Today as we know everyone is willing to migrate to Canada. More and more people every year migrate to Canada. There are different types of purposes for migrating to Canada. the study, work, travel, and business purposes are the main purposes of the people for migrating to Canada. after migrating to Canada everyone wants to become a permanent resident of Canada. and most people become successful in getting permanent residency in Canada. after becoming permanent residents of Canada people start a new life in Canada. they invite their family also over there and stays over there. But the main issue over there is time. When you migrate to Canada and become a permanent resident of Canada then you work over there for a better life so in these things so do not have any time for your family. You do not have time to take care of your children and old ones. Taking care of the children and old ones is the also most important. For this, you need to hire a caregiver who takes care of your children, old ones, and home after you. So many people also migrate to Canada on the basis of a caregiver. CWC Canada is the one who helps you in getting Caregiver Visa in Canada. We are an experienced one and help you to migrate to Canada on the behalf of a caregiver.

What is Caregiver Visa?

When you are living in Canada and you have children and old ones in your family then you have to take care of them but just because of the busy schedule you are not able to take care of them properly then you need a caregiver who takes care of them after you. A Caregiver is the one who is well qualified to provide care for children, elder ones, or disable and sick ones in your home.  The caregiver makes your life possible. The caregiver is responsible for taking care of your children or loved ones after you so you do not need to be panic for them and can go on your work.

Why do you need a Caregiver?

There is no doubt that a caregiver is the one who gets support becomes very less upset by the memory problem of any person. Caregivers play a very important role in the life of a Canadian worker. They provide care to your family or sick or disabled ones. But at every stage and time caregivers also need support if you do not support them then they do not perform their tasks properly.

Requirements for Caregiver Visa:

Like other visas, a caregiver visa has also some requirements. It must meet the requirements that are necessary for becoming eligible for the Live-In Caregiver Program (LCP) in Canada. the requirements are:

1.       From the side of an employer of Canada you must have a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

2.       A signed written contract from the future employer and must be signed by the employee and the employer

3.       Must have completion of Canadian secondary school education

4.       You must have experience as a caregiver or play a role in any of the field related to caregiver

5.       You must have knowledge of English or French language

6.       You must have a work permit before entering Canada

Age Limit:

There is nothing is mentioned about the fact of the age of a caregiver. Someone who is going to hire a caregiver decides the age of the giver. The major requirement of a caregiver is that he or she must be practical and sensible. He or she must be able to co-operate with the children, old ones, sick ones, or disable ones. If you are going to Canada on a basis of caregiver then your age must not be more than 50 because if you are more than 50 years old then you will not be able to take care of children, old ones, sick ones, and disabled ones. So if you are migrating to Canada on behalf o a caregiver then you must be less than the age 50 years old because only then you will be able to properly take care of the children, elders, sick or disabled ones.


 So as you know when you are living in Canada and do a job over there then you do not have enough time for taking care of your family. The family is the most important one. just because of your busy schedule you need to hire a caregiver for taking care of your family. So many people migrate to Canada as a caregiver and over there they take care of the family of the person who hires him or her. CWC Canada is the one who helps you in getting Caregiver Visa in Canada. we help you in applying and getting your caregiver visa legally and successfully so you can smoothly move to Canada.