IRCC still evaluating to start Express Entry resuming FSWP and CEC

Shifting to Canada has become a complicated process during pandemic times. There has been a backlog during the pandemic times due to the traveling restrictions across the world. So, the government is working to overcome the backlog by mixing and matching the various already going programs. They have started new programs also so that they offer citizenship to already staying members in the country and so that they can legally settle in the country and start their own work or job.

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Currently, they have stopped through the express entry system as it is a very tedious process to clear the backlogs and hold draws in relation to the same process. Rather, there has been no final decision made as to when it will start again.

As per the reports, a fresh circular has been stated by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) clearly produces that the authorities have still not decided about the Express Entry plans when will it begin, it is still in talks about how to manage it further, it is assumed that it may again restart in the last months of 2022 but still there is no sure and short answer from the authorities. As per the authorities, it is still in talks about what to do about the changes in the memo produced by the authorities. 

There are other immigration decisions taken in the new memo. It states that the Invitation to share applications for Federal Skilled Worker Program along with the Canadian Experience Class and other Federal Skilled Trades Program will restart in the last quarter of the year 2022. Not only this, but the decision also states that there is a  temporary extension on the invitations under the programs including  FSWP, CEC, and FSTP. The extension will work till March 31st, along with invitations under the Provincial Nominee Program. This temporary stop will help the authorities to complete and settle the previous issues and applications so that they can further handle the new and fresh applications. They will settle priorities first and then the authorities will move further immigration programs. 

The memo also states that the Deputy Minister, the highest authority in the immigration department will surely come up with an organized plan stating how and when the Express Entry System will start. Well, the assessment of the Canada PR score Calculator is also a halt for now. Through the next memo in April, there will be a detailed description of the number of immigrants allowed in the coming years 2022 to the year 2024. The authorities will define the immigration programs and plans for the coming two years and also share how they will be formalized.

A step-by-step process will be explained here. Express Entry System is one of the important programs related to foreign immigration. Under this system Canada allows professional immigrants to apply for permanent residency and then there is a draw from the pool of applicants. Those applicants and professionals who have scored higher points while calculating scores through Canada PR Score Calculator. This system has been successfully going since the year 2020 February, but as the pandemic struck the whole system got disorganized and the overall traveling was halted and the country was figuring out how to fight the pandemic.

Now, with the help of vaccinations and other precautions, the pandemic conditions are a little stable, now the immigration authorities are working hard to find out ways to cover the backlog of applications that have been created during these two years. It is estimated that Canada is clearly working to fix the situation. 

Due to this situation, the country’s economy is suffering hard and they need professionals to cope with the vacancies in the country. Now, immigration is working to clear the backlogs of the people who are already in Canada, though on a temporary basis. Now, if they want to convert their stay to permanent citizenship then they can easily apply through the various programs and can get their applications cleared. Well, this is the current way the immigration services are operating in Canada. 

Currently, the authorities have stopped the most important sources through which the immigrants can get permanent residency and shift to Canada. People all over the world are waiting for it to open up. The pandemic has affected the plans of thousands of people around the world, who were looking to apply for immigration. It is believed and also referred to by the authorities that the Express Entry System will again start almost in six months’ time and they will work on the backlog entries and also work through the new entries. Though it has been assured still there is no definite announcement regarding the same. 

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