Canada shares good news- Extends online study eligibility period for PGWP applicants

Canada is an exotic education destination for International students. Students from all over the world who prefer Canada for higher studies for undergraduate, post graduate and doctorate level courses. 

Canada Immigration 2021

International students are attracted to this wonderful country as it hosts high-class educational facilities, healthy study and local environment. The place is student friendly and the natives are open-minded and happily accept the foreign students. The courses here are skill-based and are focused on practicalities and how to work through the real job. Practical training is provided and thesis is the compulsory condition to complete the course.

Courses are specifically taught in English and French. These languages are universally accepted and it is for students to follow the courses. There is no racism and people live together in a happy and progressive environment. 

Another important aspect is that immigration authorities allow the students to learn and earn side by side. They allow students to work part-time during their semester and full-time during their semester break. This is one of the key features that students gain experience as they are studying.  

After the year 2019, during Covid-19 pandemic times the working of universities and the admission system changed. After the eventual time period when things got stable, the immigration authorities allowed the universities to carry forward their function and courses through online medium. If they do not grant permission then the students’ completion could be delayed and then their precious time would be wasted off.

So, to save their time and resources the universities committed themselves to the online medium and they started conducting sessions. Even the post-graduate courses were conducted through online sessions. The decisions have affected various policies of Canada Immigration 2021. Following the earlier decisions,  and taking it forward even now the authorities allowed the online study until August 31, 2022 toward their PGWP eligibility.

Earlier, online study was not normally eligible for the Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP), but it has changed since the pandemic conditions. It has been allowed since then. 

As per this new rule, International students can now complete their studies online even from outside Canada, and then still get a PGWP once the program is successfully completed. Canada has extended the period that international students can study online until August 31, 2022, up from December 31, 2021.

This particular measure was initially implemented in the year 2020, as part of a coronavirus-related measure that allows international students affected by the pandemic to still be eligible for the PGWP.

The Canadian government website shares that the rule applies even if you are completing two study programs. This is applicable as the programs are continued or started between March 2020 and summer 2022.

The condition also states that these study programs must be with an eligible Designated Learning Institution and meet other PGWP requirements. The shortest length of a program can be eight months. It also states that the time spent studying outside Canada after August 31, 2022, and any time spent studying before you applied for a study permit does not count while calculating  the actual length of a PGWP.

Also, the length of your study period is important for the PGWP eligibility, and also in determining the validity of PGWP. If your study program is more than eight months but less than two years, the PGWP’s validity matches the length of the study program. If it is more than two years, then you are eligible for PGWP may be up to three years in duration.

Helpful in craving path to immigration

Already having Canadian work and study experience can help positively while filing an immigration application. There are many instances where it has been found that many international students who have completed their degree in Canada and also worked have easily got permanent residency. Certain economic-class immigration pathways like Express Entry, Quebec Experience Program (PEQ), and the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) all value Canadian work experience. Some programs even require it.

The Canadian Experience Class, say, is an Express Entry, a managed program that needs one year of Canadian work experience in any skilled occupation. The PEQ, is another popular pathway for French-speaking international student graduates in Quebec. Also, the PNP opens immigration pathways for those who are not eligible for Express Entry. 

The PGWP is an open work permit, it means one can work for any employer, in any occupation in Canada. It is a one time and it cannot be renewed or extended.

However, if you do get it, you also have the opportunity to work anywhere in Canada. Then you are not restricted to one province. For these reasons, the PGWP is a highly sought-after work permit, as it opens the doors to opportunities in Canada. Till now these are the only updates as per Canada Immigration 2021. 

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