Are you dreaming of settling in Canada? Are you looking for a better lifestyle and looking forward to moving out with your spouse? Canada has a new set of rules partnered with immigration rules under Canada’s Express Entry system.

Through this system, first of all, you will be assessed differently from the single applicants. It will not come under the express entry Canada 2019 points calculator. Your points will be calculated as a couple.

Currently, Canada’s three ongoing federal economic immigration programs for couple entry are the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Federal Skilled Trades Program, and the Canadian Experience Class.

Basically, Express Entry means fast-tracking the entry process through skilled points assessment of the applicants. The system uses a proper points-based ranking protocol known as the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). Through the CRS candidates are evaluated on the stated factors, that helps to assess the candidate’s ability to succeed in Canada. The factors include education of the applicant, language ability, and Canadian work experience and others.

Every candidate can be assessed under CRS irrespective of being single or as a couple. But there are different sets of rules for both the categories. As per a general calculator, the couples may receive fewer base points when compared to the single person, but on the other hand, they gain points from their partner.

When to be assessed as a Couple?

Under the CRS system a couple means when someone is  formally married to someone, or in a common-law union with someone this means they have  been living in a relationship with the same person for at least one year. Under these conditions two people are considered a couple.

A Single person here means someone who is not married or not living in a relationship with anyone for more than a year. When registered as single there is no scope for claiming points with others.

How to process through the Express Entry System ?

The application processed through the Express Entry involves a principal Applicant. It forms the basis for the immigration and other applications. First, the principal applicants scores are evaluated under the CRS system and then the spouse and dependent children are also included. So, when a person is applying as a couple, one of the partners can become the principal applicant. The couple can make a choice as they like it if both are eligible for at least one Express Entry program. Now, this is a very important tip as both the partners may score differently under CRS. So, the one with the higher score can become the principal applicant while the other can be included as a spouse.

Well, the couples will be assessed quite differently as compared to the single person. When a partner is added under the CRS, it deducts the number of points the Principal Applicant can add by given factors. The total deduction can be up to a total of 40 points. Well, to compensate further, the CRS then allows the Principal Applicant to earn up to 40 points through their partner’s assessment. Hence, the point-based calculation is completely different from single person to couples.

Components of CRS Score

By and large, there are a total of four considerations for a CRS score. The first two are based on single people or couples. In the case of a couple, they may claim fewer points as compared to a single person. However, they are eligible to gain points through their partner.

1) Core/Human Capital Factors: Under these factors considered are the age of the person, the language proficiency, and the educational background. As per the express entry Canada 2019 points calculator, the maximum score for category A is 460 points for couples and a high of total 500 points for the single person.

2) Spouse/Partner Factors: Under this system, the spouse is assessed on similar grounds including language, educational, and work experience points. This addition is only applicable to couples. Also, a maximum of 40 points can be added along with points of the principal applicant.

3) Skill Transferability: Here there is no different calculation for couples or singles. All are considered under the same roof. Here the factors that are considered are having Canadian work experience and a post-secondary credential. One can get maximum up to 100 points in this category.

4) Additional Points: Under this category, additional points are added to the profile for having a provincial nomination as per an enhanced Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). The points are also added if the candidate has received post-secondary education in Canada. The maximum score is 600 points as per this category.

The maximum points one can get as a single or couple is 1200 points.

We hope now you have a better idea how to apply under the couple category.