CLB means Canadian language benchmarks. Many of CANADA’S IMMIGRATION PROGRAMS needs candidate to evidence a certain level of mastery in one or more Canada’s languages- English and French. Immigrants who are able to communicate in one official language find a job easily. Officials will request scores from an accepted language test. Two approved languages are French and English. For Canadian citizenship you can also submit IELTS results. IELTS TO CLB CONVERTER is very beneficial for them. To achieve 7 CLB points you need to score 6 in IELTS in all modules.


Thousands of people immigrant to new country every year. The main reason that the Canadian government let this IELTS test play a major role is only a thought that language skill and people’s intelligence to combine into any community and at the workplace go hand in hand.

Whatever the test, Canada has its own system to systematize language test results and the benchmarks are known as CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark).


If you want to study in Canada then you might need to have a higher level of language ability. Some of the top universities in Canada required IELTS score is different to the citizenship requirements. Some universities, of Canada ask for a CLB of 9 or 10.  The average IELTS test score of 8 – with no skill below IELTS 7. Eventually it is therefore suitable to check directly with the organization in Canada to which you are applying for.

For good position you have to score good in IELTS. Educational institutions can set their own language requirements for candidate. They need to score best IELTS score so they can get good score converter to CLB.


There are four modules;

One is Reading

Second is Writing

Third is Listening

Forth is speaking


With knowledge of English and with strategies we can reach to our goal. We can easily get PR in Canada by knowing two important languages French and English. The person may need to achieve good score in CLB. We have to know about grammatical, textual knowledge, functional knowledge, and strategic ability.


Each skill is presented in two pages. Each benchmark includes a profile of ability, sample tasks, features of communication.


The profile ability gives an overall picture of person’s language ability. It includes overall statement of ability, feature of communication; characteristics are typically display at the benchmark in language skill.


Interacting with others (all skills)

Comprehending Instructions (Reading and Listening)

 Giving Instructions (Speaking)

Getting Things done (all skills)

 Comprehending Information (Reading and Listening)

Sharing Information (Speaking and Writing)

 Reproducing Information (Writing)


To apply for PR through Express Entry, you need to have a minimum language proficiency of CLB 7, which is a minimum score of 6.0 for each section. For each program, there are different language skill requirements. Your language skills are evaluated through 4 subcategories- listening, reading, writing, and speaking. The points you earn are awarded according to CLB Level (Canadian Language Benchmark).If you score good band in IELTS then you applying for Canada pr very easily.


The Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) are the national standards used in Canada for describing, measuring and recognizing the English-language ability of adult immigrants and approaching immigrants for living and working in Canada. English and French languages both are compulsory in CLB.


Your band score in IELTS are converted into CLB. If you score 6 bands in each module in IELTS then it will be converted in to CLB in 7 bands. CLB is better than IELTS. Because it increases your band score CLB score is measured on a scale of 1 to 12 points. Want to live in Canada for work or live in Canada.


There are 12 benchmarks and they are organized into three stages. Each stage is associated with a degree of difficulty and demand. If you scored 5.5’s in IELTS then you would achieve a CLB of 6. So a rough rule is that the IELTS score is usually 1 or 2 points below the CLB level. Thankfully there are also many online sites available which can help you to convert your IELTS test score to CLB points. You can easily go to Canada with good CLB score. IELTS TO CLB CONVERTER is more interested to go to Canada with very good score. Therefore, you will become a permanent resident. Canada has its own system for describing language proficiency according to Canadian standards. Canada ranks English language proficiency according to Canadian Language Benchmarks or CLBs. There are 12 CLBs.