Prince Edward PNP Calculator

What type of program are you applying for?


What is your highest level of education?


Did you take a language proficiency test? If so, what is your CLB score?


How old are you?

Work Experience

How many years of Work Experience do you have as a full time employee? (Only full-time jobs of six months (continuous) or longer in the past 5 years are considered)

Arranged employment

Select al that apply:

Working in a permanent position in PEI with a valid work permit

Job offer in PEI related to education

Foreign qualification verified with the regulated body in PEI. This is not an ECA

At least 1 year continuous full-time work experience in PEI


Currently have close family member(s) living in PEI for at least 12 consecutive months who are permanent residents or Canadian citizens

Spouse/common-law partner and/or dependent child(ren( have a language ability of CLB/NCLC 6 or higher in English or French

Currently own residencial property in PEI for at least 12 consecutive months

Graduated from a recognized PEI post-secondary institution

Spous/common-law partner has at least 3 years of work experience in the last 5 years

Dependent child(ren) have been enrolled in a PEI educational institution for at least6 continuous months

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Country of residency:


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