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CWC immigration consultants are full and fast service immigration consultants who can help make life better than in India. They provide various immigration services with full of the satisfaction. They provide the following of categories:


Permanent residency is the most sought after visa in India or any other abroad country by the skilled worker or professional. It is an opportunity to the skilled worker which can help to make bright future in another country. Some people are gone to another country on study visas, and they are getting PR after three to four years. If you are getting PR in Canada or Australia, then: five year multiple entries visa, family status and spouse can work full time, free education for their children, health and social provisions for their family, opportunity to invite the parents post-settlement. It is very beneficial for your upcoming generation.


The minimum requirements are compulsory for PR in any other country. If you are interested in getting a PR-based visa, then you must score 67 points out of 100 points and also a good band score in the IELTS exam. You need to band details and maintain funds in your account. You have to need some papers for employment, education, language proficiency and many others. It is very beneficial for you because it is a great opportunity to making a bright future. 


If you are interested in applying for PR based visa, then you have to need some relevant documents which are necessary to apply the PR visa in any other country. These documents are necessary: a valid passport, IELTS score card, Proof of identity, Education transcripts, Employment Experience Letters, Medicals and police clearance certificate and Qualifying WES report. These are very important documents that can help to get a PR visa in any country. Some consultants are reliable to getting any visa in another country, but some are a fraud because it depends on their nature or background. So be careful about those consultants who are not trustworthy because they play with your dreams.


There are several immigration consultants, agencies or institutes in India that are very famous around the globe. But CWC is the best PR IMMIGRATION CONSULTANTS in India. If you are interested in going to another country PR based, you have to visit that immigration consultant, which can help to increase great and vast knowledge about the visa application process. In this way, you cannot face any difficulty in the visa application process. If you are interested but you do not know about immigration consultants and agencies, then you can search on Google or the internet. In CWC immigration consultants, lots of well experienced and trained team members are available, which can help to defuse your any problem. But some eligibilities and requirements are compulsory which are included in this content. It can help to get a PR visa very easily and without any difficulty. So we are recommended you to visit in this immigration consultant and take advice for the Pr visa process and its eligibilities which are very necessary.