New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP)

New Brunswick is one of the three Canadian maritime provinces along with Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. With about 33% of French speaking population New Brunswick is Canada’s only officially bilingual province. Major cities of the province are Moncton, Port Saint John and Fredericton, the later being the capital city and port Saint John being the first incorporated city in Canada. The province has a population of around seven hundred thousand.

The New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program selects, and nominates, qualified skilled workers and businessmen from around the world who wish to live in New Brunswick and contribute to the local economy. Through this program, foreign nationals are selected to apply for a Canadian permanent residence through a provincial nomination (NBPNP). This results in faster processing times compared to other immigration programs. The NBPNP is divided into four different streams.

Each of these categories have different sections and eligibility criteria for you to apply under. These criterias are based on the individual’s qualifications, experience, income, work experience, skills or international student status.

Express Entry Labour Market Stream:

This program is closed temporarily.

You may qualify to apply under this program if:

  • You are between the age of 22-55.
  • You are willing to live and operate a business in New Brunswick assuming daily management activities.
  • You have demonstrated relevant and proven management experience in the three of the last five years.
  • You must have understanding of business environment in the province through training and be able to create and present a business plan to the government.
  • You have a minimum of a high school diploma, and sufficient English language ability to manage a business in the New Brunswick.
  • You have a personal net worth of $300,000 CAD and are able to provide a conditional refundable deposit of $75,000 before nomination.

Skilled Worker with Employer Support: This stream is for skilled workers who have received a full-time permanent job offer from an eligible New Brunswick employer. An eligible employer is one who are able to prove that they were unable to hire a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident for the position offered and that the job will comply with the provincial employment standards including a comparable market wage.

Candidates have to prove that they are a permanent full-time employee of a New Brunswick company and are expected to regularly work the standard number of hours fixed by the employer for employees in the Occupational Group in which they are employed. Your job will not have a pre-determined end date. Your job is represented in one of the following National Occupation Classification (NOC) skill levels: Skill levels O, A, B  Skill level C, Skill type 1, 3, 7, 8, 9  Skill level D, Skill type 1, 3, 7, 8, 9.

Skilled Worker with Family Support: This stream is for individuals who have worked in New Brunswick and have close family ties to the province. Under this stream, the skilled worker applicant, or his or her spouse, must be sponsored by a family member in New Brunswick who is a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident who is residing full-time in New Brunswick.

As a Skilled Worker Applicant with family support you may be eligible to apply if you are a close relative of the family supporter. You, or your spouse or common-law partner, must be a non-dependent child, brother, sister, niece, nephew or grandchild of the family supporter. This is one of the many requirements in order to apply for a NBPNP under this category.  

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