How can I improve my Comprehensive Ranking System Score?

Many people aspire to move to Canada every year. They are attracted by an amazing education system, better lifestyle than India, better job opportunities and also an advanced health care system. They want to move to have a better and fulfilling life. They feel they are lacking something here and that can be better in Canada. They are all right in their thought process. Canada is one of the most developed countries that welcomes international citizens for various reasons. 

Canada immigration point calculator

Canada as Educational Hub

Canada is an attractive educational hub with a number of high ranking international universities. Students are eager to study and explore the universities. The Canadian educational system is more professional and based on skill improvement. So, the students find it more relevant as compared to other domestic and international universities. Thousands of students all over the world attend courses with Canadian Universities. Even Indian students find it very comfortable to study in Canada. As most of the courses are taught with language options in English. This is one of the contributing factors. Also, the country allows the students to earn while they learn. The students here can work part-time during their semester and they can even work full-time in their semester break. So, they are providing them with the experience along with the education. Such a scenario is not followed in many other countries. The students are not supposed to work along with their course or in countries like India, they do not have relevant openings for the students. So, earning while you learn is a very attractive factor. As young students have zeal to work, they can utilize their free time in some important task rather than wasting their precious time here and there. 

Canada with Better Job Opportunities-

Well, Canada being a developed country offers better job opportunities to the professionals. The country has a big demand for professionals including medical practitioners, teachers, health care help providers, accountants, journalists and many more. The country values the skills of a person and relevantly helps them to get a good job and growth opportunity. The ones who are talented and dedicate themselves to their profession find a good place with Canadian companies. The country also encourages professionals to make their way out to Canada. They invite professionals from all over the world through Express Entry System. The Canada immigration point calculator helps the aspirants to understand the points they acquire during the assessment and those who get high points have higher chances of getting selected in the pool system and greater chances of being invited by the Canadian immigration authorities. Once selected in the pool system it is quite easy to get Permanent Residency and can easily settle in Canada. 

Another way is to get a job offer from a Canadian company. If somebody possesses a job letter, then the immigration authorities lower the bars and one can easily shift to Canada. So, if somebody is interested they can straightaway apply in Canada and they can get a job offer. 

How to improve CRS score?

There are a number of people who intend to shift to Canada under the express entry system, but they have limited chances due to a lower score on the Canada immigration point calculator. It is important to improve their scores otherwise there are not any good chances of being selected. 

Now, the question arises is how to improve the scores?

There are various practices through which there can be a drastic improvement in CRS scores-

Apply to PNP-

You can straightaway get 600 points from Canadian immigration for a provincial nomination. To get one you need to first send your application in the Express Entry Pool. There are many provinces that have an automated selection process based on the CRS Points or your NOC code. Out of all there are some other provinces where you can apply directly. They are Saskatchewan Nominee Program, Prince Edward Island Nominee Program and Quebec Skilled Worker Visa (outside Express Entry Program) 

Improve IELTS score –

Good IELTS score can also help you to get in quite fast. A score of 9 in the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) straightaway gets you a boost of 136 CRS points under the language test section. Hence, working on your language skills can also improve your chances. 

In case the primary applicant gets married.Then also it can bring in some extra points. Additional points are awarded for it. Also, you can make your partner a primary applicant if he/she has more chances to get a better score, but once the pool has started then you cannot change it.

Get a job Offer-

A job offer can speed up things and bring you a good additional 200 points. The basic thing is that the Labor Market Impact Assessment must recognize the job offer, then you are good to go ahead of others. 

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