Canadian Experience Class

Canadian Experience Class(CEC) Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible under Canadian Experience Class you must have at least 12 months of full-time or an equal amount in part-time skilled work experience in Canada, three years before you apply.

Work Experience

  • You must have at least one year of continuous, full-time* or equal amount of part-time* work experience within the last 3 years within Canada.
  • Any work experience gained while being a full-time student is invalid under this program. For example, co-op or internship which is part of your school program.
  • Self-employment does not count.
  • Work experience must be must be under skill type 0, A or B (skilled work) in National Occupational Classification (NOC) 2011 list, Canada.
  • You must carry and show the duties listed in the NOC category under which you are applying for and must meet the qualifying criteria for that particular NOC group.


*Full time: 30 hours per week for 1 year / 1560 hours.

**Part-time work: 15 hours per week for 2 years / 1560 hours or

30 hours per week for 1 year at more than one job (total one year full time) / 1560 hours.


There is no education requirement for the Canadian Experience Class. But, if you want to earn points for your education under Express Entry, you either need a Canadian secondary (high school)or post-secondary certificate, diploma, or a degree OR a completed foreign educational credential with an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report from an agency approved by CIC. This report should show that the foreign credential is equal to a Canadian secondary, post-secondary, diploma, degree or greater.


You must show that they meet the minimum requirements in English or French by taking the respective test approved by IRCC which shows that they meet the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) of at least seven for NOC 0 or A jobs or CLB 5 for NOC B jobs in speaking, listening, reading and writing.The test results must not be more than two years old.

Married or Common-Law

If you are married or live with a common-law partner who meets the above criteria, either of you (whoever can potentially score better points) can be the principal applicant. According to IRCC, a common-law partner is a person who has lived with you in a conjugal relationship for at least one year. Common-law partner includes both same-sex and opposite-sex couples.

Additional Requirements

Under all circumstances, in order to qualify, you must not be inadmissible to Canada by law. The above eligibility criteria is applicable for all provinces in Canada except Quebec.

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