To hire a temporary foreign worker, most of the Canadian work permits require a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), also known as Labor Market Opinion (LMO). Most of the job profiles need an LMIA to get the work permit in Canada. To get your work visa hassle free, consult with the CWC who is providing consultation in getting work visa to Canada.

Work permit Canada LMIA:

LMIA Labor Market Impact Assessment is a document issued by the ESDC Employment and Social Development Canada which states that the foreign worker has not any negative impact on the labor market in Canada. To hire an employee from foreign country, employer need to provide a number of information including the number of Canadian employees applied for the job, number of Canadians interviewed for position and full explanations for why the Canadian workers were not hired.

 LMIA Based work permits:

In order to receive a Canadian work permit, foreign workers and employers must go through a two-step process. First of all the candidate should submit an application to ESDC for a Labor market Impact Assessment. After that second application  is submitted to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) for the actual work permit. Once considering numerous protecting marketplace factors, authorizes the Canadian leader to hire a foreign employee a LMIA is issued by ESDC. In June 2014, for all low- wage occupations it was announced that work permits for foreign workers who require a LMIA will only be granted for a period of one year.

How much time it will take to obtain a Labor Market Impact Assessment?

For certain LMIA applications, ESDC has committed to 10 business days service standard. The 10 day processing will only be available for applications related to jobs that are high in demand such as skilled trades, jobs offering salaries in the top 10 percent of remuneration earned by Canadians in that province or territory, and for jobs with a short duration period of work which is less than 120 days. ESDC offices are ESDC offices exist in every Canadian province and are responsible for processing LMIA applications.

Requirements of LMIA Application:

LMIA applications are submitted by both ways offline as well as online in hard copy or by mail, to the appropriate Service Canada Processing Centre. Applications must include evidence that the subsequent criteria have been met:

Processing Fee:  1000 CAD $ processing fee is charged from all the applications of LMIA which will not be refunded even if the result is negative. Some applicants under the LMIAs for in-home caregivers may be exempt from this fee.

Business Legitimacy Documents: Documents stating that the employer’s status as a legitimate Canadian business. They are not providing the services that are not finishing the business standards like they’re not engaged in sex and escort’s services like strip clubs, titillating massage parlors or clubs.

Transition Plan: Employers should submit an idea for the way they shall address the necessity to hire foreign nationals. At the end, rather than temporary foreign workers employers are expected to hire Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

Recruitment Efforts: before hiring a foreign employee, Employers should submit documents that they created substantial efforts to recruit Canadian citizens and permanent residents to fill the position.

Salaries: Temporary foreign staff is entitled to constant standards of geographical point health and safety as Canadians within the same position. This will differentiate the higher positions from lower positions and ensure that Temporary foreign workers are paid the same amount for labor as their Canadian equals.

Workplace Safety: Temporary foreign workers are entitled to the constant standards of workplace health and safety as Canadians within the same position. For this reason, employers must provide proofs that Temporary foreign workers will be covered by insurance which is at minimum equivalent to the health coverage offered by the province or territory where the business is placed.

Low-Wage Workers

Employers submitting LMIA applications for low-wage positions, should additionally address the subsequent these requirements:
Cap on TFWs: if you are recruiting temporary foreign worker and providing them a wage that is below the provincial or territorial median hourly wage, you are subject to a cap on the proportion of temporary foreign staff that you simply, as an leader, will hire in low-wage positions at a selected work location.
Transportation: Employers should offer low-wage staff with adequate transportation to and from Canada. This transportation is provided at the employer’s expenditure.

Housing: Low-wage staff should be supplied with adequate housing for the period of their employment in Canada.


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