The PR calculator, also known as the 67 Points Calculator or the Canadian Immigration Points Calculator, is an Express Entry eligibility requirement. This tool is intended to assist applicants in determining whether they are eligible for the Express Entry Program. The 67 in the tool’s name is not a random number. To be eligible for immigration, applicants must score exactly 67 points or higher. A total of six primary criteria determine Canada’s immigration points under the Express Entry program. The six selection variables can help you figure out what you need to do to increase your score and, as a result, your chances of completing the immigration procedure.

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Continue reading this article to learn more about how PR Points Calculator assesses your prospects of becoming a Canadian resident. Each candidate is given points based on various factors such as age, education, employment history, etc. Your points are essentially a score indicating how strong your application is. Knowing your score can also assist you in determining which of the several immigration programs you are eligible to apply for. During an Express Entry draw, the public is informed of the cut-off. The Canadian government invites those who score the highest to apply (ITA) for a PR Visa. If you acquire an ITA, you will be granted a PR visa after passing specific medical and character tests. 

In 1967, Canada was one of the first countries to use a points-based immigration system. The candidate must have a decent score on the Canada PR Points calculator to be eligible for permanent residency in Canada. The Comprehensive Ranking System is another name for the Comprehensive Ranking System. The Express Admission points rank your profile in the express entry pool by assessing and scoring it. Skills, educational qualifications, language competence, work experience, and other characteristics are all included in your CRS Scoring. The Canadian immigration points for IELTS are a determining factor in your CRS Score.

You can improve your score with practice, online IELTS instruction, or a practice exam. Your IELTS platform score raises your original score to a whole new level. You must obtain 67 points to be eligible for Canadian immigration. You will be able to see your profile for Canadian immigration via the express entry program. Your expressed entry points will determine your pool ranking.


You’ve probably heard about Canadian permanent resident status if you’re an Indian citizen considering relocating to Canada. Permanent residence status, or PR, is a highly desired immigration status in Canada, particularly among Indians. Because you have permanent resident status in Canada, you have a lot of legal rights and abilities. Permanent residence gives you the legal right to live and work anywhere in Canada for as long as possible. 

You will have to go through an application process to obtain a PR visa. The applications are thoroughly examined. The immigration process in Canada is based on a point system. Immigrants can pre-determine their eligibility for the process by using a point-based system. It also streamlines and simplifies applying for a PR visa from India. Skilled immigrants who want to apply for a Canada PR Visa through the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) must achieve a minimum of 67 points out of a possible 100 for Canada Immigration. These points are given out depending on the following criteria of Canada PR points:

– Knowledge of a foreign language (Maximum 28 points)

– Education is really important (Maximum 25 points)

– Experiential Learning (Maximum 15 points)

– Age is a factor (Maximum 12 points)

– Arrangements for Work (Maximum 10 points)

– Adaptability (Maximum 10 points)


Canada’s inhabitants and residents have access to world-class medical care. It is one of the most sought-after places for persons looking for a permanent overseas residence because of its world-class free schools and highly subsidized university education, not to mention the loans and bursaries available for deserving students. Another advantage of moving to Canada is its outstanding and well-developed social assistance system, which offers a variety of courses for individuals who have lost their jobs and wish to start over in a different sector. The same also assists candidates in fast selecting and obtaining a well-paying job.


Permanent residents are entitled to free education in the Canadian public school system until they reach the age of 18. When it comes to university tuition, permanent residents pay far less than international students.

Final Note

Canada was the world’s first country to enact a Multiculturalism Act. It accepts and promotes people of all races, cultures, religions, and sexual orientations, in other words. Workplaces in Canada have one of the best work-life balance programs globally. Yes, the social advantages, healthcare, education, and good quality of life with permanent residency in Canada are always enjoyable.

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