The new policy goes into effect immediately, according to an IRCC media release. This offer benefits the temporary dwellers of Canada with job offer, but it does not apply to those who are arrived in Canada as a visitor after August 24, 2020. Now the visitors can work for work permit in Canada. IRCC says that this policy will benefit temporary residents with job offers and Canadian employers. CWC will help you to convert your visitor visa to work permit Canada. We are the best immigration consultant. 

Who are eligible to apply under this process?

International Visitors who meet the eligibility criteria are able to apply to the new temporary immigration policy, which includes Super Visa holdersbusiness visitors and people who came to Canada through a Global Skills Strategy work permit exemption.

Visitors who are currently dwelling in Canada and have a valid job offer will be able to apply for an employer-specific work permit and, if it is approved, they receive the permit without leaving the country, thanks to a new public policy announced today by the Honorable Marco E.L. Mendicino, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship.

This temporary policy will benefit employers in Canada who are facing difficulties in finding the workers they need and also to the temporary residents who would like to contribute their labor and skills to Canada’s recovery from the corona pandemic.

In this pandemic, temporary residents who remained in Canada were persuaded to maintain valid legal status. Because of the air travel limited around the world, some visitors to Canada have been unable to leave, whereas some foreign workers had to change their status to visitor because their work permit was expiring and they didn’t have a job offer to be able to apply for a new work permit. Some employers in Canada have also faced ongoing labor and skills scarcities throughout this period, including those who provide important goods and services that Canadians depends on.

To be eligible, an applicant looking to take advantage from this temporary public policy

If you are eligible to apply under this process, you filled out the form called application to change conditions, extend my stay or remain in Canada as a worker. In that case, IRCC will mail the work permit to the Canadian address you gave.  This will also apply for the visitors living in temporary basis.

The work permit outlines:


“We have heard from employers who continue to face challenges recruiting and hiring the workers they need during the pandemic. At the same time, some visitors in Canada may be able to contribute their skills where there are labour shortages. The measures introduced today will now allow visitors to apply for work permits without having to leave the country first. This exemption from the normal temporary work permit requirements is aimed at removing barriers to create a more agile workforce that leverages visitors with the skills and experience to accelerate our economic recovery.”

—The Honourable Marco E.L. Mendicino, P.C., M.P., Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship


Before today, people applying for their work permits as temporary residents would usually need to apply for their initial work permits before coming to Canada. If they already had visitor status when they were approved for a work permit, they would need to leave the country and return in order to activate the permit. However, in this process candidate does not need to leave the country and get their work permit in Canada. For the process to applied you need a immigration consultant who have the knowledge of visa process and documentations under the sun. CWC is the leading immigration consultant for apply visitor visa to work permit Canada. We are a prominent and an above the board visa consultant. We are providing the consultation in an ethical way. We have a team of professionals and experienced candidates who have the experience of over a decade in Canada consulting. They will tell you each and every detail you need to know. We are delivering our services in various parts of world like India, Canada and Dubai. You can contact to our Canada office to apply for the work permit inside the Canada.