Moving abroad is a big decision. A number of people want to move out from their current country to other countries. There could be many reasons for the same. Some want to opt for higher studies, others move for temporary work purposes while some just want to settle there. There are many alluring countries with high standards of living and work. UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia etc are some of the famous countries. 

Canada is an exceptionally bright option. This country hosts a high quality educational system and a good number of business opportunities. The country is well-equipped with health care facilities and can make a comfortable destination. 

If you are eager to explore another country for your future, then consider Canada. Are you worried about how to shift? What are the criteria’s of moving to Canada? Who can move to Canada? We have got you. We are here with top genuine ways to shift to Canada by Canada immigration points calculator


Canada offers different ways to enter Canada. Express entry is one of the popular, quickest and genuine ways to  do so. Under this system the immigration authorities manage PR applications under basic three programs:

This is a point-based grading system. There are important criteria listed and points are allotted according to the significance. These areas include language, education, work experience, age, job offer, and adaptability. Every applicant is accessed under the system and status is calculated with the Canada Immigration points calculator. These are calculated as per Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

Applicants score

Those applicants who score equal or more than cut-off points receive an invitation to application (ITA) under immigration programs. If the applicant already has a  job offer then it helps in increasing points and hence chances of invitation. 

The Provincial governments also pick up from express entry under the required categories. This also helps to increase points. You can use the Canada Immigration Points calculator to check your expected score. 

How to apply?

To apply under this category you have to create an Express Entry profile along with following documents-

Once you have gathered all these documents, you are eligible to file an application. Double check all the documents before the submission. In case of any discrepancy there are chances of refusal.

Final Step-

Once your Express entry profile is accepted and you will be admitted to the pool of candidates. Then who will be ranked under the point-based system. Invitations will be sent to the profiles with high points. The successful applicants will be given 90 days to apply for their permanent residency.

2. Provincial Nominee Program 

This is a program for the candidates who are interested in moving to a particular province. Under this program the applicant must have required skills or academic degree and work experience that will prove helpful for the economy of that specific province. Some provinces have their own programs so that they may gain a number of particular workers or students. 

Under this you can apply through paper-based or online processes through Express Entry and under provincial nomination under the non-Express Entry stream.

3. Family Sponsorship

This is a sponsorship program for family members of the PR holders. As per this system a person can sponsor their family members. The sponsor can be someone who is of 18 years and above, a Canadian citizen or permanent resident or registered in Canada as an Indian under the Canadian Indian Act.

The following family members are eligible-

Through this sponsorship system families can get together and stay at one place. 


This is another immigrantion program who are eager to shift to Canada and start or invest in the country with their own business idea. The applicant can move under this visa on a work permit and then apply for a PR visa. The important thing is that the work permit should be supported by Canada-based investors.

The Eligibility of the applicant-

 A qualifying business

Commitment Certificate and Letter of Support from a designated entity showing that business has support

Proficiency in language (English or French)

Sufficient funds for settling in Canada

Once you have submitted all the above documents then you can move further with your application.


If somebody is interested in pursuing their higher studies then they can apply for a study permit. This is a document that allows international students to study in Canada. Under this the student must hold an acceptance by the educational institution or university. Along with it, the student should have cleared the language proficiency test. Once the basic formalities are fulfilled they can apply for a study visa.