Moving to Canada is not really easy. It is one of the most developed and beautiful countries in the world. The country hosts world-class education, hygienic living conditions, high standards of living, professional opportunities and peaceful environment.

Faculties provide by Government-

Shifting and living here is a privilege with so many governmental facilities for kids as well as elders. Canada values all its resources and most of all human resources. The government helps their citizens in each and every possible way by providing them with well-developed government schools, proper medical care facilities and also providing employment. This country has one of the lowest unemployment rates. So, if somebody wants to work they can easily get a job with proper skills. 

So, if you are planning to move to Canada, this is one of the best decisions you are making. The country has it all, from job opportunities to tourist places to high-quality education facilities to proper medical care. What else would one want for a healthy and amazing life?

How to make a shift to Canada?

Well, there are different ways to shift to Canada. Firstly, the young aspirants can pursue their studies and enter through student visa. If you possess a student then the person is allowed to work part-time and in the semester breaks for full-time.

Later, after completing the course, if the student happens to secure a job and an offer letter then the visa might convert to a post-work visa and the student can continue to stay in Canada and work. This option is relevant for young students only. It is not applicable to already working professionals.

Another opportunity is to settle through making an investment in Canada. Through this method one can straightaway get Permanent Residency (PR). One does not have to wait much. All the aspirant needs to do is invest in through self-financed business in the country and they are good to go. Under this system, the aspirant should have sufficient funds so that they can make an eligible investment in the country. Canada welcomes such foreign investments. 

The third way is to enter through the express entry system. It is a point based system where in Canada immigration invites the aspirants from a pool through the draw. This system operates through an online application by the applicant system. Every applicant is allotted points based on various factors including their profession, age, language know-how, and their profession. Points are calculated through the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

Under this system all the applications are added into the pool  and the points are calculated. The higher points ensure higher chances of being chosen. So, the immigration authorities conducted a draw. The ones with the higher points when selected receive an invitation for permanent residency in the country. There is a stimulated time to respond to it. 

 After every draw the authorities issue a new express entry draw date gathering the candidates for the next pool. This is an amazing system wherein the government invites foreign citizens to come, work and stay in their country. This may take some time or may be months and years. 

One can also go through a job offer. If an employer offers to work with a froeign citizen then also, there is a chance to get a work permit. An authorised company may offer a job to the foreign citizen and thereby the aspirant may easily get a work permit on the basis of that job offer. 

So, here were some quick ways to move to Canada. 

Important points to Remember when applying under Express Entry System

We hope we have helped you understand the process in a better way. We wish you all the best!