Immigration consultants in Dubai for Canada are experts who help you move to a different country. Based on their individual experiences, they can also offer legal and other assistance. You will always receive help with the required documents and be guided through the full process by a qualified immigration counsellor.

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Canada immigration consultants in Dubai

In the entire world, Canada offers the best wages and working conditions. Canadian immigration consultants in Dubai – The Canadian passport is regarded as one of the most reliable in the entire globe. Businesspeople and wealthy people apply for immigration to Canada because it offers visa-free travel to almost all major nations. Obtaining immigration to Canada is challenging. There are various steps one must take to apply for and be granted Canadian immigration.

The top Canadian immigration advisor or attorney is knowledgeable about Canadian immigration law and is listed with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) as a recognized Canadian immigration advisor. Key Global Immigration, also known as the top agency in Dubai for Canadian immigration, offers all required services that assist interested applicants in immigrating to Canada as soon as possible in its capacity as an approved Canadian Immigration Consultant. The consultant ensures that all pertinent immigration components, such as application processing, documentation preparation, and filing for Permanent Residency (PR), are handled by registered authorizations. The following are the general requirements for immigration to Canada in 2022:


Candidates between 18 and 35 receive the most points.


Class 12 (minimum). It’s crucial to remember that applicants with strong academic histories and credentials receive the highest CRS scores on the Educational Credential Assessment. Before approving a visa application, all academic credentials are checked.

Language Competence –

English language proficiency is a must for candidates. A high IELTS score ensures higher CRS points in the Express Entry pool (stream).

Relevant Work Experience –

Candidates with a strong work history will score well on the CRS. Work experience certificates from prior companies or organizations in the appropriate field demonstrate the applicant’s training and expertise in that subject.

It’s crucial to keep an eye on the social media pages of any potential immigration experts. Examine the information posted about them on their Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other pages to look for any warning signs that might indicate dubious behaviour. The company’s history and reputation should be considered when selecting an immigration consultancy.

This will increase your happiness with the consultation by checking the client base and determining whether these are real clients from whom you can obtain feedback. Happy customers will undoubtedly leave positive evaluations. Another thing to think about is seeing if the consultancy is currently accredited. Do not be reluctant to request references from immigration consultants if you are new to them.

Visa Selection Advice – 

Every type of visa is unique. You may even meet the requirements for many programmes at once. Making the best choice could be difficult for you. In this situation, a PR consultant’s job is crucial. An immigration or public relations specialist helps you.  Choose the visa programme that best fits your needs. Depending on how popular it is in Canada and how you fit. They also aid you in comprehending your precise score. It is normally challenging with the aid of free online evaluation forms.

After eligibility is confirmed, evaluating educational credentials is the first step in obtaining a Canada visa. The requirements for sealed transcripts cause most candidates to become stopped at this point. However, nothing about this step is challenging. However, consulting with a PR expert will save you time. If not, you would eat to comprehend the process.

Although it is difficult, it is feasible to immigrate to Canada, particularly if you meet the standards and receive the best professional Canadian immigration advice. Every year, more than 300,000 foreigners with diverse backgrounds and origins immigrate to Canada, and our goal is to make it possible for you and your family to benefit from the excellent level of living that is made possible by doing so. Our team of professionals is committed to assisting individuals like you in achieving your goal of settling in Canada.

By assessing your best option for a permanent residence visa to Canada, laying out exactly what you must do, and responding to your questions along the way, we remove the element of guesswork from the Canadian immigration process.


Canada immigration consultants in Dubai

Forms are the foundation of your Canada immigration process. You can get professional advice if you use consulting services. They are experienced and have been doing this for a while. Consultants can point you in the appropriate route because they are familiar with all the options and questions.

As a result, you’ll have more time to concentrate on other crucial things like work, academics, and family. Before moving to Canada, there can be a lot of additional things you need to take care of. For many people, this is sufficient justification for hiring a consultant.