if you are interested, you can apply in its provincial nominee program which you have selected a province to settle. There are various points you need to follow in direct PNP application: Select the province and apply in its provincial nominee program. . Your application will review a PNP based on the point system/ the selection criteria of the particular province. . you will get a nomination letter from the province if a province finds your profile suitable. . you can apply for permanent residency in Canada to IRCC (Immigration, Refugee citizenship Canada) based on the nomination.                                                              

 Ø Apply via Express Entry System: If you register through Express Entry, make it to the pool Express Entry, Canada’s various provinces can view your profile in the EE pool. If your profile select by province, you will get innovation to apply in the express entry stream of that province’s PNP. When you get an invitation in these ways by a providence, you can make eligible to get an online ITA for PR (permanent residency) visa based on the province’s invitation/nomination.                                                                              

 How we can apply through Express Entry.                                                      

Choose a province or territory: By a province or territory can be nominated, you must follow the instruction or restriction on their website and contact them directly: British Columbia. . Manitoba. . Ontario. . Prince Edward Island. Saskatchewan. Yukon. . Nova Scotia. . Northwest Territories. . Newfoundland and Labrador. . New Brunswick. . Alberta. 


Canada Province nominee program is an easy way to for entering the province of Canada. It provides and encourages the best opportunities for skilled migration. Enough experience and required skilled set with the right education make a person more eligible to get a country’s visa under the provincial nominee program (PNP). The process of the PNP follow quickly and allow the applicant who are eligible for it. It allows the opportunity to secure Canadian permanent residency (PR). These all programs have allowed more applicants to settle and contribute to the countries for their economical development over the many years. The person can apply the application in two ways: Direct PNP Program application and Express Entry system application. There are various documents necessary for the provincial nominee program (PNP). Different type of certificates are important for PNP in Canada, which are beneficial for every person.