As Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continues to highlight the budget cuts made by Ontario’s Prime Minister Doug Ford as the falling federal election approaches, the federal government is providing millions of dollars for refugee claimants ‘ legal expenses. In an attempt to connect the cost-cutting Mr. Ford to his federal Conservative counterparts, the Prime Minister promised $26.8 million in funding for one-time immigration and refugee legal aid for 2019-2020, almost all that Ontario expects to flow into its legal aid scheme. Another Conservative government — Doug Ford’s government — walks away from facilities to the most vulnerable, “Mr. Trudeau told an incident at the west end of Toronto’s refugee and immigrant settlement agency headquarters.  immigration consultant Mr. Ford’s government banned all use of provincial cash in this region in April in a financing struggle with Ottawa, arguing that it was federal jurisdiction to cover the expenses of the latest steep rise in refugee claimants. The sudden move by Ontario led in attorneys and advocates for refugees warning that individuals escaping torture or other violence could end up facing refugee tribunals with no attorneys to assist them. Meanwhile, other budget reductions by Mr. Ford, including for public health, led previously this year to a fight with Toronto and other municipalities that ultimately compelled him to retreat. Federal Liberals launched a plan to try to connect the Ontario Premier with federal Conservative leader Andrew Scheer, while some federal Conservative MPs recognized the concerns of voters about Mr. Ford’s hearing.

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Mr. Trudeau said legal aid is a shared duty between the province and Ottawa, adding that Monday’s cash will support the program for only one year, leaving the debate on how it will be paid in the future. The fresh federal financing seemed to put an end to this specific Queen’s Park conflict momentarily. Ontario Attorney-General Doug Downey, however, informed journalists on Monday evening that he still did not understand whether the new cash was intended as an addition to the present $16.9-million Ottawa contribution to legal aid for immigrants and refugees in Ontario, or as a substitute. He said he was expecting a tiny part of the financing to go to other provinces as well. This one-time funding is disturbing because it creates uncertainty and is not stable, “said Mr. Downey, pointing out that Ottawa took its time to react to his province’s requirements— only to produce the money months before an election. Ontario published copies of several letters sent by the region to Mr. Trudeau and his ministers as of March, requesting another $25 million in legal assistance funddi. Mr. Downey accepted that the choice of his government to withdraw financing for refugee claimants was the use of vulnerable individuals in a match of chicken with Ottawa by Ontario: “We prioritized the fields of accountability we have as a province.” Lawyers acting for refugees welcomed the announcement made by the federal government on Monday. immigration consultant near me Canada’s complex refugee system is almost impossible to navigate without legal representation— all the more so for individuals arriving in Canada who are not traumatized, “said Raoul Boulakia, an executive member of the Ontario Refugee Lawyers Association. Charlene Theodore, Ontario Bar Association vice-president, called a crisis the latest lack of legal aid financing for refugees and immigrants and said the federal reaction was appropriate.

The report, entitled’ Recruiting Immigrant Workers: Canada 2019,’ highlights how Canada boasts 60 per cent of the greatest percentage of extremely trained foreign-born individuals across the OECD.

In the study, Canada is commended for its immigration planning, the vibrant nature of its Express Entry scheme, and its settlement and development investment. “Canada not only has the largest amount, but it also has the OECD’s most elaborate and longest-standing skilled labour migration system,” the research says. The study adds: “Canada is commonly viewed as a role model for effective leadership of migration against this background.

Canada’s Economic Immigration System

Immigration accounts for 80% of Canada’s population development. Canada is the best country in the globe to attract highly educated individuals and businessmen. The Global Skills Strategy of Canada has filled 24,000 vacancies, generated 60,000 employments for Canadians, and helped 1,100 businesses grow. On Express Entry, the federal financial immigrant selection scheme in Canada, the OECD report shows the sophisticated nature of the classification scheme compared to comparable schemes in Australia and New Zealand. “This enables for the consideration of beneficial skill relationships, such as that between language abilities and the capacity to transfer foreign abilities to the Canadian context,” tells the study. “The scheme is based on an in-depth evaluation of the drivers of prior migrants ‘ results.” The author, OECD migration expert Thomas Liebig, was on hand to formally publish the report in Toronto on Tuesday with Canada Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussein.

Liebig observed how the OECD’s biggest and most extensive financial immigration system in Canada. He also emphasized Canadians ‘ openness to immigration.”Canada is extremely responsive to fresh trends, and changes in migration policy are not only more frequent, but also more evidence-based than elsewhere,” states the study.