Canada provides so many facilities and services. Consultants are legally approved and licensed so people can freely talk with us. Certified immigration consultants can’t do any spam with you. Our immigration staff has years of experience in guiding clients who want to go to Canada. CANADIAN IMMIGRATION CONSULTANTS IN COIMBATORE provides services to clients and gives up to date information about the process.

The Immigration process will be simple, easy and quick with the help of immigration consultants. Immigration consultants are qualified, trained and have deep knowledge about the whole process. Consultants provide free counseling, pre screening, free assessment and many more solutions.

Consultants help you to prepare all the documents and prepare you for departure and landing. We will help you to one step closer to your migration process.

Clients will be happier when they got to know that we provide effective service in efficient manner. We are honest and provide consultancy services. We provide services with family settlement along with all benefits.


A Visa Consultant is a person who provides you the best and right advice regarding your visa. We will suggest you a suitable type of visa and tells you which country is suitable for you as your desires. We explain to you the whole policies of every country. We are responsible and always provide you the right information about everything. We will always help you in the entire visa process. We help you in filling the visa application form accurately. We are responsible for the accuracy of the provided information on the visa application form.


A Study Visa Consultant plays an important role in your process. We will update you about your case and helps you. We will suggest you the course for your future so that you can pursue your entire life in Canada. According to your previous field we will provide you a course. We will responsible for your admission at the best university and college. 


We provide some services to clients who want to go to Canada for their better life.


We provide fast processing of your documents related and fill in all your application information. The most important thing is documentation. If there is an error in the documentation process it will lead you to rejection. To clear your errors and mistakes you can prefer us. We will help you at every stage. We understand your process and we are experienced for many years we will catch the mistake in seconds and will make your application error free.


IELTS exam is designed for those who want to pursue their life in the future and want to continue their future in Canada. With a good band score, you can achieve many things in Canada. It can help you to navigate the immigration process easily. We will help you in achieving a good score. We will help you to make your notes and study materials for your preparation. We will teach you the native language so that you have no difficulty to talking in Canada.


We will help you to build your career in Canada. We offer post landing services to all the candidates which may help you to land safely.


We will only provide real time information to you. We did not hide any information from you. We will keep inform you about the profile.


We will provide you best guidance at every step of the process. We build a good bond with clients and understand their needs. Our staff has communicative skills.


1. Nurses

2. Doctors

3. Teachers

4. Graduates

5. Social workers

6. Management professionals

7. Engineers

8. Diploma holders

9. Management professionals

The immigration consultants will provide your good future, excellent lifestyle, great work environment, wonderful work opportunities.


1. Valid passport.

2. Letter of acceptance from the university or college

3. IELTS band scores overall 6.5 with no less than 6 in each.

4. Photocopy of the documents of most recent passed education such as transcripts, backlogs and provisional degree certificates.

5. Proof of funds: You must demonstrate the purchase of a GIC from a participating Canadian institution of amount 10,000 Canadian dollars to cover your living expenses of the first year in Canada.

6. You must go through a medical examination.


Immigration consultants have to clear the doubts of clients and candidates. CANADIAN IMMIGRATION CONSULTANTS IN COIMBATORE gives many facilities and services. Consultants have to be friendly with all the applicants.