IT shows that people from India get immigrants to Canada. Or means while we can also say that Canada welcomes Indians for permanent residency. People can leave our country or move to another country and settle over there.

If any Indians will plan to move to another country so it should be very necessarily you should know each and everything about that country. Nowadays it becomes a trend to move to another country for settlement or our carrier or future.

Nowadays people thoughts processing going into a very forward way or we can say that everyone wants a luxury life or say a wealthy life. Now life becomes very difficult because now a lot of competitors with us or everyone should want a ranking position in the world. For that, it should need to work hard but in a smart way. IF we work with smartness then we always win the race from another country also.

If I talk about china & japan. This Country GDP growth is very less than in another country even then India also. But they work smart also do hard work. China gives us a lot of inventions or a lot of technology through which we can do our work easily. According to us more Indians people get immigration consultants or leave our country because they also found more resources moreover their.


Now days mostly people went to Canada for a work permit or permanent residency. People also move to another country like AMERICA,NEWZEALAND, UK. First of all, I should talk about ON CANADA  immigration to Canada or another country not very easy. Canadian embassy also looks into your language score or more over your history or work experience. Moving to another country is a very big decision in our life. Because we spent all of our investment in moving to another country and then we thought we can do hard work over there or can earn money into dollars Or I should cover all the expenses which were I spent on moving to another country.

canada immigration

The Canadian embassy is a hard and fast role for welcoming to their country .they also want crime-free history from Indians or they also check your bank history. Moving to Canada is not a very task for any person. This rule is not for one country Except India all country have own procedure welcome another country people.

 Get immigration to another country also give some bad or positive effects on the countries. It gives an effect on our economy. The effect in this way when money gets transfer to another country so it gives recession to that country from which birthplace you are moving. Mostly Bad or negative effect is showing nowadays.people get a move to another country also mean like brain drain. Brain drain we can also say that our knowledge shifted to another city or country.

Positive effect to get immigrants to Canada or another country that population growth gets less. More opportunities get arise for a new generation. If older generation get immigration consultants to another country so there is a lot of benefits may be given to new once


So now talk about important immigration thing for Canada

There is no hard and fasts rule to move Canada in a very easy way. You should need to express ourselves in a very good way in front of the embassy.

You should need to create your bio-data or documents in a very proper manner or should follow proper procedure for moving in an expressway.



Every foreign country has own rules and regulation. Or every foreign country has very strict to own rules and regulations. If I talk about Canada rules then there a lot of rules should come Like

1 Canada says that equality first. There is no gender or religion Everyone has their right.

2 It believes in lives

3 IN Canada have the right to stand up In your life in your ways.

4 In Canada when you at the age of 14 it’s your responsibility how to earn or live your life


Nowadays a foreign country has a different type of culture. Different types of culture that why Indians or other countries people moving. So there is a different type of culture that has come.

Life of Canadians

There are 1\5 of candian people who are Canadian or most of the peoples comes from another country. Life in Canada is very tough. Once  Indians have felt very difficult to survive over their but slowly and gradually they are used to the lifestyle of a foreign country.

But surviving in a foreign country also says that assets for us surviving in foreign give a lot of benefits to our life.