If you are looking forward to immigrating from your home country then nothing is better than opting for Canada. It is an amazing country with natural beauty, high standard of living, world-class education system and a lot more to explore than we know. The country values their citizens and works for their benefit. Canada is known to have a dynamic health care system, they take care of their own senior citizens.

Canada PR score calculator

The country is always progressing to improve their health care system by inviting medical and related field professionals to their country under the Express Entry System and also extend invitation to permanent residency if the aspirants are accepted through the draw system.

Well, it is not only the medical field, Canada has a lot to explore, in terms of skilled professionals and investment purposes. The Immigration authorities welcome professionals from all over the world who are beneficial for the economy of the country through various programs including Express Entry System, other investment programs through which they extend the invitation to permanent residency so that a person can come and work in the country and help in their progress. The applicants are judged on the basis of Canada PR score calculator and then accordingly the high scorer has high chances of being extended as an invitation to citizenship. 

Well, it is not easy to get the citizenship of the country, there are various steps in the pathway. Those who have applied for citizenship have to submit the relevant proofs and records to strengthen their application. The government authorities recheck the proofs on their basis and then take a solid decision whether they will grant citizenship or not.

Well, for those who are supposed to submit the proofs, now is a great time to submit your Proof of Canadian Citizenship application.

As we are well- aware that Canadian citizenship is becoming even more valuable amid growing uncertainty around the world.

The pandemic has adversely affected our lives. It has dragged us two years back as compared to where we are today. It has also led to  political uncertainty in developed and developing countries alike. So, if you are in queue and need to submit your proof then now is the best time to do it. The important thing is first you need to get a Canada PR score calculator to know your real score. 

Benefits of Canadian Citizenship-

Getting Canadian citizenship shares a variety of benefits including being able to live and work in one of the world’s best and most stable countries. Also, you are able to raise your family in a country that offers universal healthcare, high quality education, a stable political and financial environment, great job opportunities, among a host of many other benefits. Being a citizen gives you access to a Canadian passport which allows you to pursue visa free travel to 185 countries.

It is one of the important reasons that Canadians seek to pass their citizenship status to their children that were born abroad. Similarly, children with Canadian parents often go on to apply for Canadian citizenship themselves. If you are in the process then an experienced Canadian immigration lawyer can help you apply for Proof of Citizenship, also known as a Canadian citizenship certificate. 

Before the pandemic, it took the Canadian government about five months to process an application but as due to the inconvenience this is now taking longer due to delays caused by the pandemic. Hence, it is beneficial to go ahead with the application process now so you can enjoy the benefits of Canadian citizenship as quickly as possible. If you go through an experienced lawyer, they can help you avoid mistakes and unnecessary delays by ensuring you submit the strongest possible Proof of Citizenship application possible.

How to apply for a Canadian citizenship certificate?

Well, usually, the Proof of Citizenship applications are submitted by adults who had a parent born in Canada who thought they were eligible for Canadian citizenship but not very sure. In addition, such applications are submitted by Canadian parents on behalf of their children that were born abroad, or submitted by the children themselves.

IRCC requires proof that at least one biological or legal parent was a Canadian citizen when the child was born. Examples of evidence include the parent’s birth certificate, citizenship card, or citizenship certificate.

The total Canadian government application fee is $75 CAD.

Once it is done then the IRCC will then review it to make sure it is complete. The applicant will then receive an “acknowledgment of receipt”. If your case is complicated, IRCC may need to contact you to get more information or documents. IRCC may also need more time to process complicated cases.

Once IRCC approves the application, they will send the applicant a Canadian citizenship certificate.