Express Entry System is the fastest and easiest way of getting Canada Permanent Residency

For those who are not satisfied in India and aspire to settle in a better country. Then nothing is better than settling in Canada. Canada is a progressive country that welcomes and encourages specialists and professional people.

Canada PR score calculator 

Here the people from different cultures have come together and live in harmony. The people are very tolerant about the different cultures and people. They respect each other and help each other to grow.

Currently, Canada has also emerged as a business hub, with an economically booming country. So, to be honest, Canada is a wonderful place, where there is space for everyone. Whether you are a doctor, engineer, management professional, teacher, or in any technical field. There are a good number of programs for skilled professionals and they welcome such specialists to help them in the economic development of the country.

Not only this, the country is known for its universities and high educational facilities all over the world. Students from all over the world come and take up courses in Canadian Universities. Generally, Canadian universities share courses through Internationally accepted languages that are English and French. So, it is easy for the students to understand these courses and work it out.

The education system also believes in imparting practical knowledge then academic knowledge. With this view in point students are also allowed to work on a part-time basis during their semesters and full-time during their semester break. So, the students have the freedom to earn and learn together.

This will also help them to gain practical knowledge about their course. For example, if a student is working through a hotel management course and the student is working part-time in a restaurant or a hotel then the student is learning through academics and also gaining experience in the field.  Such culture is promoted in Canada.

Also, the international students are welcomed and treated nicely in this country. There are ample accommodation facilities available for the students. Also, as Canada is a hub for different cultures the students are also able to have food of their preference. So, all in all, the country provides a great environment  to study and learn. There are a good number of students who come to study here and find the environment suitable and finally settle down here only.

Other than this there are various other ways of getting in the country. The Express Entry System is also one of the popular ways to get  permanent residency in the country. If you are wondering on what all the express entry system is based? If you are going through this system then one can opt for the Canada PR score calculator that will help to calculate how much you score you can attain out of it. Higher the points, higher the chances of being selected for the offer of permanent residency by the immigration authorities of Canada.

Now, you must be wondering how the Canada PR score calculator works? How is the CRS score calculated? What are the basis and so on? Well, CRS scores are calculated on various factors that help the immigration authorities to judge how much a person is beneficial for the country. More the CRS scores and it means it is more beneficial for the country. The scores are based on the age of a person, the younger the applicant is, the better score the other person gets because young people are an asset to the country, aging cannot be.

So, a person at the age of 25 earns higher points as compared to a person at the age of 35. Secondly, higher points are awarded for those who have earned high bands in the IELTS proficiency examination. This test is required to judge whether the aspirant understands the English language properly.

Is the person capable of reading, writing, listening and speaking the native language of the country. This is important, because if somebody is not able to understand the language then they may not be able to work in the country. So, higher the bands the better the chances.

The next criteria is a job letter by a legit Canadian employer. If the skilled professional gets a legit job offer from the country’s employer then it is almost cherry on the cake. There are extra points for the same. It ranges from an additional 50 to 200 points.

Well, the 200 points referred to the government jobs that are strictly for Canadian citizens so a normal applicant can only get a maximum of 50 points in addition to their CRS score. Still adding 50 points to the total can boost the scores. Then there are also a set of points for married and unmarried candidates.

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