Quebec Skilled Worker Program Points Calculator 2021


Quebec immigration process has autonomy, unlike other various provinces in Canada, which has several immigration programs that can allow them to choose the immigrants who can handle daily life in the province with the help of economic improvement of the province in Canada. Especially for you to live as a PR (permanent resident) in Quebec with the help of the immigration process through the QUEBEC SKILLED WORKER PROGRAM POINTS CALCULATOR 2021; you can easily apply for it.

What is the Quebec Points Calculator 2021?

To be eligible or required under the Quebec skilled worker in immigration program, you must need minimum scores and points for the Quebec immigration requirement. To calculate your points under Quebec immigration, you have to need to answer the questions which are regarding your credentials such as language proficiency in English or French, work experience or skill, qualifications and many others. Therefore an eligibility or requirement criterion for Quebec Skilled Worker Program is very beneficial for you.

You have to meet the following minimum eligibilities to qualify for Quebec skilled worker: You have to need at least a diploma that meets educational requirements in Quebec. You have had training and skills eligibilities in the relevant field. You have to elaborate on the intention to work field and settle in the province program.

Your application is completely based on the following criteria:

For more information on QSWP, then check our website about Quebec Skilled

  • Worker Program.
  • Education
  • Work experience
  • Valid Job-offer
  • Language ability
  • Financial dependence
  • Other qualifications

What are the minimum scores required or eligible to immigrate to Quebec?

Through QSWP, you can apply for PR (permanent residency). You have to need minimum scores or points, which are required in the Quebec Points Calculator. If you apply as a single candidate, a minimum of 50 scores are eligible. If you apply with your common-law partner, then you have to need a minimum of 59 points. 

What is the cost and processing time for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program?

Your visa application process time completely depends on the expectation of the local labour market. If you can offer the right set of certificates or documents, the average time for the application process is 17 months. CWC is the best immigration because hundreds of individuals immigrate to Canada successfully through the Federal Express Entry Program with their families. Our well trained and experienced Immigration consultants are well equipped with the proficiency to handle your Case accurately and advice with the most suitable action of the course you need for best serving. We have a treasure of well experienced and trained all over the last 14 years in this immigration agency that has constantly facilitated various immigrants to achieve their success goals. We are on the top list of the brands in the Immigration section, which is a highly valuable immigration firm with a good track record of various thousands of PR Visa applications. The following major causes are helpful to make the best immigration consultants for Canadian PR visas. Our immigration Consultation can help to provide by authorized and licensed Immigration Consultants.

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  • Complaint Redress system for process.
  • Well, Experience process more than 30,000 candidates.
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  • Easy evaluation of the good qualifications and other required skills.

Maximum 8 points Work Experience:

The Quebec Skilled Worker Program, Work Experience category have 8 points are available. Required work experience has been gathered in the submission of the application process in the five years preceding. Necessary job experience involved employment, both paid and unpaid. While, with training or educational program, unremunerated employment and internships can undertake in accordance.

Maximum 16 points of Age:

The economic immigration program is best designed to attract potential Quebec skilled workers who have long and prosperous careers in the province program. 

Maximum 22 points Language Proficiency:

Under this selection factor, 22 Quebec Skilled Worker Program points are available. A great opportunity for the candidates to 16 points for French rather than 6 points for English.


To apply for QSWP for Canadian immigration, the first needs of the candidate to check the eligibility or requirements of immigration scores needed by the province of Quebec for taking the experienced world migrants. The Quebec score can help to calculate the points which are needed to apply QUEBEC SKILLED WORKER PROGRAM POINTS CANLCULATOTR 2021. The causes to apply for QSWP involved work experience, Age, education, language proficiency, and other reasons. If you are applying as a single candidate, then you need to total points of 50, and if you are applying with your spouse partner, then you need to score 59 points.

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