Immigration to Canada has always been on a comparatively higher scale as compared to any other country in the world. Indian people are quite attracted to this country. There are a good number of Indians already settled in Canada and having a peaceful life. Generally, young students immigrate for study purposes and then ultimately get settled there.

Many professionals also enter through the express entry system and get settled with skilled professions and prove to be an asset to the country. Then some people opt for a family and settle there by making an investment. 

So, there many Indians settling in Canada making it a comfortable and favourable destination for coming times. 

Ways to move to Canada?

For those who are really eager to make a move to Canada Immigration 2021, we have various ways through which you can make an entry in the country. You need to understand the requirements of these entry systems and then look for a suitable system for yourself. Once you feel that you have discovered a proper entry system the next step is to start working for it diligently. 

Economic and Business Canada Immigration 2021

This is a bright option for professionals who have skills that support the Canadian economy. The country is always looking for professionals with the skills that enhance the economy of the country. There are a number of  programs that differ greatly in the qualifications. 

This includes various categories like-

Family Sponsorship

Another important source of immigration is through family sponsorship. Under this category the immigration is available to the family members of Canadian citizens and permanent residents. They can sponsor their immediate family members to the country. The family members include- Spouse or common-law/conjugal partner, the dependent child (adopted or biological), parents and grandparents of the Canadian citizen.

These are the close relations a Canadian citizen and call for to live with them. In some special cases, you may be eligible to sponsor other family members other than these members. In case you have no other eligible relatives to sponsor you may sponsor the following family members: Orphaned brother or sister, Orphaned nephew or niece and Orphaned grandchild. These are very specific cases. 

Humanitarian and Refugee Immigration

Canada holds a reputation and has been proved as a leader in the world for accepting new refugees and other immigrants for humanitarian and compassionate reasons with open arms. A big portion of Canada’s annual immigration target is dedicated to admissions of the refugees. They are setting an example for the world by doing this good work. 

How Much Money do you Need to Immigrate to Canada?

Funds are another important question that needs to be sorted out before application. The required amount of funds you need to immigrate to Canada depends on how you have decided to immigrate.

There are few immigration programs that do not require anything extra, just the mentioned processing fees for your application. Then there are other options that require a substantial investment in Canada. 

Below are the deails-

Economic immigration: For most economic categories the immigration requires proof that you will be able to financially support yourself  as you are settling here.The categories under the economic immigration that are not requesting the proof of settlement funds requires the applicant to have Canadian work experience or a Canadian job offer. The reason behind this idea is that these candidates who already have a job offer, do not require funds for resettlement in Canada. This is only applicable when they have already integrated into the Canadian workforce. 

Business immigration: When it comes to business immigration then almost all the types require significant investment in Canada. This may require the applicant to make an investment in a Canadian company or even require the applicant to make an interest free loan to the federal or provincial government. 

Family sponsorship: Under this category, one does not stress over the financial information to sponsor a spouse or dependent child. If you are sponsoring other family members like a parent or grandparent, then the applicant should provide with a financial requirement that will be eligible to apply. 

Humanitarian and refugee sponsorship: All those who are applying under humanitarian and compassionate grounds applications, there are no financial requirements. Only if the refugee is privately sponsored then only financial information is required under this category of immigration. The Canadian group sponsoring the refugee also must assure that they have raised sufficient funds to sponsor the resettlement of the refugee candidate. 

We hope the above information will help you to pave a way to your Canada Immigration 2021.