Immigration to Canada or preference to Canada immigration is still high. Due to the Covid-19, there is a lag and immigration authorities are working out to cover it by and large. They are working hard to find out devices that will require and help to smoothen the immigration process. 

Canada Visa types of work

There is a backlog and also new applications are pouring in as well. The authorities have resumed the draw system but it is still on hold for the Express Entry System but it is operation fine for the Canada visa types of work. So, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada is working well to speed up all types of processes. 

So, are you wondering why is it important to speed up the processes? What is the requirement for the country to work on the immigration? Well, the answer to these questions is that immigration is important for the economy of Canada as well as the people. Firstly, Canada is a beautiful country that attracts a lot of tourists.

Secondly, it provides immigrants with better career opportunities as compared to their own countries. There are particular types of Canada visa types of work that streamlines the requirements for the development of the country.

For Example-

If there is a requirement for healthcare professionals then the immigration authorities will put up the particular about putting up health care professionals in the skilled worker or professionals list that will help the interested immigrants to understand the requirement and then apply for vacancy. Hence, different kinds of professions are suggested in such a list and the interested immigrants can apply in the suitable categories.

Previously the immigration system was flowing well but now due to the pandemic there is a huge backlog. This has become a problem not only for the authorities but also the applicants. 

Now, the immigration authorities have realised this problem and are trying all the possible ways to speed up the process. There is appointment of extra staff and also there are different types of improvements made by the authorities such as cutting short the application process etc. 

Lately, an important development has come into view. Immigration applicants for spousal, common-law, and dependent child sponsorship can now easily view their application status online. Currently, Canada has launched an online portal where spousal and child sponsorship applicants can track their immigration application online.

The tracker is available and can be operated on the government website. For the time being it is only for the people who are applying for spousal, common-law, and dependent child sponsorship. It is available to applicants as well as representatives.

IRCC brings to the notice that the online form that the tracker’s information is subject to change at any time before IRCC officers make any final decisions. It does not share the final decision, it is only showing the current status and it should not be taken as final and binding. It further says there may be some delays or differences between the actual progress of sponsorship applications and the information shown in the tracker.

This particular tracker was announced earlier this week by Immigration Minister Sean Fraser as part of an effort to modernise the Canadian immigration system. This is an effort to speed-up the process and also to help the immigrants so that they are aware about the progress in their application.  “We understand that clients want easier access to status updates on their case files,” a government media release said. “That is why we will also introduce a new Permanent Residence Application Tracker in February 2022 for spouses and dependents, to allow clients to easily access their application information and status online.”

Hence, the immigration authorities are working and finding out new ways for bringing in transparency in the process and also sharing a lead with the applicants. 

The government also wants to expand online applications to more future immigrants by the summer of the year 2022. The transition to more online application processes is with the view to minimise processing delays associated with paper applications and the pandemic.

Also, it is easier and more convenient for the applicants. The paperwork is reduced and work is being carried through the online link. 

In the release, the government wrote that its efforts to date have allowed average processing times for new spousal sponsorship applicants to return to the service standard of 12 months. This announcement itself is a big step. Now gone are those days when applicants were left clueless. 

Canada has been experiencing a backlog in immigration applications across all types of business. In December 2021, there were 54,683 spousal sponsorship applicants and 8,848 children and other family class applicants waiting for a decision.