Many students aspire to study in Canada. It is because Canada is a beautiful country with a cosmopolitan environment. People here are friendly and adaptive. 

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Students from all over the world are attracted to the world-class universities and higher standards of education. There are a number of courses in variant streams. Students can easily identify their interest and work on the suitable course and academics. There are a good number of universities offering a number of courses, internships and academics. 

Moving to a new country is altogether a different experience for the students. This is the time they leave their parents and go out and have a taste of the real world. It is not easy to come out from your place and make their own. So, we understand the dilemma of the students and here is a guide that will help students to settle down in the new country. 

Once a student has made up their mind, they need to start the process and work out from the application process, which college or university to opt for? then how to get a study permit and fulfil other criterias to shift to another country. We have brought you certain answers that will help international students to settle well and have a good time while studying in Canada.

Study permit-

The first thing every student thinks about is how to get a study permit? To apply for a study permit, the student requires a letter of acceptance from a learning institution or university. For this one may look for an expert consultant. Say you are in Chandigarh, then you need to look for an expert immigration Chd, who can guide the students about the best colleges and courses.

Once the student selects the course then the student needs to get approved for a study permit in Canada. For this they have to show proof that they have sufficient funds to support themselves while in the country. It is  at least $10,000 on top of the tuition. There should be proof of funds with a Canadian bank account in your name, a guaranteed investment certificate, proof of a student loan, bank statements, a letter from a person giving you money, or proof of funding through a scholarship.

Once this issue is solved then the students can clear the IELTS examination and then forward an application after that to a suitable college, institution or university.

COVID travel restrictions

The students who are travelling to Canada will need a valid study permit (or letter of introduction showing your study permit approval), and then they must be attending a designated learning institution with an approved COVID-19 readiness plan.

Even the fully vaccinated people might still need to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival. With COVID travel restrictions constantly changing, it is  best to check the government of Canada’s COVID travel page specifically for students and foreign workers before you leave your home country.

How can one find a place to stay?

Most of the schools will offer residence or hostels to international students. For some students their immigartion consultants may arrange accommodation for a few days. Say, there are few consultants who say expert immigration Chd may arrange the accommodations for some days, so that they can settle easily.

If a student does not have any type of arrangement or school doesn’t have housing then one can ask your school’s international student office where apartments or rooms to rent are usually advertised in the city you’re moving to.

There are few things to keep in mind. Before you sign a lease, read through the renter’s guide for information on the process of renting in Canada and what to look for in a lease agreement. In Canada there are few independent hostels or accommodations specifically for students. It is not very difficult to find an apartment in Canada.

What’s banking like in Canada?

Banking can be different in Canada as compared to the home country of the student, but it’s fairly easy to get started. There are banks including Scotiabank that offer accounts designed for international students and friendly branch staff who will help get your account set up. The student needs to open an account with the study permit or temporary visa, a piece of government photo ID, and proof of school enrollment. They can start with the banking process and can easily begin their transactions.

Work in Canada-

Yes! Students can work in Canada, the students can work through a part-time job during their semester and a full-time job during their semester break. The students can opt for an internship in their own field or respective discipline or they can work to gain experience. So, all in all it is great being a student in Canada.