Canada is a country that welcomes progressive immigrants with open hands. It is because it is one of the largest countries in the world and they are looking to grow, expand and maintain their population. The country is a paradise where human resources are valued the most. They understand the real worth of human resources and also believe in keeping them happy and giving benefits to the citizens of the country.

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First of all the country works with environmentally responsible behavior. The country is clean and green and shares a healthy environment with its citizens. Though the big cities suffer from problems including pollution, all in all, the pollution is quite low as compared to the other countries. Secondly, it is a beautiful place that shares scenic beauty and it is maintained well by the tourism authorities of Canada. 

The next benefit is a strong healthcare system, Canada has a strong healthcare system that functions well. People are aware of the various health issues and respond to keep themselves better. There is special care for older people with well-qualified and professional healthcare workers.

So, being in Canada means having good medical facilities. All the citizens are insured with at least basic healthcare plans in the country. 

Well, another strong point is safety and security. Canada is known for its safety and security in the country. The law and order are followed without any favoritism and discretion.

So, if you are in Canada then you will be heard against injustice. If you are going as a student, or as a tourist, even if you are alone then you need not worry. The authorities respect other nationals and also take care of them. Also, the country supports a friendly atmosphere that welcomes tourists, students, and immigrants from all over the world. 

The strong education system is another positive point of staying in Canada. Canada hosts world-class universities with beautiful and well-equipped campuses. It is also an international students hub. A home to various amazing universities that offers a number of courses that are not available easily in other parts of the world. The education system is run by well-qualified faculty that make students of tomorrow better professionals and leaders.

Also, all the students in Canada can learn and earn together. Yes! They are allowed to work part-time during their semester and full-time during their semester break. So, along with the studies they are preparing students to work professionally. 

Well, having so many reasons to shift to Canada, who would not like a better lifestyle as compared to what they are living in now. Everyone wants to improve their lives. 

Canadian authorities have many programs running that encourage the immigrants to get permanent residency and if they fulfill further criteria then they are also given citizenship of the country. 

So, if you are an aspirant then you may take a close look at the number of immigration programs and then one can figure out which is better and how they can shift to Canada. 

Well, some of the important programs include Express Entry System, under this program, young professionals are welcomed through the pool system. As per this system, the applicants are granted scores calculated through the CRS score calculator that determine according to their age, profession, culture, IELTS score, and so on. The higher a CRS score calculator shares the score of the applicant the higher they have chances of being selected in the pool and getting a call of invitation by the authorities.

Here the authorities are very particular about certain professionals including medical professionals, teachers, and accountants who are required for the growth and progress of the country. These professionals make sure there is no crunch of required experts in the country. This is one way of entering the country. Another option is an investment visa. This means the country will offer the immigrants permanent residency through the investment in a venture. This would help the country to promote its economy.

So, this option can work for people with the family, so that they can move out together. This can also be suitable for people who are above 40 years of age as they may not have a good CRS score due to their age. So, if they are looking for an opportunity to shift they may opt for an investment visa. It is a very progressive kind of offer for those who have money to invest. Once made an investment can turn out to be very fruitful in the future. 

So, if you are interested in shifting to Canada, there are a number of programs, but you need to find a very suitable one that will help you to shift hassle-free.