Every year so many people migrate to foreign countries from their home country. People immigrate to different countries for different purposes. Most of people migrate to developed countries. They migrate in hope of their better future. In developed countries, Vancouver Island is the one. it is very developed many people migrate there to study, work or traveling. For moving to Vancouver Island you must consult with the best Immigration Consultant who explains everything. CWC is the leading Vancouver Island Consultant. We are the experienced one and provide you the latest information and services. We have the highest success rate.

What is an Immigration Consultant?

An immigration consultant is a person who helps in your visa process. Without the help of an immigration consultant, it may be not possible for you to get a visa smoothly. An immigration consultant always provides you the best advice and services. An Immigration Consultant provides you proper information about policies, rules, documents, etc. He or she is the one who helps you in the whole process and makes it easy to get your visa. An Immigration Consultant stands with you at every step to help you in your visa process.

What is an Immigration Lawyer?

An Immigration Lawyer is the one who provides the best legal advice to the candidates. He or she is the one who has more legal information and as compare to an Immigration Consultant. An immigration consultant takes help from an Immigration lawyer for legal tasks. An Immigration Consultant is the one who deals with the government on the behalf of you. If there is any legal issue arises he or she is responsible for solving it.

Why do we need to hire an Immigration Consultant?

•        Provides you an assessment for helping in approving of your visa.

•        Prepare you for interview

•        Provide you proper information

•        Provide you the best services

•        An immigration lawyer provides the best legal advice

•        An Immigration Consultant advises you which type of visa is more suitable for you.

•        If you consult with an Immigration Consultant you do not need to worry about anything.

•        An Immigration Consultant is as responsible as you do not need to worry about anything.

•        There is no chance of any mistake because an Immigration Consultant is best in this task

•        Unfortunately, if any of the problems arises an Immigration Consultant will solve it.

Why do people move to Vancouver Island?

•        You will be made to feel very salutation.

•        Mind-blowing mountains, ocean, and the beaches.

•        The food of British Columbia is the best in the world.

•        Stanley park

•        The cultural diversity

•        The wild of there is like nowhere else.

•        Some best skiing and snowboarding opportunities

•        A big selection of high-quality neighbors

•        The sea to sky highway

•        The sea to sky gondola

•        Ice hockey

•        The best weather

•        The Aquarium of Vancouver

•        Gastown and the ‘Drive’

•        The art science of Vancouver

•        Victoria and Vancouver island

•        The calming sunsets

•        Free outdoor movies

•        Amazing education system for all

•        More job opportunities

•        the lowest unemployment rate in vancouver

Benefits of moving to Vancouver Island:

•        Mild climate

•        Beautiful nature

•        No snow everywhere

•        Tons of snow in the Rockies where you can ski in it.

•        Urban planning makes the most of limited space

•        The SkyTrain, it is as cools it sounds

•        Cheap rates of property

•        Outdoor lifestyle

•        Very welcoming people

•        Free parking most places

•        Quick drive anywhere

•        High earning jobs

•        Higher and best studies

•        booming economy

•        Better healthcare

Consultancy fee:

An Immigration Consultant charges a very high rate as their consultancy fee. but CWC charges very less from you as compares to others. We charge very less from the candidates as a consultancy fee. our consultancy fee is very affordable and nominal. You will not feel hesitant in paying fees. we will pay you back your fee in the form of best advice and services.


If you want to move to Vancouver Island you must consult with an Immigration Consultant first. Some people think that they do not need any Immigration Consultant and can get the required information from the Internet. No doubt you can easily get information from the internet but this is the latest information or not it is not sure. Sometimes you search for old information and later you have to face problems. So for avoiding this you need Immigration Consultant. CWC is the leading Vancouver Island Consultant. We are the best and leading one Vancouver Island consultant in the area. We are more experienced as compared to others. We are certified so you do not need to worry about anything. We are a trusted one. we understand the value of dreams. So come to us with your dream and make it true.