A very large number of people migrate to other foreign or developed countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and America every year. The average ratio of migrating to another foreign or developed country is increasing day by day. But most people are willing to migrate to Canada. The average ratio of migrants to Canada is the highest one. People move over there for study, work, job, travel, or business reasons. But in these times, everyone wants o to earn more and more money. Everyone wants to do work so that they can earn money and make their future secure. People are very interested in doing jobs in Canada. Some want to do a job or work over there just for passion or fondness of and there are some persons who migrate to Canada for work just because of their family reasons because they want to get rid of their family from poverty. People do many types of jobs in Canada. These days, people are highly willing to do work in Canada. For working in Canada you need a work permit Canada which makes you eligible to enter Canada and do work or job over there for a specific period of time. For a work permit, you need a work permit consultant. CWC Canada is the best Canada Work Permit Consultant in Bangalore. We help you in getting a legal work permit in Canada so you can do work over there without any problem.

What is Work Permit?

Work permit or immigration is a type of immigration service. A work permit makes you eligible to enter Canada as a worker and do work over there for a specific period of time. The specific period of time for working in Canada is the time you get to do a job or work in Canada legally. When your work permit gets over you have to come back to your home country.

Required Documents for Canada Work Permit Visa:

The Canada work permit is for temporary workers, foreign graduates from the any university of Canada, businessmen, and other persons who need to work in Canada. For getting a work permit in Canada you must meet certain requirements. There is the following eligibility criterion for the work permit:

•        A passport which is valid for more than 6 months from the planned date of arrival in Canada

•        Two recent colored passport size photograph

•        Certificates of your entire education qualification

•        Evidence of the professional qualifications and also consisting work experience

•        A proof which specifies that you have enough financial resources which are enough for covering expenses during the staying period of time in Canada

•        Your medical examination must be done from registered hospitals

•        Fee of application

How to apply for a Canadian Work Permit?

In most cases, applicants need a job offer before applying for a Canadian Work Permit. Getting a Work Permit in Canada is a two step process.

Step 1:

The first step for getting a Canadian Work Permit is to apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from Employment and Social Development Canada.

Step 2:

After issuing a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), the applicant can apply for a Work Permit in Canada.

Work Permits are employer particular unless a worker has got an open Work Permit. If a worker wants to switch his or her employer then he or she must get a new Work Permit before doing another type of job in Canada. The people who migrate to Canada on the basis of Canadian Work Permit can stay over there for a limited time period.

Role of Work Permit Consultant:

•        A Work Permit Consultant is responsible for explaining to you the entire process for getting a legal Work Permit in Canada

•        He or she helps you in the required paperwork for applying for Work Permit

•        He or she provides you information regarding the policies and rules of Canada Work Permit

•        He or she helps you in migrating to Canada in a legal way

•        He or she trained you so that you can easily clear the interview which is required for Canada Work Permit

•        He or she tells you about all the required documents and helps you in this.

•        He or she helps each candidate in the documentation process.


As there is no doubt that Canada is a developed country and there is a very large number of job opportunities in Canada that is why people are interested to migrate to Canada on the basis of Work Permit. But for this, they need an expert Canada Work Permit consultant who helps you in migrating to Canada as a worker in a legal way. CWC Canada is the best Canada Work Permit Consultant in Bangalore. We have the highest visa success rate and we are experts in our profession. We help you in the entire process so there is not any chance of mistake. Come to us, get Canadian Work Permit, and make your future secure and bright.