Hello everyone now a time every Indian moving to Canada. They thought that in Canada various types of resources which have helpful for Indians people to settle over there.

Yes, there is indeed a lot of sources in Canada to settle down abroad. In Canada, everyone has equal rights to survive over there. Canada’s government gives so many benefits to people who are living in Canada. In Canada, people live our life in our way. Every person is self-dependent. There is a lot of sources through which you can earn money. There have right either your student or businessman you should need to earn Dollars for your surviving.

The most important thing about Canada is everyone should settle within 4to5 years. Settle in this way there is no option to sit free at home for the youngster. If you doing hard work then your future in Canada will more secure.

That main reason Indian people get immigration from India. According to statistical data, there is more than 200,000 people get immigration from India. Some Indian people move to Canada with a work permit or some can move with a study visa or some can apply for PR for abroad.

For every visa, there is a process to move Canada.

work permit

Study visa


Nowadays every immigration consultant near me have these three type of visa given. Immigration consultants should know about all these types of visas.

Working in Canada like assets for your future or life. Canada gives new life to Indian people. Canada welcomes Indian people in a very respectful way. But there is a lot of rule and ethics in Canada which Indian people should know about.

Canadian culture is very different from Indian culture because Canadian culture gives equity to everyone. We appreciate Canadian culture for giving equality. EQUALITY  gives freedom to every person to live our lives in freedom way. EQuaity vanishes lower, middle-class people they just think everyone is equal. That the main reason how Canadian people rise more rather than Indian people.

work permit


WORK PERMIT visa means Indian people get an offer from Canada to get a job in Canada. Getting a work permit is not an easy task for Indian people. Getting a work permit from Canada is a process. Indian people should need to follow that process for getting a work permit.

Indians should need firstly they get knowledge about work permit visas after that should need to proceed to the next step. Because nowadays there is a lot of scams are going into work permit visa. We should need to aware of that scams. Most immigration consultants near me are fake they take money from people in the sense of work permit after they can move to another place. So people should study about work permit after that move to any consultant for the work permit.


For applying for work permit Indian people should get an offer from Canada.


 When any person from Canada should need employees for hi/her work. Firstly they should need to print advertisements in the newspaper. IT should be necessarily that new should be more than  5 papers. After that through the newspaper, the Canadian government knows about the job. they also know about the vacancy in Canada then any Indian people can be sent the offer letter to Indian people.

 Then Indians can proceed for the work permit. Than Indian people should need to follow proper procedure.

  For Indian people, there is some documentary procedure that they need to complete for the work permit.

1 Should need a relevant passport

2 Should passport validity date more than 6 months from arrivals

3Should fresh passport size photographs

4Qualification certificate

5 Identity of work experience

6 Should need to show adequate funds to the embassy

7Need of medical

8 History should crime-free

9 Fee for the work permit

A procedure which should need to follow for the work permit. For getting eligible work permit we should need to submit our proper documentation accurately.


For Indian work permit fees is near about 10000$ that should need to submit. Fees will be submitted after processing your all documents.

Then within 11 weeks of work permit, the visa will come.

The main procedure is for applying for a work permit visa.

But for all that criteria candidates should take care of all about things which means candidates should aware work permit visa. Should also need knowledge about legal criteria of work permit visa

So in this Canada will allow Indian people to work over there. The Canadian economy is very strong. Strong in this way every one doing hard work over there or doing work into shift so one can sit free in Canada. Canada is very secure for doing work. But remember Always done work with your mind.

A lot of benefit for the work permit

When you getting a work permit then there is more chances PR. Mostly Indian people trying for the work permit. Some time Indians get easily work permits from Canada.

 All should need to follow proper procedures.