If you are eligible, we can sponsor your spouse, common-law partner, dependent children to become permanent residents of Canada and live permanently. In Canada, we know how important it is for families to be together. For this reason, applications for spousal sponsorship are considered a top priority to SPONSORING A SPOUSE TO CANADA

If you do, you must be able to:

 How Long Does it take to Sponsor a Spouse in Canada?

Sponsorship applications may take approximately 12 months to process from start to finish. We should apply our sponsorship before 1 year. It depending on the nature of our case how long does it take? 

If you have a complicated case, or the visa office requires additional proof of your relationship, this will delay the processing of your case and it will take longer and you will go Canada after one year or more. 

The best way to ensure your sponsorship application is processed as quickly as possible is to make sure it is done right the first time. The lawyers and legal professionals at Canadim have helped thousands of spousal sponsorship applications and How Canadim can help bring your loved ones to Canada it will go easily in your case.


You may be eligible to sponsor your spouse or partner if you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and meet the following conditions:

If you are married and looking into sponsoring your husband or wife, immigration officers will expect to see the following evidence:-

 At least two of the following documents you should have:-

How to submit a sponsorship application:-                                                        

                                                                                                     IRCC asks you to submit two applications together to them. One is for sponsorship and the other is a permanent residence application.

Step 1: Obtain an application package from IRCC.

Step 2: Pay your application fees to IRCC which apt or liable to include processing fees, right of permanent residence fee, and biometrics fee. You need to pay these fees on IRCC’s website.

Step 3: Mail your completed application to IRCC.

IRCC’s processing standard is about 12 months.

How Much Money do You Need to Sponsor Your Spouse to Canada?

You do not need to display a minimum amount of income to sponsor a spouse. However, whenever you sponsor a family member to Canada, you must sign an undertaking, in which you promise to provide financial support for the basic needs of your sponsored family member in Canada.

The length of the undertaking depends on the category of sponsorship. For spousal sponsorship (including spouses and common-law or marital partners),the length of the undertaking is 3 years from the day the sponsored individual becomes a  Canadian permanent resident.

We can show you how much money do you need approximately.

Sponsorship fee $75 

Principal applicant processing fee $475 

Right of permanent residence fee $500

Biometrics: $85

Total: $1135


No, Simply marrying a Canadian it does not automatically give the spouse Canadian permanent residence. Once you are married or in a common-law relationship, you can apply for a spousal sponsorship. Once the application for spousal sponsorship is approved, the married spouse will become a Canadian permanent resident. 


Immigration interviews are rare for spousal sponsorship cases. That said, spousal sponsorship immigration interviews usually occur when there are lack of documents supporting the relationships, negate information on the forms or documents, age and religious difference, a short period of time between meeting your spouse and marriage, or little or no cohabitation. 


You can easily go to Canada with spouse visa with your partner and with your children with legal forms or documents. It takes SPONSORING A SPOUSE TO CANADA approximately 12 Months to Canada. You need minimum amount for example 12Lakh. You need expenditure to live in Canada.