How to get immigration to Surrey B.C.?

The vogue of migrating to Canada is elevating day by day because of the comfortable lifestyle and the availability of opportunities for future in this country.  This country is luring the travelers to go and travel there because of having beautiful glance of greenery and the monuments.  Living and working in Canada not only improve your standard of living but also makes you opulent. There are many programs in which you can go the Canada and settle there. CWC is providing the best immigration consulting services in Dubai from more than a decade. We are the best for immigration consultant Surrey BC .

There are a lot of programs through which you can migrate to Surrey, British Columbia:

1. Study visa

2. Open work permit

3. Express Entry

4. BC PNP International graduate

5. Canadian Experience class

6. Spousal Sponsorship

7. Family Sponsorship

8. Federal Skilled worker

9.  Citizenship application

Student visa:  to migrate to surrey, you can choose for the student visa.

To get the study visa, you need to apply for the Canadian student visa.

Documents required for the student visa:

  1. A valid passport.
  2. Letter of acceptance from the university or college
  3. IELTS band scores overall 6.5 with no less than 6 in each.
  4. Photocopy of the documents of most recent passed education such as transcripts, backlogs and provisional degree certificates.
  5. Proof of funds: You must demonstrate the purchase of a GIC from a participating Canadian institution of amount 10,000 Canadian dollars to covers your living expenses of first year in Canada.
  6. You must go through a medical examination.

Open work permit: there are two types of work permit:

  1. Open work permit
  2. Specific work permit

Open work permit: you can apply for the open work permit under following conditions:

  1. Dependent family members of a permanent residents or citizens of Canada.
  2. Spouse or common law partners of some permanent residents or the students in Canada.
  3. Refugees, refugee claimants, protected persons and their family members,
  4. Some temporary resident holders.
  5. Some young workers participating in special programs

Employer specific work permit:  also known as the closed work permit. General requirements of this program are:

  1. You must leave the country at the end of the visa.
  2. Must not work for any worker who are not completing the business standards such as who are indulge in the sex trades or working in the erotic massage parlors, erotic dance bars and provide escorts services.
  3. Have enough funds to support you and your entire family during the stay.
  4. Must submit your police e clearance certificate.
  5. You must go through a medical examination.

   Express entry: candidates who have the promising human capital factors, qualifications, skills and experience can apply for the express entry. Express entry system is used by Immigration Refugees and citizenship Canada which manages and processes applications received through the Canada’s federal economic immigration programs. Under express entry, just in few months the individuals and their families can become new permanent residents.

BC PNP international Graduate: An International Graduate has meet the requirements for an eligible degree or diploma from a recognized post-secondary institution in British Columbia in the past two years. An application must be received by the BC PNP within two years of the date shown on the final official transcript.

The PNP program does not need that International Graduates have previous work experience.

Canadian experience class:  the candidate must have one year of paid full time work experience in a national occupational classification in type 0, A, B in Canada in the previous 3 years with the proper authorization. The NOC was developed by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) 

   Spousal Sponsorship: if you are the spouse/ common in law or the conjugal partner of the permanent or the student of the Canada you can go for the spousal sponsorship program. This is the easiest method by which you can go to Canada. The eligibility criteria for spouse visa are:

  1. Candidate should have 18 years in age
  2. Spouse of Permanent resident or student in Canada.
  3. A marriage certificate
  4. Photos of you and your partner together
  5. Communication through photos, emails or letters.
  6.  Join agreements such as bank accounts or lease agreements.


Sponsor will be responsible for three years, after he/ she become the permanent residence the spouse will not able to spouse another one for next 2 years.

Family sponsorship:  Canada is providing the Family class sponsorship program which allows the citizens or permanent residents of Canada to sponsor their family.


  1. Sponsor must be 18 or more years of old.
  2. Must be financially stable to take care of them.
  3. The candidate has to prove their relationship with the person.

Federal skilled workers: this program is designed to attract highly skilled workers and to help build businesses and grow the country

A skilled worker has one year of professional experience acquired over the ten years pursuing an occupation corresponding to the skill Type 0 or Skill Level A or B of the National Occupational Classification (NOC).

Citizenship application:  eligibility criteria for applying citizenship application:
1. Candidate must have 18 or more in age.

2. Have maintained required residency status in Canada.

3. Lived in country for the required duration of time.

4. Met income tax filling obligations

5. Having erudition of French or English.

6. Not committed any crime inside or outside of Canada.

7. Passed your citizenship test if you fall in certain age group.


Canada is emerging as one of the fastest growing country. if you have the longing to visit to Canada or study, work and settle their contact CWC Canada as we are providing our services with no fraudulent in an ethical way. We help the immigrants in the documents process and guides them the best. We are the best for immigration consultant Surrey BC. For the detailed information of any program contact the CWC.

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