To become an immigration consultant you must evidence a proven ability with one of Canada’s official languages – English or French. Nowadays, everyone wants to be good at their job. We need more information, more education and need help to succeed and do great things. ICCRC is one of the best CERTIFIED CANADIAN IMMIGRATION CONSULTANT LIST. It is designed and authoritative by Canadian government.


1. Take an ICCRC program to build understands the policies, law and procedures in the immigration process.

2. After successfully complete your program, you must provide your personal information, you must be at least 18, be a Canadian citizen.

3. To become an immigration consultant you must evidence a proven ability with one of Canada’s official languages – English or French.

4. Pay the exam fees, prepare for your exam. You can give practice exam also.

5. Take your exam.

6. If you successfully complete your exam, all the steps will be approved. You can submit business name for approval to ICCRC. Once your approval is received, you will register the business name.

7. Errors and omission insurance.

8. Pay membership to ICCRC to become a registered consultant.


To become immigration consultants we have to be Honest, make our principles, disciplined with people.

1. Must be honest

2. Good communication skill

3. Interview skills

4. Time management skills

5. Professionally skilled

6. Listening skill

7. User- friendly

Immigration consultants are responsible for the student’s future who wants to go Canada.


ICCRC approved immigration consultant, specializes in assisting three categories of immigrants:-

Immigration based on humanitarian or compassionate reasons.


Family is sponsored by their permanent residence children who live in Canada. They can also sponsor their husband, wife or dependent member child, parents or grandparents too. With the help of Canadian immigrations we can bring our loved ones from different Canada immigrants. We are passionate about seeing our clients approved and united with their loved ones as fast as possible.

There are documents required for sponsoring the person you want there and also from the person who is sponsored needs to submit a few documents. The sponsor must agree to keep his/her relative or family member with them for a certain duration of time decided. The sponsor is required to meet some financial requirements. We can bring our loved ones like common-law partner, spouses. Or they can also enjoy in Canada.


Applications for permanent residence through economic class were included in this Express Entry immigration program:


There is nothing to confirm or deny from the fact that Canada is the hotspot for immigration for migrants. PR is nothing but a person who can live in that country even without citizenship. He or she can also do a job or a business there within the territories of Canada. If any employer in Canada hires you then you need not have a work permit visa. To follow some rules of businessman and investors it is mandatory and regulations of the country. There are separate rules to obey for skilled professionals and businessman investors.

Applicants should reside in Canada while applying for Compassionate and Humanitarian Grounds. There are completely different rules considered for such cases and also it differs from case to case. These typical grounds are complicated and must have immigration experience for the same. Being a Canadian immigration consultant’s complete knowledge and experience in these types of grounds. In nearly all these matters an immigration professional is hold up to ensure that the best interests of the applicant are being upheld. As these cases are taken very seriously, one is not supposed to apply by themselves.


Everyone wants a good job. As licensed immigration consultants we have to show right path to those students who want to go to Canada. As an immigration consultants. ICCRC needs to improve its website and provide information to students. CERTIFIED CANADIAN IMMIGRATION CONSULTANT LIST refers university or college to those students who are interested. As a good consultant ICCRC immigrants are famous and certified by the Canadian government. It also provides good visa services. Our Canadian immigration consultants perform a detailed analysis of the client’s documents.