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Alberta invites 374 Express Entry candidates in latest selection round

The new recruitment round of Alberta’s Express Entry welcomed 374 applicants with Comprehensive Ranking System ratings as small as 400 to qualify for a provincial permanent residence nomination. The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program has released specifics of the September 25 draw today.

The AINP is a piece of Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program that requires participate provinces and territory to select an assigned number of Economic-Class foreign applicants for permanent residency in Canada each year.

State Category of Skilled Employees, Provincial Group of Skilled Staff and Canadian Level of Knowledge.

The describe follow a September in which the AINP conducted three round of applicants through its Alberta Express Entry Program and approved applications from eight hundred fifty Express Entry candidates for a provincial nomination. The Alberta Express Entry Pipeline helps the AINP to look for qualified foreign workers with strong ties to Alberta and employed in an industry that promotes the economic development and diversification goals of the province in the federal Express Entry stream.

Candidates do not need a job offer in Alberta, but the AINP says that having one could increase the chances of being accepted by a candidate.

New Express Entry draw invites trades candidates with scores as low as 357

In a fresh Express Entry draw conducted on October 16, the Government of Canada welcomed 500 Federal Skilled Trades Group members with Advanced Rating Scores as small as 357 to qualify for permanent Canadian citizenship. The program-specific draw was the second in 2019 to recruit applicants in the Federal Professional Trade Program, which is open to foreign nationals with a qualification specifying that they are qualified to work in an official skilled trade in Canada OR have a suitable job offer in Canada, among other requirements.

The Government Skilled Trades System is one of the three highly qualified federal immigration programs run by the Express Entry process. The second two are the Federal Category of Skilled Employees and the Provincial Training Group.

The vast majority of express entry point calculator sketches contain candidates from all three classes, and today’s selection is one of the rare exceptions to this rule.

An all-program draw which provided 3,900 invitations to apply was the last Express Entry draw conducted on October 2. Considering Canada’s lower enrolment rates for its three highly skilled Federal immigration initiatives in 2019 and 2020, IRCC is expected to resume broader sketches in the coming weeks.

Under the Comprehensive Ranking Program, all qualifying Express Entry applicants earn a score based on factors such as age, schooling, skilled work experience and English or French abilities, and join the Express Entry list.

Unlike all-program invites rounds from the whole Express Entry population which appear to result in higher cut-off scores, there are restricted drawings for a particular class such as federally trained professional applicants that produce lower cut-off scores because they are aiming for a small pool of candidates.

In an all-program Express Entry game, which was 438, today’s cut-off rating of 357 is 81 points lower than this year’s lowest cut-off score.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada used the tie-break on March 4, 2019 at 20:36:42 UTC in the October 16 draw.

Today’s draw is a description of how applicants with lower CRS levels could obtain an ITA from Express Entry.

Drawing is now a study of the different ways of obtaining ITA from Express Entry to applicants with lower CRS levels. Some territorial nominating sources associated with express entry also have reduced CRS criteria relative with federal all program drawings.

In its new selection, Alberta picked applicants for Express Entry with ratings as small as 400. The Alberta Express Entry System level select candidate with CRS scores as high as three hunderd. Certain regional nominating sources associated with Express Entry do not find the CRS ranking of a nominee and instead use their own special points system. Sources of these flows each conducted drawings in the past week in Manitoba and British Columbia.

The first step is to apply an Express Entry profile to be eligible for candidacy through most Express Entry-aligned regional channels.

The below is a hypothetical example of a nominee in the October 16 Federal Skilled Trades draw who would have received an ITA:

Today’s draw is good news for exchange applicants who have not reached the cut-off for all-program express entry point calculator drawings, “said David Cohen, senior partner with Montreal’s Campbell, Cohen Canadian immigration Law Company.

“Canada’s lower expectations for this year and 2020 should likely restore bigger sketches through the final quarter of 2019.”

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