The Department of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has been actively working to fast-track the immigration solutions to the various immigration plans. There has been a big backlog due to various problems faced during the last couple of years due to pandemics. The whole immigration scenario has been disturbed, it initially started in the year 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic broke out and the whole world was restricted to its own space. There was no or limited international movement and whole immigration plans were all standstill.

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All the applications were frozen till the next options were offered. After that in 2021, the immigration process began but it was only through some programs and permanent residency was opened under those programs where the immigrants were temporarily living in Canada or for the students who have applied before the pandemic and cleared the IELTS examination. Rest the express entry system, the family visas are not in operation to date.

Currently, it is open for students who are eager to start the courses. They are ready to help migration consultants who can guide the students and help them to understand the current scenario. They are experts and they know how to file an application and further move even in these strict times. 

Well, only the student visas are open and limited programs are helping to clear up the immigration backlog of the country. Other programs such as spouse visas, family programs, Parents and Grandparents programs are still resting with decisions to be made as to what to do and when to start? An announcement was made on March 14 by IRCC sharing that decisions are still pending on Parents and Grandparents programs. The dates are not yet finalized when it will open.

Levels Plan developed-

As per the current Immigration, Levels Plan developed for the years 2022 to 2024, the Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada is working to offer the Permanent Residency to 25,000 immigrants in the Parents and Grandparents Program in the year 2022, followed by the increased number of 28,500 immigrants in the year 2023, and the highest 32,000 immigrants in 2024. Well, this is a late declaration by the authorities this year. Otherwise, such plans were already released in January by the authorities during pre-Covid times. But in Covid times the scenario has been changed due to the difficulty they are facing now. 

It is important to note that the Parents and Grandparents Program is one of Canada’s most successful immigration programs. It is the way they value the parents and grandparents of their immigrants who have been working here for years and now settled in Canada.  

Also, it has been one of the favorite programs among the citizens. In the year 2020, IRCC will have got around 200,000 submissions under this program. The applications are submitted by the citizens and the permanent residents who share the wish to sponsor their parents and grandparents to the country. 

Popular Program-

It is a very popular program and generally, the number of applications exceeds the number of immigrants allowed. So, the spots are filled by the lottery system and the chosen immigrants are welcomed. The lottery system operates through the selection of sponsors and then they are asked to submit the permanent residence sponsorship applications to IRCC. When the Parents and Grandparents Program is opened up then IRCC requires looks for the sponsors who fulfill their eligibility.

So, it is important that before filing the application it should be checked by ready to help migration consultants.


Apply a Super Visa-

One can email to IRCC encouraging sponsors and applying for a Super Visa. Now, the grant of this visa helps the parents and grandparents to enter Canada as a visitor or tourists for the initial two years. Then the visa can be renewed many times in the period of 10 years.

IRCC accepts such applications throughout the year and also there are no restrictions on the same. This visa is a better option for those immigrants or citizens who want to bring their parents and grandparents to Canada. It is allowed for the sponsors to apply for permanent residence under the Parents and Grandparents Program after they have got a Super Visa.