The super visa is very beneficial for those people who are interested in it. The first question is that HOW TO APPLY for SUPER VISA? From the outbreak of COVID 19, to protect several Canadians, the Prime Minister has announced travel restrictions that can be in limit travel to Canada. 

Who has to apply for a Super Visa?

Those people are interested to their parents or grandparents living with them in Canada, and then the Super Visa is beneficial for them. However, they have to need to renew their status in Canada. The main difference is the Super Visa that has to allow up to two years for an individual to live for on entry in Canada; however, a multiple visa entry that has a status of the period for all entry of six months.

Who is required or eligible for a Parent or Grandparent for Super Visa?

To make eligible mainly for the super visa, the candidate may be the parents or grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents (PR). Dependants of parents or grandparents that have not required or are eligible mainly for the super visa. At the same time, they have to apply for a visitor visa known as a regular super visa. The super visa candidates may be found admissible to Canada or meet various other beneficial conditions for individuals. 

Super Visa officers have to consider various causes before deciding whether a candidate has more admissible. Super visa Officers may trust the candidate that has a genuine visitor to Canada that have to leave by selection at the end of the visit in Canada. Among other several things the super visa officer maybe considers that are the following: 

  • the overall economic or political stability of the home nation; or 
  • Invitations from Canadian hosts.
  • the person’s family status or financial situation;
  • the main reason for the visit;
  • the person’s ties to their home nation;

Parent Super Visa Requirements in Canada:

  • Finish or submit the form (to more fill outside from Canada).
  • Invitation letter from the host.
  • Parents or Grandparents citizens have to stay in Canada without renewing their status for two years. 
  • Parents financial or host financial situation that may be considered.
  • The overall economic or political that provides application.
  • Parents and Grandparents may offer financial support from their child host, and they have to meet the minimum and income of the household. (Approximately $17,000).
  • Have to Prove Canadian medical insurance for coverage (for around1 a year).
  • Need to complete medical examination eligibility or requirements.

Letter of Invitation format that should be involved:

  • Have to Complete Name or Middle Name of Parents.
  • How long do the parent and grandparent have to intend to live?
  • Complete Details of accommodation or
  • Date the parent or grandparents that have to intend to leave.
  • Parent or grandparent proper Address or their Phone Number
  • Central Relationship to the child (citizenship and permanent resident of Canada) 
  • Date of Birth and nation of Birth.
  • The main reason for the trip

What is the primary Approval Rate for taking a Super Visa?

The primary approval rate is for a Canadian Super Visa, which is around 83%. After sending the application, if the visa is approved, you have to expect the visa processing time for the super visa to get around eight weeks. So you need to keep in mind the time process of visa for it that takes to process the Super visa it may be ultimately that depends on the nation you are from. 

Why Seek Professional Immigration Help?

The Super Visa that is the primary application process may be very difficult or time-consuming, or complex. So it is more important, and if you have to consider for apply for Canadian super Visas then you have to take help of professional immigration. The main thing you have to be told is your primary application process that is rejected after months of waiting.

How we have to help You to take Your Parents or Grandparents to Canada:

We have a wide range of experience over 15 years or have helpful for thousands or thousands of individuals immigrate to Canada, or we have to be certain we are more helpful for you. 


HOW TO APPLY A SUPER VISA is the main question. It is a multiple entry visitor visas that is mainly or specifically for the parents or grandparents of Canadian citizens or PR (permanent residents). It has to allow mainly for holders to live for up to two years in Canada at a specific time without the need to renew their status. The super visas have to allow required or eligible parents or grandparents to live as temporarily in Canada. To live permanently, parents or grandparents may be sponsored for PR by their Canadian child and grandchild.

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