Many people migrate to Canada every year. Not only teenagers the persons of all age groups are willing to move to Canada. Canada is a developed country. Everyone wants to stay in a developed country because while staying in developed countries the chance of success will be increased. The living standard of developed countries is also attracting people. The people who move to Canada also wants to become a permanent resident over there. CWC Canada is the best one and helps you in getting a Canadian Permanent Resident (PR) over there. We help you in every aspect we make clear all your doubts regarding the Permanent Resident (PR).

What is Permanent Resident (PR)?

A Permanent Resident (PR) is the one who has been given a permanent resident position by immigrating to Canada. the Permanent Resident (PR) is given to a person who is not a Canadian citizen. The Permanent Residents (PR) are not a citizen of Canada they are citizens of other countries. A person like a student or foreign worker who stays in Canada temporarily is not a permanent resident of Canada.

What is a Permanent Resident (PR) card?

A Permanent Resident (PR) card is a card that shows that you have a permanent right to stay in Canada. The Permanent Resident (PR) card expires after every five years, and then it may be renewed by making the application again and proving that the applicant has been substantially  present in Canada for the required time period or fulfill all the needed requirements of the Permanent Resident (PR).

Eligibility for getting PR:

•        You must be substantially present in Canada

•        You do not become under any effective removal order

•        You must fulfill the required eligibility criteria of the Permanent Resident (PR).

•        You do not be sentenced for an offense relates to misuse of a Permanent Resident (PR) card

•        You not be a citizen of Canada

How do you get a Canadian Permanent Resident (PR)?

1.       Must provide a medical certificate and a criminal record check.

2.       Fill your Permanent Resident (PR) visa application and submit it

3.       Pay the fees of your application

4.       Attends all the interviews with immigration representatives.

Age limit for Canada Permanent Resident (PR):

The maximum age for qualifying Permanent Resident (PR) is 45.the persons whose age is between the age limit of 18 – 35 obtain the maximum points. The persons whose age is 35 will obtain fewer points for Permanent Resident (PR).

Before applying for PR:

a Permanent Resident (PR) card is usually issued for five years, but sometimes it may be issued for one year. It is valid for the mentioned last date on the card. Normally, Canada sends Permanent Resident (PR) cards to the addresses which are within the country but sometimes you have to get it from a person who is at one of the Canadian offices.

Sometimes, if you find any type of mistake in your card then you can ask for reissuing the card. If we shorten your name on the card just because your name is too long to fit on the card then it is not considered a mistake.

What are the Responsibilities?

If you want to travel outside Canada and are going for travelling outside of Canada then you must have to hold your Permanent Resident (PR) card of Canada with you. You must meet the eligibility criteria of Permanent Resident (PR). If you want to stay longer in Canada then must renew your Permanent Resident (PR) card before five years. If you are not meet with the residency obligations then you can lose your Permanent Resident (PR).

Benefits of Canadian Permanent Resident (PR):

•        You can stay, work and study anywhere in Canada

•        Experience a new culture

•        The old one who moves through a super visa can make time for themselves.

•        Get the higher and best education

•        You can enhance your standard of living

•        You can give a sparkling future to your family

•        You can earn more money in Canada

•        You come to know the value of education, time, and money.

•        Excellent medical and health care

•        A lot of space for residency

•        It is a safe country

•        Multicultural and welcoming society

•        Social security benefits

•        Best ever Social services


As you know the people are migrating to Canada every year continuously. The people who migrate to Canada in a legal way also want to get a Permanent Residency (PR) over there. But the main threat arises these times is a fraud. many fraud preventives manipulate the people and get money from them. Then after they will not take responsibility even some are not seen again. So it becomes very necessary to contact an honest one. CWC Canada is the best one and helps you in getting a Canadian Permanent Resident (PR) . We provide you the best Permanent Resident (PR) services. We make clear all your doubts. Proceed to us and make your dream of getting Permanent Residence (PR) in Canada comes true.