Are you amazed by the beautiful country known as Canada? Have you heard a lot about the high class lifestyle, better living conditions, excellent job opportunities or exceptional education system? Canada has it all. There is no one such thing missing in the amazing country. Canada is a beautiful place to live your life peacefully. It is one of the best countries for those who believe in hard work and humanity. There is always a space for the experts and hardworking people in Canada. Not only this, the Canadian government takes good care of their citizens. The country possesses an excellent health care system. They take care of their elderly people as well as share special privileges and schemes for young children. The government here holds up to their responsibility and works for the betterment of the people.

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It is not just today or recently, Canada has also been an international educational hub. Students from all over the world accept the high educational levels of the Canadian Universities. The Universities here offer unique and professional courses to the students. Their education system is highly practical and applicable in current times. Not only this, the basic and elementary school facilities are also provided by the government through the government schools. So, the primary and the secondary level education is taken care of by the government. 

To boost the importance of education, the universities and colleges also offer scholarships to the foreign as well as the citizens of the country. So, if you are considering making a shift to Canada, then you can be rest assured by the education system of the country. It is surely the best in the world. You need not worry about education. 

How to make a move to Canada?

Once you have clearly made up your mind, then is the time to act. 

It is not an easy process, it is completed through the various steps. The very first step to appear and clear the IELTS examination. One has to clear the language proficiency test or French proficiency test. Both the languages are spoken in the country. The language test ensures that the applicant will not have any kind of problem while communicating in the country. As soon as one clears the test, then the next step is to prepare the file. Then you need to visit an immigration consultant for the next step. You may run a search like expert immigration Chd and get so many options to look from. 

Now, preparing the visa file is another cumbersome and complicated process. This will happen only when you have explored the options, how to enter the country. It can be as a student, you may register as a student and you may get a student visa through the acceptance level of the university or any college. The country also provides the option to learn and earn side by side. The students are allowed to work as work-time workers as well as they can work full-time during their semester break. 

Another option can be by making an investment or starting a business in the country. Through this process, you will straightaway get Permanent Residency. This is one of the easiest and safest modes of shifting to Canada, but it requires loads of investments. So, not everyone can participate and shift through the investments. Huge investments include opening a petrol pump,or starting a new restaurant can be few options to get a permanent residency.

Then another option through which experts and professionals can shift to Canada, is through Express Entry System. Through this one has to clear the IELTS examination and then file their immigration file with the authorities. It is a point based system. These points are awarded to the applicants on the basis of their profession, age, academics, marital status etc. Then you need to try your luck through a pool system. The higher the points are, the more chances of getting accepted. Now, those who get selected through a pool are invited by the government to apply for residency. This is one of the easiest and nominal methods that can help anyone to shift to Canada. Most of all it is a time consuming process. The draw system may take a lot of time. There are chances that you may not get selected in one draw then you have to wait for the next one. 

So, if you have decided to move you have to hold tight. It is not an easy or quick process. The people spend years waiting for their turns. 

How to prepare the immigration file?

After clearing the IELTS examination, you should look for a consultant to guide you. Say you are in Chandigarh then you should look for an expert immigration chd and you may get a good number of options to pick from. Always go to an expert.