With the pandemic still hanging as a threatening bell, Canada is looking forward to completing its professional requirements through various resources. Due to the pandemic, Canada has faced a huge backlog which has shaken the economy of the country. They need to fill the vacant situations to bring the economic development back to the track. 

Canada visa services

Earlier, due to the travel restrictions not many sources were available to Canada to complete their immigration targets, but now as the restrictions have been uplifted and the guidelines have been relaxed, the Canadian Immigration is working hard to sort the things and control the insufficiency the country is facing. 

It has been observed that Canada has increased giving Post-Graduation Work Permit to the students who have recently completed their Post-Graduate courses and applied for the same. 

There are visible statistics sharing how the increased number of international Postgraduate students are working through the Canadian labour market by Post-Graduation Work Permit. Currently, the number increased has Post-Graduation Work Permit by manifold. 

What is a Post-Graduation Work Permit?-

Well, the  Post-Graduation Work Permit is the permit extended to the eligible international graduates allowing them to work anywhere in Canada for up to next three years. This acceptance depends on the length of their study program and the content about the same. If a student is working on a course that will help them to work and be beneficial for the country’s business, then the student might get this visa and they can start their career in Canada.

Benefits of studying in Canada

Well, as we know, Canada is an educational hub and attracts thousands of students every year. The country hosts high-quality education institutes and shares exclusive infrastructure and other facilities for their students. As the students finish their courses, it is up to them to return back to their country or stay and opt to work out in Canada itself. The students with a Canadian educational degree and the work experience during their course and also after working through Post-Graduation Work Permit, can get an easy chance to apply to a number of Canada’s economic-class immigration programs. Through which they can settle in the country.

Though, Post-Graduation Work Permit is not extended in any condition nor it is renewable, and it will be issued only once. For more information one can get better knowledge through Canada Visa services. 

Post-Graduation Work Permit

The recent studies proves that the number of Post-Graduation Work Permit statistics has grown as high as 13 times as compared to the year 2008. Moreover, another report suggests that the  Nearly Post-Graduation Work Permit workers are converting into permanent residents in almost five years. The work permits act as an additional factor for those immigrants who want to settle in Canada. They have an advantage of studying in Canada and also being able to work for the next three years.

Settling down in Canada

So, they can make a decision during that part of time. There is also a chance that they might get additional points when applying under various programs.

Well, generally, it is thought that those who apply for  Post-Graduation Work Permit are more interested in settling down in Canada as compared to those who are not applying for the same. 

So, those who are studying in Canada can think about a post work visa so that they have enough time to understand the working scenario and also they can decide that if given a chance they can settle in the country or not. This is very important for their future and personal goals. 

It has been observed that the citizens of two countries are most interested in Post-Graduation Work Permit, they generally belong to India and China. This is because the immigrants have a nudge to settle in Canada and they apply for further extension for better understanding. 

How Post-Graduation Work Permit Started?

It was initiated back in the year 2003 with an idea for a few provinces and looking at the success of the program was applied in whole in the year 2005. In the year 2008, fresh graduates were given visas allowing them to work for three years. Another extension was introduced in the year 2014, sharing that the students waiting for Post-Graduation Work Permit can work in the country till the final approval comes. This program helped to make the settlements easier in Canada. Especially for the students who have studied and now decided to stay in Canada. 

What is the eligibility for Post-Graduation Work Permit?

The students who have recently graduated through a full-time program of eight months and more from a recognized Canadian Designated Learning Institution can apply for the permit. To know more about the same, the interested can consult Canada Visa Services and work out the details related to the same.