If you have already made up your mind to settle in Canada, then Canada PR Score Calculator is the best process. it is time to line down the way how you are going to do that?

Are you going through family sponsorship. It means do you have someone from your immediate family owning a PR, who can sponsor you.

What to do-

Do you want to move on a study permit? According to it the applicant can get an admission with an educational institution and then get a study permit. You can also move through by starting up a business there and investing in Canada. 

You can also move under the skilled workers system. Here you need to share your profession and check whether you are eligible for the same. If you qualify under this category you will straight away be offered Permanent Residency. Are you wondering how is it possible? Well there are certain criterias, if you clear those, you will be offered a PR. 

Point based system-

As Canada welcomes professionals who want to work in their country and improve the quality of life. To attract more professionals the country has formulated an Express Entry System. This system helps the government to pick the best professionals from all over the world who want to settle in Canada.

This Express Entry System is a point based system, where the immigration authorities calculate the points based on several decided criteria, they pick up those who get high scores.

Why do the immigration authorities invite people with high scores?

These scores are basically predictions on how the individual will contribute to the betterment of the country. A promising candidate will get better scores. It means this individual is ideal for the country. With the skilled services, they will be able to contribute to the country’s economy. Hence, Canada is constantly searching for the people who are ready to work there and help the country to grow in a progressive manner. 

What are the factors that help to decide Canada Immigration Points? 

The immigration points are largely influenced by the score awarded based on given 6 factor-

Helpful in adjusting One Country-

Each of these above points help the authorities to determine how well a person can adjust in the country. It also helps to assess that they are bringing in an asset to the country. The better you score, the higher are your chances. The immigration authorities have allotted a set number of points for various skills. There is a maximum limit for each criteria.

Apply for Canada PR-

Once the points have been allotted and added a list is prepared of high scorers and they receive a letter from the authorities to apply for PR in Canada. This whole process may take a lot of time, so before applying it is important to have an idea about the same. One can assess the score through Canada PR Score Calculator, that will give the applicant an idea, where they actually stand. 

Points awarded for each factor-

Every criteria has its own importance in immigration process. Higher points are allotted to significant consideration and little less to the others. Let us find the maximum scores allotted to different factors. 

For Language skills – Maximum 28 points

The immigration authorities conduct a language proficiency test -IELTS to judge the language ability of the applicant. English and or French are the preferred languages in Canada. Hence, your IELTS score will determine how many points out of 28 you obtain in this category.  High proficiency will help you to get a Canadian job. The language skills are assessed in four categories namely, writing, reading, listening, and speaking.

For Education – Maximum 25 points

The immigration rules offer a maximum of 25 Canada immigration points for your education. It counts your graduation and post graduation courses.For those who have completed their studies abroad must present an  Educational Credential Assessment report 

For Experience – Maximum 15 points

Canada immigration also accounts for your work experience. One can get a maximum 15 points for this factor through Canada PR Score Calculator. The work experience at Canadian grounds will be taken into account.

For Age – Maximum 12 points

Certain points are awarded as per the applicants age. The maximum can be 12 points. The age is considered from the day your application is received.

Employment in Canada – Maximum 10 points

You can get extra points in Canada immigration if you hold a job offer of minimum 1-year form an employer in Canada. The condition is that you should  get this offer prior to submitting an application.

Adaptability – Maximum 10 points

Another important point is adaptability. The points offered points on the basis of your past study, work, or arranged job offer, and relatives in Canada. Another aspect your common-law-partner or spouse if also immigrating to Canada with you can have additional points for adaptability.