Immigrant Stories British Columbia

Meet Sharmarke Dubow in our #ImmigrantStories series, aimed at informing and inspiring immigrants to arrive, settle and succeed in Canada.

Sharmarke was eight years old when his mother put him and his sister on a boat fleeing strife in Somalia. They crossed the Indian Ocean by moonlight and landed at Mombasa, Kenya, where he lived in a tent and camp for five years with hundreds of others. Now he’s the city councilor in British Columbia, Canada.

“When I became a Canadian citizen, I felt I have a home, I have rights and responsibilities, It was all about me having a second chance at life, belonging to a country and being a proud Canadian. Canada gave me a safe home after 20 years of being homeless. We have a system that works, that will protect my rights regardless of my sexuality, my race, my background, and I am able to sleep and not worry about bullets coming through my wall.”

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