In which scenario is going now days people are moving from one place to another place for living healthy life style. Why only Indian people get immigration for Canada. In Canada living style is very different rather than by living in india. Immigration consultant also knoe about top ranked countries.

As per the Anholt-Ipsos Nation Brands Index, Canada ranks third within the world among fifty countries. solely commanding Federal Republic of Germany and France square measure stratified higher than Canada. From the fifth place in 2018, Canada moves up to 3rd place in 2019.

The rankings were supported on-line interviews conducted with twenty,035 adults over the age of eighteen in additional than twenty countries.

Canada took initial place in 3 of the six classes that were wont to rank the fifty countries. These classes were immigration and investment, folks and governance. Canada was additionally the sole country within the high five to boost its ranking on culture, governance and business.

This is the second consecutive year that Canada has been stratified initial for immigration and investment.

Five merging attributes were thought of for the immigration and investment score:

Work and live
Educational qualifications
Invest in business
Quality of life
Equality in society.

 It explicit that the Immigration and Investment Index assesses a country’s power to draw in capital and talent. it’s not measured solely by whether or not those that wish to live, work and study within the country however additionally by the country’s impression of equality of chance, economic prosperity and top quality of life.

Surveyed participants were additionally asked to grant “personality traits” to the fifty countries.

39% of the participants thought of Canada as “friendly”. half-hour thought of the country “trustworthy” and twenty ninth thought of it “happy”. nineteen of the participants thought of Canada “generous”.

In his statement, Volos aforementioned that a country’s whole couldn’t be engineered long. A nation will solely feature among the highest five given that there’s consistency in its image.

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In Canada  a lot of thing are that which is not possible in india.First of all I talke about weather in Indian there is very polluted cities in this way you have not able to take breathe in proper way. Secondly less resources .


Now a time every Indian wants good qualification or while mean sto say higher educationCanada has become a perfect place for pedagogy studies, wanted by several prospective international students. several of the Canadian universities ar gift in putative international rankings and a recent academic strategy set by the Canadian Ministry of Education stresses on increasing the amount of foreign students. this implies that international students coming back from any a part of the world ar currently quite welcome in North American nation therefore it’s no marvel it became therefore standard during this sense.

The careful academic arrange encourages foreign students to pursue jobs throughout their Bachelor’s or Master’s studies and to stay within the country for work opportunities once graduation.

Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa and Quebec protect the biggest foreign-student population and that they all offer a vivacious and spirited atmosphere. In Canada, students will pleasantly mix associate degree enriching tutorial life with various and amusive leisure activities.


For moving to Canada language is important tool for surviving in Canada. Gaining marks in language for Indian students is very important.

In Canada you can live with safe or quality life style in this way in Canada there is no interruption in your  life even you parents also not get interfere in your life. There you life you know to live you life in healthy or in wealthy way.



There people can manage our life working life cycle .They do our work one by one not like Indians.There people manage our life in this  way put our professional and personal life different different ways. Student are depend only on own self or parents  are also living our in their own way. Work-existence balance

Canada: Focus on paintings among 8am-4pm. Family and other amusement activities after 4pm and weekends.

India: Personal topics like journeying a bank, making cellphone calls, Facebook/Youtube, political discussions, casual surfing are broadly speaking completed throughout operating hours. After reaching domestic, login and work on the incomplete responsibilities.